Raster vs Vector: How They Both Have Purpose in Print

The Digital Battle That Can Be Difficult to Understand In the digital world of design and print, knowing the difference between raster and vector graphics is a must. If you don’t have a full comprehension of the two, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s the type of verbiage that most people aren’t too familiar with […]

How Wholesale Printing Helps to Grow Your Business

The Businesses Wholesale Printing Works Best For Every business is always looking for that advantage or “step ahead” moment or idea that will widen that gap between themselves and their competitors. So lets talk about how wholesale printing helps to grow your business. For resellers, this can easily be done by pairing print graphics solutions […]

Three retractable banners for Dermagraft

Commercial Printing and How the Healthcare Industry Utilizes It

Healthcare Printing – How the Industry Handles Managed Print Services Healthcare printing is absolutely an essential service required in the healthcare industry for both medical and dental businesses. Though the U.S. government has encouraged healthcare providers to go more digital, still about 90% of healthcare providers are reliant on physical printing for handouts, mailing bills, […]

Large wall graphic behind several desks

Hotel & Tourism is Back… and Print is Needed

Hotel & Tourism Printing Read Time: 3 minutes Hotel & tourism printing is back and in a big, necessary way. Amid the 2020 pandemic and with Covid-19 placing a halt on travel and tourism for the unforeseeable future, the hospitality industry has been rocked to its core over these last two years. From restaurants to […]

Graphic showing RGB as an Additive color and CMYK as a Subtractive color

CMYK vs RGB and What Is Best for Printing

RBG Colors – Red, Green & Blue These primary colors are best for digital work and are generally used for computer monitors, digital cameras, smart phones, scanners, TV screens, etc. RGB color mixing is an “ADDITIVE PROCESS.“ The digital world starts from blackness and adds varying intensities of red, green and blue light to create […]

Graphic of a businessman with briefcase, cape and telescope at the top of stairs with the caption "Searching for Growth"

Growth Opportunities Through Print Marketing

The Age Old Discussion of Print vs Digital Before we dig into all the materials, products, and print marketing campaigns, let’s take a second to discuss the difference between print vs digital in the marketing world. When marketing your business, there are the two main forms to choose from: digital and print. Both methods are […]

5 Tips for Effective Brand Packaging & Labeling

Great brand packaging and labeling can be used to present your customers with an eye-catching, functional, and informative introduction to your products. They can also elicit a call to action from your customers.

Most branding designs today are at their core very basic, visually stimulating, and typographically attentive to current design trends. Read more

Custom Printing Ideas for Marketing Your Summer Event

Does your business need some custom printing ideas for marketing and promoting your summer event?

Although we live in a digital world where digital marketing has overtaken more traditional forms of promotion, don’t underestimate the power of custom printed materials. Custom printing can help you get the word out and help you build better relationships with your market and audience.

Today, too many businesses rely only on their website or social media to publicize an event, not realizing the missed opportunity that traditional marketing and printing can bring. Read more

5 Digital Printing and Cutting Tips for Marketing

Digital Printing & Cutting

These digital printing and cutting tips can enhance your business or product marketing efforts. They will provide you with a wide range of different shapes and sizes for products not normally associated with printing.

Spruce up your merchandising or in-store promotional material by utilizing these unique digital printing and cutting tips. Read more

The Difference Between Pamphlet and Brochure

It soon becomes evident, no matter where you look online, that many people are not sure about pamphlet and brochure difference.

There can also be many conflicting definitions to describe pamphlet vs brochure and the differences in definitions can be between different countries and even between various regions within the same country.

Perhaps the most significant difference between a pamphlet and brochure is in the “intended use” of the final printed product and not necessarily the format in which that marketing material might be presented. Read more