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How Are Booklet and Brochure Printing Different?

A common question that we often get asked here at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ is “How are booklet and brochure printing different.” For this post, we’ll also include flyers and mailer printing.

Booklet and Brochure Printing Differences

Yes, these are similar promotional materials used by businesses, schools, charities, and other organizations, but there seems to be some confusion on the purpose of each and when to use each media.

In this blog post by PRI Graphics, our Phoenix printing experts will explain how booklet and brochure printing can differ and how these different print services are commonly used. We’ll do the same for flyers and mailers. We’ll explore the advantages of each so that you can select the best print media suited to meet your commercial or personal printing needs.

Booklet Printing

Printing booklets involves multiple pages that have a magazine-like look with a high-gloss (or a book-like) finish. Printed booklets are commonly used for:

  • Instruction manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Catalogs
  • Annual reports

Printed booklets can often be bound in a variety of ways for durability and long-lasting use. The pages may require scoring (making a crease so the paper folds easily) and cutting. Professional booklet and brochure printing services are both available in single color or full-color printing options.

Brochure Printing

Printed brochures are quite affordable and generally done with standard printing paper in black and white fashion. You can also select to use superior quality paper with advanced color printing techniques that can give your brochures a high-gloss or semi-gloss look. These advanced printing options can produce booklet and brochure printing, as well as pamphlets that are more durable and more suitable for repeat use. See also our article on Creative Brochure Design Ideas. Brochure printing is commonly used for:

  • Take-out menus
  • Handouts for meetings
  • Educational or information purposes

Printed brochures are quite affordable and generally done with standard printing paper in black and white fashion, but you can also select to use superior quality paper with advanced printing techniques, which can give the brochures a high-gloss or semi-gloss look. These advanced printing options produce brochures and pamphlets that are more durable and more suitable for repeat use.

Along with booklet and brochure printing, let’s also take a look at printing flyers, leaflets, and promotional mailers.

Flyers and Leaflet Printing

In general, printing flyers and leaflets is done for the purpose of communicating a small amount of information to a large number of people but in an affordable way. Flyer and leaflet printing is commonly used for, among others:

  • Guerilla marketing campaigns
  • Real estate property listings
  • Event advertisements

Often, flyers and leaflets are printed on plain white or color printer paper. However, many people choose to print flyers and leaflets on semi-gloss or high-gloss paper to try and stand out or to give the flyers a more professional look. For example, real estate agents will often use semi-gloss or high-gloss flyer printing with full-color images. These printed property flyers are often placed with for sale signs in front yards.

Promotional Mailer Printing

Print mailers are generally printed as small handouts or postcards. Along with booklet and brochure printing, PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ prints a lot of print mailers and direct mail marketing materials for all kinds of usages including:

  • Promotional purposes
  • Marketing purposes
  • Announcements
  • And various other reasons

Custom printed mailers give you the flexibility to control the cost of postage. Mailers are usually printed on card stock and can be in full-color, two-color, or four-color. Printed mailers may also include flyers, letters, brochures, or other items that are mailed inside an envelope. PRI Graphics offers professional printing services to print in bulk quantities as well as to fold mailers and stuff envelopes.

Still Have Questions about Booklet and Brochure Printing?

At PRI Graphics, we offer all types of printing services for a wide variety of purposes including corporate, small business, individual, charitable, and educational needs.

If you have any other questions about bookleet and brochure printing, or if you need help with your next printing project, please contact our printing experts at PRI Graphics. Call us Toll Free at 877-409-8889. We offer high quality digital printing services in Phoenix AZ, at very affordable rates.

This Adobe article offers some Helpful Advice on Booklet Printing.

Color press printer.

Brochure Design and Printing Tips

Looking for brochure design ideas to freshen up and improve on your next brochure printing or are you designing a brochure for the very first time?

PRI Graphics is a local Phoenix Arizona printer with a satellite printing shop. Our in-house graphic designers have come up with 7 winning creative brochure design ideas that we’d like to share with you in this blog post.

The best brochure design focuses on:

  1. Connecting with your prospects, customers, and contacts
  2. Showing them how you can meet their needs and solve their problems

Below, is our list of the best business brochure design ideas and other tips to consider when it comes time to print your next brochure.

7 Brochure Design Ideas

1. Know the purpose of the brochure.

Start by thinking about why you need a brochure printed. Who will be reading the brochure and what is the brochure purpose? What do you want the reader to learn from your brochure? How will the brochure be distributed? The answers to these questions will influence every other decision moving forward, from brochure size, content, images, and call to action, to paper quality and so on.

