Example of vehicle wrap on a van for Norris Air

Branding with Vehicle Wraps, Signs & Decals

Boost Your Brand Identity with Innovative Vehicle Wraps, Signs, and Decals You might have observed several businesses, possibly even your direct competitors, leveraging the power of vehicle wraps and custom car decals as a part of their branding strategy. If you’re considering this dynamic form of advertising for your company vehicles (or even your personal […]

Man looking over a vinyl graphic printing.

What Are My Vinyl Graphic Printing Options?

Exploring the Evolution of Vinyl Graphic Printing: A Modern Overview Vinyl graphic printing has come a long way since its inception, evolving significantly as technology advances. Not only has it become a major player in the realm of marketing and advertising, but it’s also diversified in material choices and application areas. This blog post delves […]

Trade show standees with full color banners

Types of Construction Sign Printing

Whenever we pass a construction site, we invariably encounter an array of construction company signs. From detour alerts and flag person indicators to temporary fence wraps and ‘under construction’ announcements, these signs play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and efficiency on a construction site. In this article, our seasoned professionals at PRI Graphics & […]

Welcome to Masters advertising banner

Top 9 Vinyl Banner Printing Design Tips

Leveraging the power of design, simplicity, and contrast can greatly optimize the effectiveness of vinyl banner printing. Capturing attention within those fleeting moments when a potential viewer glances at your banner is critical. A font that’s too small can result in your message blending into the background, while excessive text could deter readers due to […]

Lifeguard char beside pool with No Lifeguard on Duty warning sign

Swimming Pool Safety Signs – What You Need to Know

Enhancing Pool Safety with Adequate Signage: What’s Changed and What You Should Know As the sweltering days of summer roll in, it’s timely to focus our attention on swimming pool safety signs. It’s crucial to not only ensure our swimming pools are fun, refreshing escapes from the heat, but also safe and secure environments. Not […]

Example of Vinyl floor graphic for social distancing.

6 Ways to Promote Your Business with Vinyl Graphics

Custom business vinyl graphics are a surprisingly affordable way to establish your brand and speak to customers while using highly visible surfaces like the windows, doors, and vehicles of your business. Not only are custom business vinyl graphics more affordable than paint, they offer several other great benefits for your business.

B&W wall mural signage for Carolina's Mexican Food

Wall Mural Printing for Home or Office

Imagine your home or office transformed with a wall mural, the wallpaper printed to bring your walls to life. Whether it’s an office space or a room in your home, wall murals offer the opportunity to personalize your space with stunning imagery. At PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix, AZ, we make it possible with […]

Printed table covering and trade show backdrop for Integrative Health

Rock Your Next Trade Show Booth with Custom Display Graphics

Level Up Your Trade Show Game with Innovative Display Graphics Are you prepping for your next trade show appearance? Would you like to amplify the impact of your booth and draw in a higher number of attendees? Our Phoenix-based company, PRI Graphics, is here to support your trade show efforts with striking custom booth graphics, […]

Large printed wall covering in a bedroom

Commercial Wallpaper Printing for Offices and Retailers

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics & Signs will discuss commercial wallpaper printing for retail and storefront business use. History of Wallpaper Wallpaper has existed since the 18th century, with artisans creating scenes or patterns using woodcuts—relief blocks made of wood. Ink would be rolled over these woodcuts, and the blocks would then […]

Custom wall mural example for Toyota vechicles

Custom Vinyl Wall Coverings – 6 Benefits

Transforming Spaces: The Power of Custom Vinyl Wall Coverings in 2023 One aspect of our daily life that has equally benefited from this tech-evolution is interior design. Gone are the days when offices, retail spaces, and even homes exhibited sterile aesthetics. Thanks to modern printing technology and decorative vinyl wall coverings, it is now possible […]