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5 Tips for Effective Brand Packaging & Labeling

Read time: 4 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: July 19th, 2023

Revamping Your Brand Packaging & Labeling Strategy

Your brand packaging and labeling serve as the first visual encounter for your customers, creating an immediate impression about your products. With the right strategy, they can provide a comprehensive, appealing, and informative introduction to your merchandise, while compelling your customers towards the desired call to action.

In the contemporary landscape, most branding designs are minimalist, yet visually stimulating, with a keen focus on typography aligning with modern design trends.

Let’s delve into the latest techniques and tips for enhancing your brand packaging and labeling in today’s competitive market:

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Balancing Form & Function in Design

It’s essential to remember the time-tested concept of “form follows function.” Your packaging design should take into account its functional objectives alongside its aesthetic appeal. This involves considering how the product inside the package is showcased and interacted with. Prior to initiating the branding design, fully comprehend all your packaging needs and how their form aligns with their purpose.

Typography as a Branding Tool

The choice of typography in your packaging and labeling plays a pivotal role in conveying your brand’s identity and messaging. While Serif fonts have traditionally dominated product packaging, Sans-serif fonts have recently gained popularity due to their modern appeal. Experiment with various typefaces until you find the one that resonates with your brand’s voice and effectively communicates your message across all packaging and labels.

Shipping label pasted to a cardboard tube package for the company Tonic.

Leveraging Imagery in Packaging and Labels

In line with the increasing prominence of visuals, contemporary packaging often includes product photography or related imagery to amplify brand and product marketing. The images, which can be monochrome, full color, or tinted, should align with your company’s branding, message, and product line. Ensure consistency in image format across all your products to reinforce brand recognition.

Ensuring Brand Consistency & Clarity Across Packaging and Labeling

The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle is a vital rule of thumb for your brand packaging and labeling. Customers should be able to easily identify and understand your products without any complications. Maintain uniformity in the information placed on your product packaging and labeling, ensuring it aligns with your overall branding. The communication should be clear, concise, and effective, with a focus on accessibility and transparency.

Innovative Shopping Bag Branding

Shopping bags form a significant part of the packaging and labeling strategy for many businesses. Branded shopping bags act as mobile advertisements, silently communicating your brand message. Apply the same form and function concepts to these subtle marketing assets to augment your advertising strategies, making them appealing and impactful.

Need Further Assistance With Your Branding Design?

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