2. Know your customer and speak to their needs.

Before you write the brochure copy or pick your images, it’s important to think about your customer. Why would they want to buy your product or use your services? What’s the biggest benefit you can provide? What problem or issue can you help them overcome? Talking to your customers as well as your staff to fully understand the customers’ needs can provide a lot of insight in this area.

3. Use catchy headlines and graphics.

On average, a brochure has less than five seconds to catch and hold the reader’s attention. Boring or hard to read headlines may prevent the customer from even opening the brochure! Eye catching brochure graphics may be enough to intrigue the reader and cause them to read the text. If you have to purchase stock images for your brochure, try to choose unique graphics that do not look like stock images.

4. Design for how the brochure will be used.

Always keep in mind who will be reading the brochure, how it will be displayed, and the clear central message the brochure will be delivering. For example, a high-end glossy brochure on heavy paper may come across as luxurious and unnecessary for a non-profit organization, and could possibly even turn away potential donors. On the other hand, this type of glossy brochure may be necessary for a car dealership or for use at a technology tradeshow. Learn more about Paper and Factors Affecting Print Quality.

5. Make the brochure easy to skim with bullet points.

Your reader is likely pressed for time. Once you’ve caught their attention and they have opened the brochure, you need to make your inside copy easy to skim and glance over. Good marketing brochure design includes bullet points and lists along with clear headings to make it easier for the reader to take in the main points without having to read every single word.

6. Add calls-to-action – tell them what to do after reading the brochure.

There’s nothing worse than a customer reading your entire brochure and then putting it down without taking a form of action. It is important to tell the reader what they should do next using some form of call to action (CTA). Should they:

  • Visit your website?
  • Call for a free trial?
  • Redeem a coupon for a discount on their first service?
  • Make a one-time donation?

7. Don’t underestimate the conventional tri-fold brochure design.

Tri-fold brochures have been a staple in advertising and marketing for many years. It is easy to fold, can be stuffed into a standard envelope for mailing, and fits into display racks. People typically know how to read this type of brochure – from front the outer front flap to inside to back flap. Tri-fold brochure design is still highly used because quite simply, it works! Learn more about the Difference in Printing Booklets, Brochures, and Flyers.

Need More Help with Brochure Design Ideas?

Our Arizona customers use our Phoenix brochure printing services for a wide range of uses, from take-out menus to service pamphlets, to door-to-door marketing pieces. PRI Graphics uses high production digital printing presses for all kinds of special brochure sizes (plus folding and scoring) on a range of different papers and brochure finishes.

Don’t have a brochure designed yet? Need help? We also offer creative brochure design ideas and printing services.

Please visit our brochures page to learn more about creative brochure design or speak with our Arizona printers directly by calling PRI Graphics Toll Free 1-877-409-8889.


For more tips, see this post by Creative Bloq entitled, Brochure Design: 10 Top Creative Tips.

Rock Your Next Trade Show Booth with Custom Display Graphics

If you need trade show displays or help with creating stand-out booth graphics, standees, or show banners, PRI Graphics in Phoenix or can help you get ready for your next big trade show.

Trade Show Displays that Get Noticed

We offer custom design and printing services for trade show displays. We can help you with exceptional trade show booth display panels that will capture attendees’ attention and draw them in. Make sure your trade show booth is working harder than ever to promote your business, products, and/or services.

In this post, our PRI Graphics print specialists will offer some display graphics tips and tricks for creating custom display graphics that you can use to start putting together the best trade show booth ever!

Claim Your Space With An Oversized Trade Show Banner Design

A large background is the ideal location for trade show displays. Consider custom printing a canvas or vinyl backdrop banner with your logo and/or branding message. Like the retractable banners, these will help customize your booth and fill in the big empty spaces. Most likely, it will also be the most visible and noticeable sign from a distance. Remember, if you are a fairly new company or a new player at the trade show, attendees may not recognize your logo or brand. Add something to your trade show banners to help attendees know what you’re about and why they should stop at your booth.

Invest In An Easy Setup Trade Show Retractable Banner

Don’t settle for a boring blue or black backdrop in your trade show booth. Make the most of your real estate by adding retractable banners that brand your booth with a lasting impression. Retractable banners are easy to pack along (as they roll down into the base) and are very quick and easy to set up.

Cut Out Standee Graphics – Trade Show Displays that Stand Out

People are naturally drawn to faces so why not use a life size cut out standee to attract their gaze and pull them into your trade show booth. PRI Graphics can help you design a cut out standee that will offer a unique three-dimensional aspect to your display booth, something that very few other display booths will probably have. Ask our Phoenix printers and designers for these and other great trade show booth ideas that will showcase your business and brand. Incorporate a cut out standee in your next trade show booth.

