Print operator looking at recently printed posters.

A Guide to Commercial Printing – Tips, Advantages, Benefits

In this post, our Phoenix printers cover some very important commercial printing tips that you need to know that can benefit your business. Print marketing materials are still a crucial component of corporate promotion and communication in today’s digital age. Commercial printing is a specialized printing service that creates high-quality advertising products, signage, branded graphics, and other printed […]

Print Graphics for Restaurants & Hotels – 5 Critical Reasons

Restaurant Graphics & Hotel Graphics Printing Hotel and restaurant graphics are critical tools for hotels and restaurants looking to create a memorable experience for guests and customers. Graphics printing offers a unique opportunity to not only promote brand awareness and increase sales but also to improve customer satisfaction and reinforce the connection between the brand […]

Several full color examples of different printed brochures.

Brochure Design and Printing – How To Guide

Tips on How to Design & Set Up Brochures for Print As a professional print shop, our print experts here at PRI Graphics can provide excellent help whenever you need brochure design and printing. Tri-fold brochures are a great way to present information about your business, product, or service in a compact and easy-to-read format. […]

Photo of an event with a large crowd near a stage.

Event Printing Graphics for Visually Engaging and Impactful Events

Creating Experiences Your Attendees Won’t Forget The use of event print graphics in the events industry is a powerful tool for creating a visually engaging and impactful experience for attendees. From trade show booths and conference materials to banners and signs, event print graphics play a crucial role in branding, marketing, and overall event design. […]

Split image illustrating Digital vs Lithographic printing.

Lithography Printing vs Digital Printing

Lithography Printing vs Digital Printing We asked our Phoenix print professionals here at PRI Graphics & Signs to discuss lithography vs digital printing. Over the past few decades, digital printing has emerged as a popular alternative to lithography. Even though there has been a significant shift in recent years toward digital printing, there are some […]

Woman at a desk with a Christmas present

Christmas Printing Guide

Printing Ideas for the Holiday Season The holiday season is upon us, and the world of print is about to be hit with a snowplow of requests. It’s that time of year when everyone from families to businesses are needing greeting cards, gifts, and specialty printing. Getting that head start is key to ensuring a […]

Welcome we are OPEN sign

Essential Print Materials When Opening Your New Business

Think PRINT Before Opening Those Doors It’s time to celebrate… well, almost anyways. We are here to explain about some of the essential print materials when opening your new business. Opening a new business, franchise, or even a new location can be an exciting but also daunting task. Even when you think you have everything […]

Person assembling a variable data printing project.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Many companies need and utilize variable printing to help conduct their businesses successfully, but what exactly is variable data printing and how does it work? In this blog post, our Phoenix printing experts at PRI Graphics will take a closer look at variable information printing (as it is also known) including how it works and how you […]

2 men at at print shop looking over color samples

Types of Printing Products

Printing Product Questions to Ask When we ask clients about the types of printing products they want to be printed, most will be thinking of the end product and say they want a banner or brochure or pamphlets or flyers. However, as commercial printers, to give you what you truly need, we need to dig […]

Full color brochure folder for Stonecreek Building Co.

Difference Between a Brochure, Flyer and Leaflet

Understanding Small Format Print Products Do you know the flyer and leaflet difference or how they differ from a brochure? For many people, the difference between a brochure, flyer, leaflet, and the pamphlet may be hard to discern. Customers come to PRI Graphics asking for what we think they want. When in reality, what they […]