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5 Tips for Annual Report Printing

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Maximize Impact with Your Annual Report Printing

At PRI Graphics & Signs, we provide unparalleled expertise to elevate your annual report printing, plus product manuals and other printed reports. Let us show you how you can use your annual reports to impress stakeholders and attract potential investors at your upcoming AGM.

Our dedicated team of professionals have identified five key aspects to enhance the quality and efficacy of your printed reports. These vital elements are:

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Binding Style Options

The choice of binding style for your annual reports hinges on a range of factors including the number of pages, the required durability, the likelihood of mailing copies, and your desired aesthetics. Here are some prevalent trends in binding for annual reports in small-format printing:

  • SADDLE STITCHING – An economical choice for binding reports and booklets, saddle stitching employs staples at the center of the folded papers.
  • COMB BINDING – A popular method for annual reports, comb binding allows the document to lay flat and comes in diverse thicknesses and colors.
  • COIL BINDING – A cost-effective technique employing a single pre-coiled plastic binding, coil binding enables the report to lay flat and fold in half with ease.
  • WIRE BINDING – For a polished and resilient finish, wire binding provides a professional and robust appearance for company annual reports.

Unsure about your annual report binding needs?

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Innovative Use of Fold-Out Sheets in Annual Reports

Enhance your annual report with fold-out sheets for supplementary visuals, larger spreadsheets, or detailed financial data that requires more space than a standard page offers. This creative touch can make a lasting impression.

Printable Report Tabs Make Annual Reports User-Friendly

For lengthier annual reports, consider adding printable report tabs to facilitate easy access to critical sections within the report. Such an inclusion will greatly aid your shareholders and investors, eliminating the need to browse through a multitude of pages to find pertinent information.

Choosing the Right Paper Stock for Annual Reports

Beyond the standard white paper, the use of laminated or embossed paper can significantly upgrade your report. If your report is rich in color and visual elements, consider opting for full-color bleeds to avoid unprinted paper edges. Your choice of paper stock will be determined by factors like the number of copies, page count, desired weight and thickness of the finished product, among others.

Adding Functionality with Report Covers Featuring Pockets

Reports with covers that include built-in pockets not only offer a place for stakeholders to store their notes post-meeting, but also present an inventive opportunity for you to insert additional promotional materials or SWAG into the report.

At PRI Graphics & Signs, our mission is to partner with businesses of all sizes to deliver superior corporate annual reports, employee manuals, product specifications, and other professionally printed small-format and wide-format products.

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For comprehensive insights into annual report printing, please visit our manual printing page or connect directly with our Phoenix printing experts by calling Toll-Free at 1-877-409-8889.

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