Set Out Take-Home Brochures and Pamphlets

Once someone stops at your booth they will likely feel most comfortable browsing any brochures or pamphlets you have set out. After discussing how you could potentially meet their needs, it’s a good idea to give them a pamphlet or brochure to take home so that they can remember what you offer. Consider adding a QR code to your printed trade show hand outs that the attendee can scan with their smartphone and automatically go to your website, video, or contact information, etc.

Consider Branded Trade Show Table Covers

There’s no need to use the plain white table throw provided by the venue. Talk to PRI Graphics about printed trade show table covers in a variety of available colors, and further reinforce your branding with custom logo printing.

Make Sure You Are Stocked Up On Business Cards

Be sure to be well stocked with business cards for every person working your trade show booth. After speaking with attendees, it’s always good to give them your contact information so they can get in touch with you again. There is no good reason to run out of business cards at a trade show when turn around times and costs of printing are so minimal today.

Don’t Forget Your SWAG…Add A Smile with Your Promotional Hand Outs

Studies show that trade show attendees are more likely to stop at display booths when they are handing out promotional items. Add something extra to entice people to stop by – whether it’s candy, a drink, a small printed promotional product like a USB stick, a coupon for their next purchase, or even a small gift card for Starbucks. Make sure your printed promotional items are different than everyone else’s and will be useful enough for the person to make a point to come to your display booth and want one.

A friendly smiling face accompanying the display booth is also a must. Be approachable and personable. Know how to break the ice with people who may be a little hesitant to stop. When all else fails, simply smile!

Additional Factors that Influence Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show displays are essetial, but there are other environmental factors you may want to consider that will affect the success of your trade show booth including:

  • Lighting – Do you need extra lights to showcase your trade show banners or signs?
  • Sight – What will attendees see when they look at your booth? Are your signs too high, too low, or too small?
  • Height – Are the signs at your booth visible from further away?
  • Technology – Do you want to make your display booth interactive, with videos playing or even a WiFi or charging station?
  • Sound – Can you have a conversation or is it too noisy? Retractable banners and other items can help break up the noise between display booths.

Keep the creative juices flowing and check out our Trade Show Graphics Video to see just a small sample of our graphics and trade show displays in use at trade shows across North America!

Contact PRI Graphics

For more information about our trade show displays and custom printing services, please speak with our Arizona printers directly by calling Toll Free 1-877-409-8889. We can help you design an entire new set of graphics for your trade show displays or help you revamp the trade show booth you already have in place.

Be sure to check out our additional article Trade Show Graphics Ideas to help your trade show booth do the marketing for you!

This article by offers some great tips on How to Get the Most Out of Exhibiting At a Trade Show.

Color fan deck.

Print Marketing Materials – 6 Ideas to Promote your Business

Professional printing and print marketing materials have evolved a lot in the past few decades. With better, more affordable technology, plus more printing options and greater competition, it’s a buyer’s market.

As a business owner, you now have many more affordable options for print marketing materials to promote your brand, products, and services.

Essential Print Marketing Materials for Start-Ups

If you are a start-up business, your marketing strategy will a bit different from that of an established business. With no proven history, your start-up will need to focus on building a recognizable brand. It will also need to convince potential customers to choose your brand of products and services over the well-established competition.

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics will offer 6 affordable and very effective business promotion ideas for start-ups that with a focus on highly effective print marketing materials.

Consider your target market and combine any or all of the following:

  1. Business Cards & Loyalty Cards
  2. Brochures & Pamphlets
  3. Flyers, Leaflets & Handouts
  4. Posters & Banners
  5. Coupons & Vouchers
  6. Branded Promotional Products

1. Loyalty Card & Business Card Printing

Business Cards – Today there are so many affordable options for printing business cards. Business cards are one of your most important print marketing materials for grabbing attention. As a start-up, most likely your first impression will be accompanied by your business card. They can be single or double sided, matte or glossy finished, coated or uncoated, embossed, have a unique shape, or have whatever unique design you need to promote your image and brand.

Loyalty Cards – Many start-up businesses also incorporate a loyalty card into their marketing. Loyalty cards are a great hand-out marketing strategy for attracting and retaining new customers and repeat business. It also rewards your existing customer base.

Business cards and loyalty cards are highly effective print marketing materials that offer some of the quickest and easiest ways to spread the word about your business. You can even print your loyalty cards on the back of your business cards!

2. Pamphlets & Brochure Digital Printing

Brochures – Different brochure sizes, folding, and scoring can add a lot of flexibility to your color or B&W brochure printing. Print brochures to quickly generate interest and highlight the benefits of your products and services over the competition.

