Examples of unique brand packaging

5 Tips for Effective Brand Packaging & Labeling

Great brand packaging and labeling can be used to present your customers with an eye-catching, functional, and informative introduction to your products. They can also elicit a call to action from your customers.

Most branding designs today are at their core very basic, visually stimulating, and typographically attentive to current design trends.

Here are some design tips to create great brand packaging and labeling:

1. Form and Function Design

As the old adage goes, form follows function. It simply means you need to consider the shape of your packaging in relation to its intended purpose. This includes how the product inside the packaging is displayed and engaged. Think about ALL of your packaging requirements, their form and function, before commencing with branding design.

2. Typography and Branding

Like your packaging typography, your labeling typography needs to communicate your brand and your message. Serifed fonts are a classic mainstay for many products, but sans-serifed fonts are a better choice if your product or service is trendy. Try using various typefaces until you find one suitable to get your message across and effectively communicates your brand on all your packages and labels.

3. Packaging Photos and Label Images

Most contemporary packaging utilizes some form of product photography or related label images to market both the products and the brand. Labeling and packaging photos can be black and white, full color, or tinted. Determine which format best reflects your company branding, message, and merchandise and keep it consistent across all your product lines.

4. Brand Clarity Across All Packaging and Labeling

Adhere to the KISS principle and keep your brand packaging and labeling simple and consistent. Your customer (or consumer) should not have to work too hard to find and understand your products or their intended use. The information you place on your product packaging and labeling needs to be consistent with your branding. Yet, it still needs to be clear, concise, and communicate effectively. Clarity and accessibility should be your ultimate goals.

5. Shopping Bag Branding

Shopping bags are often a big part of the packaging and labeling for any business. Branded shopping bags are essentially walking advertisements. Apply the same form and function details to these silent sellers to round out your advertising and marketing strategies and create attractive and effective walking promotional pieces.

Still Have Questions About Branding Design?

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