Pamphlets/Booklets – These print marketing materials generally offer a lot more room to provide more in-depth information about your products or services. Ask us about booklet printing.

Brochures and pamphlets have always been very important marketing tools that include your logo, brand, message, testimonials and where you are located. They can both include well written copy supported by colorful images that highlight the features and benefits of your business.

3. Flyers, Leaflets, Mailers, etc.

Ideal for grand openings, mailers, flyers and leaflets, plus other small card handouts are excellent ways to inexpensively promote your brand and business. Use these print marketing materials to spread the word about the benefits of your business and what sets you apart from your competition. According to the United States Postal Service, more than 79% of consumers will check their direct mail for bargains, coupons, and specials. Never underestimate the power of using flyers, leaflets and mailers.

4. Posters and Banners

Posters – These print marketing materials are ideal for large graphics and to promote your company message. Posters get noticed and are very popular for promoting specials and/or upcoming events.

Banners – Usually printed on large format printing machines, banners can be indoor or outdoor print marketing materials. From pole pockets and grommets to wind slits and sewn-in Velcro hemming, banners are very versatile and reusable. They can be printed on vinyl or mesh and used for short term, seasonal, or annual promotions.

5. Coupons & Vouchers

Most start-up businesses offer potential clients some form of discount voucher or coupon because it works; it’s a proven strategy that helps to draw in and retain new clients. Try offering a percentage discount, a 2-for-1 voucher, a free gift, or some form of complimentary service for first-time customers. These types of print marketing materials are conventions that most consumers look forward to when considering a new business. Potential customers are more apt to try something new when the feel they are saving money or getting a great deal.

6. Branded Promotional Products

Today’s printing technology allows us to print on all types of materials and products. Branded promotional products are the type of print marketing materials that people love to receive. You can choose to market your start-up business with printed logo pens, thumb drives, coffee mugs, or even something that is wearable. Most branded promotional products are functional and practical and ideal for use as trade show or event gifts.

About PRI Graphics in Phoenix &

PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona has been the professional printing company for many start-up businesses over the years. We also have an in-house graphics design team that can help you with the design and layout of your print marketing materials.

We can help you get the word out with digital printing for business stationary, business cards, brochures, flyers, coupons, posters, and whatever else you may need. We succeed by helping you succeed!

For more information about our printing company, or if you still have questions you need answers to, please call us toll free at 1-844-737-9599 or send us an email.

Call us locally at 1-602-737- 2321 for our in-house graphic design services.

How to Make Personalized Business Stationery in 5 Easy Steps

Not every business owner knows how to make personalized business stationery that best represents the brand or business. Even so, there are accepted guidelines for how to design business stationery that looks professional.

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics offer 5 easy-to-do tips on how to make personalized business stationery. Follow these helpful guidelines to make a compelling design that will differentiate you from your competition.

1. Include Your Logo On All Business Stationery

Every business needs a logo, an attractive creative expression that sums up your core services and/or products. Logo design should be done by a professional, preferably using a vector drawing program that creates scalable images for use in an assortment of business stationery projects.

A vector rendered company logo will reproduce accurately no matter what size or what type of material it is being printed on. Whether printed on fax, a white background, a solid background or printed in conjunction with other images, the logo will always look the same. Your company logo needs to be identifiable no matter where or how it is used.

2. Best Font for Personalized Business Stationery

There are so many fonts available and choosing the right font for use in your business can be tricky.

We recommend that you consult with one of our in-house graphic designers. Your graphic designer will assist you on how to make personalized business stationery that works. They will help you pick out the right type of font for your business, one that will remain legible no matter what size it is printed.

Like your company logo, your font choice will remain consistent across all stationery and other company materials. Choosing the correct font for business stationery may take some time but it will be worth it.

Serif Fonts — This is the type of text that has little tails on the ends of letters. Although they may look good in larger font size (16 points or larger for instance) they may not be as legible when printed small (such as 8 points or smaller) like on business cards.

San Serif Fonts — This is a clean font with no “tails.” San serif fonts are more legible no matter how small the font is printed so it may be a better choice.

3. Leave White Space

Messages stand out better if you utilize white space as a design element. White space de-clutters and allows room-to-breathe. It can also emphasize specific areas with little effort. Good use of white space in personalized business stationery will help present your business in a more professional manner.

4. Printing Business Stationery

If you’re going to print business stationery on your office printer, make sure your design will accommodate any limitations of the printer. There is no point designing personalized business stationery with full bleeds (where the ink goes to the edge of the paper) if your printer is not capable of this output. It’s also difficult to attain color consistency with office printers.

Having your personalized business stationery professionally printed is always recommended. Professionally printed business stationery will ensure color consistency and uniformity no matter what type (or weight) of paper or card stock.

5. Other Business Stationery Elements to Consider

Today, most businesses have a stronger online presence. That means your company logo and your personalized business stationery design must also transfer well to all digital formats, including small-screened mobile devices and for social media.

From your logo to your font choice, design layout, and corporate colors, everything must be scalable and must transfer accurately.

While today’s technology allows many small companies to design and create affordable business stationery in-house, this may not always be best for your business. Graphic designers are professionals with years of experience. We recommend having your company logo and personalized business stationery professionally designed and printed, whether in hard copy or through digital mediums.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics is a family-owned Arizona printing company with printing facilities in Phoenix , AZ. We offer our clients full in-house graphic design and printing services in black and white and in full color. We can help you with all your CAD printing, large format printing, and digital printing needs.

If you have any other questions about how to make personalized business stationery, or about graphic design or stationery printing, please contact us or send us an email.

We can also be reached by phone at 602-393-3131 or call us toll-free at 1-877-409-8889 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Adobe has additional good information in their article entitled, The Constraints of Stationery – An Opportunity to be Unique.

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How to Give a Great Presentation Using Visuals

Presentation Visuals Help Make your Central Theme Memorable

One of the key elements in how to give a great presentation and making it memorable is telling a good story using effective presentation visuals.

Everyone loves a good story. However, the second key point to remember for a great presentation is to inspire the audience to take action.

Along with knowing your audience, using repetition, and being relatable, most experts agree that it is imperative to use effective presentation visuals to convey your story. Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners?

Including highly effective presentation visuals like graphs, charts, and printed graphics (or images) will help make your central message more memorable and relatable.

In this post, our Phoenix printers will offer a few other helpful tips on how to give a great presentation. We will also show you how to use highly effective presentation visuals and other digital printing to get your audience to take action.

Aural Recall, Visual Recall & Audience Engagement

Audience members will recall about 25% of any vocal presentation, whereas presentation visuals can increase listener engagement by as much as 94%. You can also use black and white or full-color printed graphics to structure your presentation and build on your ideas.

Here’s how to make a great presentation using highly effective presentation visuals and other printed graphics:

  • Determine one key idea, theme, or central message that you want to convey
  • Build your presentation around this one key point and focus on the audience’s needs
  • Break up the message into subsequent smaller points and arrange them into an organized structure so that each section builds on the one before it
  • Frame your arrangement into a story with appropriate visual clues that inspire and are memorable
  • Finish with a presentation visual that supports your call-to-action – show the audience what you want them to do next

Throughout our day we will absorb 90% of the information we gather through our eyes. When giving a presentation, try and keep written text to the very minimum necessary.

Talk to our PRI Graphics printing experts in Phoenix at 1-877-409-8889 about how to use effective presentation visuals and boards to elaborate and illustrate your story.

Using Characters To Tell Your Story

Products, objects, and statistics may be essential to your presentation but by themselves, they can be boring. However, behind every point you are trying to make in a presentation is a person whose goal, vision, or action had something to do with it.

Use real characters to back up the points you are trying to make.

For instance, if you are introducing a new product then someone must have done the market research. If sales are up, then your customers and employees had something to do with it. If you have a new service or program, then someone had to develop it. If you are referring to a segment of the population or market (demographic), then choose an individual (character) to represent that segment.

Stories always involve characters. Structure your presentation around the people involved. Develop the characters of your story and you’ll discover one of the best techniques you can use to make your presentation more memorable. Using characters to tell a story is a technique employed by some of the best speakers and politicians. It will work for you too!

Stories Have Timelines

Giving your story a timeline will also make it memorable. You can engage your audience by showing them where things were at, where they are now, and where you see things going. Timelines pull your story forward. They also need to be relatable, so expressing how you feel about it (or how your central characters feel about it) can help make it real.

Stories Involve Conflict and Change

Stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. Somewhere along the way, there’s a conflict that leads to a shift or change. Something happens to your central characters – a want or need is finally met. It’s this change that every audience waits for and finds rewarding. And usually, the change is the most memorable part of the story.

Once you define the need (what needs to be overcome) you can discuss the obstacles and the change necessary to meet these challenges. Challenges create tension, which audiences find intriguing. Your audience will feel rewarded when the challenges are resolved. People anticipate and expect a successful outcome and they become emotionally invested when you can deliver it to them.

Show Your Story As You Tell It

Remember that 65% of the population are visual learners. Seeing is believing and an effective presentation visual will create an emotional reaction. Use presentation visuals like printed graphics and images to you show your audience what your key points look like. Visual clues can also be used as metaphors to help an audience visualize and get a mental picture of what you are trying to convey.

End Your Story With A Call To Action

Every presentation has a fundamental message. Once you have successfully conveyed that message what do you want your audience to do?

The beginning and end of a presentation are what people remember most. But just making a memorable final statement isn’t enough. If your presentation is successful, you will have left your audience wanting more.

Be sure to give them the means to find out more. End your presentation with one final highly effective presentation visual that includes a call-to-action so that your audience can take the next step. This is also something to consider when creating Retail Store Graphics.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics is a Phoenix printing company with a second location AZ. We specialize in CAD printing, large format printing, and digital printing for customers throughout Arizona.

Let our in-house graphics design team show you how to make a great presentation by including a variety of highly effective presentation visuals. We can print everything you need, from flip charts and graphics cards to posters boards, floor graphics, and popup banners. Our presentation graphics specialists can design and create unique, high-quality images suitable for any presentation style or format.

For more information about presentation printing, or if you have any questions, please contact us online or call us in Phoenix at 602-393-3131. We can also be reached by calling toll free at 1-877-409-8889 or send us an email.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science offers some additional great pointers in their communication toolkit entitled, Using Visuals in Presentations.

Branding with Vehicle Wraps, Signs & Decals

You may have noticed other companies, maybe even your competitors using branding vehicle wrapping and custom car decals.

If so, it may be time to consider utilizing this form of business advertising on your own company vehicles (or your own personal vehicle). Understandably, you may also want to know more before you proceed.

Here are 5 good reasons why branding vehicle wrapping is a good idea and why it can be one of the best marketing decisions you’ll every make.

1. Vehicle Wraps Are Mobile…Reaching a Wider Audience

Not unlike UPS, corporate colors for your company vehicles or fleet can be a good idea that helps solidify your branding over time. But, if you have a smaller company, well thought out vehicle wraps, signs, and car decals will ensure that your advertising is seen and mobile. Your branding vehicle wrapping and your message will go wherever your company vehicles travel.

Our eyes naturally gravitate towards well-executed vehicle graphics and signs. In fact, many of our customers say that their vehicle wraps and car signs draw a lot of interest and help direct customers to their websites.

Your vehicle graphic can be the most identifiable object in the line of vision of drivers as well as pedestrians, people who could potentially turn into customers.

2. Branding Vehicle Wrapping Can Increase Vehicle Resale Value

Vehicle wraps and car decals don’t have to be permanent installations. They can be removable. Besides the advertising value, branding vehicle wrapping also offers additional protection against light scratches and pebbles. They can even help protect your vehicle’s paint from damaging UV rays.

Many leasing companies prefer to have their lease vehicles fully wrapped with vehicle graphics as soon as possible. Wraps, signs, and decals can easily be removed without damage to the OEM paint job.

3. Target Local Market With Vehicle Graphics

Whether you have a single car or a fleet of vans, every moment that your branding vehicle wrapping is out in full view of traffic it provides additional opportunities for your vehicle graphics to work for you. You could realize as many as 30,000 to 80,000 impressions a day per vehicle.

Local people prefer to deal with local businesses. You can reach them directly by installing vehicle graphics on your fleet. Doing so puts your advertising message directly in front your most targeted audience – your local customers.

4. Vehicle Graphics Can Be Easily Tracked for Effectiveness

Vehicle graphics such as car wraps, signs, or decals provide an opportunity for you to track their effectiveness. With some careful planning, you will know almost right away if your branding vehicle wrapping is working for you.

For instance, you can use a separate phone number on the car wrap that is not used anywhere else. You could also create a special landing page on your website to advertise on the vehicle wraps, or offer a special deal that is not promoted anywhere else.

5. Vehicle Graphics Are Less Costly Than Conventional Advertising

The average cost of branding vehicle wrapping is around 4 cents for 1,000 impressions. If you’ve done any advertising on signage or through the newspaper, you’ll understand immediately this is very economical.

On average, outdoor signage will cost you $3.56 per 1,000 impressions. Newspaper ads come in at around $19.70 per 1,000 impressions. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that branding vehicle wrapping, car signs, and decals are one of the most beneficial advertising investments available.

The benefits of vehicle graphics and wraps cannot be understated. Gaining a wider audience, enhancing the resale value of your vehicle or fleet, and targeting your local advertising market – these all make vehicle graphics a wise choice for your business. Not only can you easily track their effectiveness, but they are also very cost-effective ways to promote your business.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics is a family owned and operated Arizona printing company with two printing locations, one in another in Phoenix. We service clients throughout Arizona with professional B&W or color printing plus CAD printing, large format printing and digital printing technologies.

Let us show you how cost-effective, efficient, and successful branding vehicle wrapping can be. Talk to our in-house graphic design team to find out how custom vehicle wraps, car signs, and decals can help improve your business. We also do fence wrap printing!

Call us at 602-393-3131 or toll-free at 1-877-409-8889. You can also reach us by email or fill out our online contact form.

This article by The Vehicle Lab entitled, Re-paint or Wrap Your Car? Pros and Cons Explained, has some great information about vehicle wrapping.

Retractable Banner Signs Help Draw Attention to You

PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona offers both horizontal and vertical retractable banner printing services.

In this post, we will explore how a professional, custom retractable banner can improve your visual presence, no matter where you use them.

Lightweight, portable and able to retract into a small roll, a retractable banner and stand can be the ideal attention getter for your business at exhibitions, tradeshows, conventions, etc. Even if you are just doing a presentation or have a business inside a mall, retractable banner signs add to your branding and can do a lot to help get your message across.

Table Top Retractable Banner Printing

Banners don’t have to be large. Retractable banner displays for tabletop use are inexpensive to produce. They are easy to transport, take up very little storage, and are ideal for use in presentations or on retail counters.

With compact tabletop banner signs, you can make the most out of your limited real estate in all kinds of settings including at conventions or in trade show booths.

Captivate your audience and help them remember you with stunning, full color, high quality, tabletop retractable banner sign. This is one of the most prudent and inexpensive business investments you can make.

Large Retractable Banner Signs

Most banner printing companies like PRI Graphics also have an in-house graphics design department that can help you create the look you want.

At PRI Graphics, we work with you and your design team to create a professional retractable banner design that uses your graphics, your corporate colors, and communicates your message or branding. We utilize large format printers to print large retractable banners that help improve brand awareness and promote your products or services effectively.

Large retractable banners are usually printed on tough, fade-resistant, waterproof vinyl. No matter how many times you transport them, display them, or store them, they are quite durable, providing years of service.

Double Sided Retractable Banner Signs

Why not take advantage of all the real estate at you your disposal and print a double-sided retractable banner sign? Double-sided retractable banners can be printed for outdoors or for indoor use. They are uncomplicated and very simple to set up. For instance, if your business resides in a mall, a double-sided retractable banner sign can grab the attention of foot traffic coming from both directions.

Quick and Efficient Setup & Take-Down

At conventions, presentations, exhibitions, and trade shows, quite often you will have very little time to set up (or take down) your advertising and display materials. Retractable banner signs are designed to be set up and taken down very quickly, most often in less than a minute. Because retractable banners are so versatile and portable, your intended audience can be exposed to your opportunity-friendly text and custom trade show graphics immediately upon your arrival.

About PRI Graphics

Family owned PRI Graphics in Phoenix works with clients throughout Arizona providing in-house and on-site printing services. We are noted for offering a wide range of large format printing, CAD printing, and digital printing services, in color and in black and white.

If you have further questions about retractable banner sign printing, or if you need help with banner design, call us at 602-393-3131 or Toll Free at 1-877-409-8889, or send us an email.

Visit this City of Phoenix page on Signs for more information regarding requirements for various types of signs within the city.

Five Top Business Stationery Trends for 2019

With today’s global business practices comes the need to also remain current with business stationery trends. Gone are the days of settling for boring and ordinary business stationery.

While consistency in branding remains at the top of the list, to keep with the changing times you may wish to revamp your business stationery as needed. To help you stay up-to-date with business stationery trends for 2019, here are five tips to add some excitement to your stationery while remaining true to the core principles of your business.

Branding & Business Stationery Trends

Think about how you can place your customer in the limelight of your branding. There are a lot more ways to improve business branding stationery besides adding your logo and company name. Try using your corporate colors, social networks, watermarks, and other creative ways to address the needs of your clients through your branding. Remember, your branding can also be added to the reverse side of your letterhead or business cards.

Stationery Font Trends

Gone too are the days of having to stick to traditional and ordinary fonts typical of the corporate world. Depending on your industry, your products (or services), and the brand you are trying to create, you are free to select more contemporary fonts to display your contact information. Take a look at your business contemporaries and take note of what they are doing, and what is working or not working.

Creating Contrast

Most design experts will caution you not to overdo it. Choosing too many multiple fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes can take away from your brand and your message. However, we can say that a little contrast can go a long way in creating interest and generating a lasting impression. You can emphasize your message or brand by using contrast sparingly and effectively. For instance, try using a couple variations of weight in the same font, or add a second or third color to your business stationery. Finding that balance between ordinary and overkill can really be effective.

Brand Consistency in Business

While not a new trend it is important to mention brand consistency in business – on two levels. Design trends come and go and can add the right amount of color to your message (at the right time), but your message and/or your brand always needs to remain consistent. Also, regardless of what is trending at the time, updating your eye-catching design needs to be consistent across all your business stationery including offline and online letterheads, as well as envelopes, business cards, flyers, post cards, etc. You might also like our blog article on How to Make Business Post Cards Stand Out.

Minimalist Stationery Trends

Clutter is old and it’s out. Business stationery trends for 2019 (and in recent years) seem to favor clean, streamlined, minimalistic stationery designs. You can sometimes spark as much or more interest with just a simple clean design that is uncomplicated and unfettered. Plenty of white space helps achieve an impressive minimalistic design that is on trend.

About PRI Graphics

With two printing shops in Arizona, including one in Phoenix and another, PRI Graphics offers both in-house and on-site advanced printing services including CAD, large format, and digital printing in color and in black and white.

If you would like more information about business stationery printing services or if you have any questions we can help you with, please send us an email or call our design consultants at 1-877-409-8889. We will be happy to assist you. We can also be reached locally in Phoenix at 602-393-3131.

For additional information about stationery, check out this Wikipedia page entitled, List of Stationery Topics.

Incorporate Vinyl Graphics Printing into Your Marketing

Have you considered custom vinyl printing as a way to get more graphics and life into your branding and marketing efforts?

Our graphics design specialists at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ have put together these unique ideas on how you can use custom vinyl graphics printing and cutting to make your company and your message stand out.

Vinyl Window Graphics Printing

With custom window graphics printing, you can create unique window decals in all shapes and sizes. Printing “see through vinyl” for windows is a great marketing idea since it still allows you to still see out the window. Or, for complete privacy, you can choose to print solid custom vinyl graphics. If your storefront or office is on the street level, window graphics essentially create eye level billboards that can catch the attention of those just passing by. If your office is on the second floor or higher, you can use printed window graphics to draw attention to your location and let customers know they are at the right building before going up the elevator or staircase. At PRI Graphics, we offer both permanent and temporary window graphics printing.

Floor Graphics Printing

Large format printed vinyl floor graphics can be used as a cool marketing tool or for wayfinding, where printed vinyl footsteps or arrows help lead customers to your promotional display or checkout. You can also use vinyl floor graphics to inform customers of special discounts and sales. If your customers come in with little children you can create a kid-friendly zone with hopscotch vinyl floor graphics or a car mat that will keep the kids delightfully entertained. Floor graphics can be functional, fun, and creative; just let your imagination run.

Wall Covering Printing

Vinyl wall graphics can be permanent or temporary and used to make announcements, promote new products, display logos, or add excitement to your retail or business space. The best thing about printed wall graphics is that they are easy to change. You can rotate through for special events or seasonal promotions. Read more about the Advantages and Benefits of Wall Coverings.

Professional Fleet Graphics

Enhance just one vehicle or your company’s entire fleet with full professional vehicle wraps. Vehicle graphics can also be individually cut and used to make your company more visible wherever you are – including on the road! Fleet graphics also clearly identify your vehicles for when you make deliveries to customers or perform job site inspections. Learn more about vehicle graphics at PRI and check out our other blog post on the benefits of vehicle graphics and wraps.

Custom Vinyl Graphics for Uniforms and Equipment

Do your employees wear special equipment like hardhats or carry tools to a job site in a hard storage container? Do they wear uniforms or use a ladder or some other piece of equipment? Tools, equipment, and even uniforms provide an opportunity to advertise your brand, logo, or message. Why not print and cut vinyl graphics and decals for employee uniforms and equipment? For branding purposes, it’s good to promote your logo and message wherever you can.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics operates two printing facilities, one in Phoenix and another, Arizona. We offer in-house graphic design, professional printing services, and precision digital cutting for all types of large format printed materials.  From backlit graphics and window graphics to banners, wall coverings, and vehicle wraps, we can help you with all your printing needs. No printing project is too big or too small.

When it comes to custom vinyl graphics printing, we work on all sizes of projects – no matter how big or small! You can choose from a variety of vinyl materials suitable for your application including reflective vinyl and static cling vinyl.

For more information on large format custom vinyl graphics printing, please call us in Phoenix at 1-602-393-3131. Our toll-free number is 1-877-409-8889 or send us an email. We will be happy to assist you.

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