Man looking over a vinyl graphic printing.

What Are My Vinyl Graphic Printing Options?

Exploring the Evolution of Vinyl Graphic Printing: A Modern Overview Vinyl graphic printing has come a long way since its inception, evolving significantly as technology advances. Not only has it become a major player in the realm of marketing and advertising, but it’s also diversified in material choices and application areas. This blog post delves […]

B&W wall mural signage for Carolina's Mexican Food

Wall Mural Printing for Home or Office

Imagine your home or office transformed with a wall mural, the wallpaper printed to bring your walls to life. Whether it’s an office space or a room in your home, wall murals offer the opportunity to personalize your space with stunning imagery. At PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix, AZ, we make it possible with […]

Large printed wall covering in a bedroom

Commercial Wallpaper Printing for Offices and Retailers

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics & Signs will discuss commercial wallpaper printing for retail and storefront business use. History of Wallpaper Wallpaper has existed since the 18th century, with artisans creating scenes or patterns using woodcuts—relief blocks made of wood. Ink would be rolled over these woodcuts, and the blocks would then […]

Custom wall mural example for Toyota vechicles

Custom Vinyl Wall Coverings – 6 Benefits

Transforming Spaces: The Power of Custom Vinyl Wall Coverings in 2023 One aspect of our daily life that has equally benefited from this tech-evolution is interior design. Gone are the days when offices, retail spaces, and even homes exhibited sterile aesthetics. Thanks to modern printing technology and decorative vinyl wall coverings, it is now possible […]

Coffee Cafe signage and printed window displays

Retail Store Graphics and Design: Unveiling the Future of In-store Customer Experience

Today, your retail store graphics compete not just with the store next door but with digital competitors globally. As the retail landscape evolves with the ubiquity of the Internet and new-age printing technology, the competition extends beyond the physical confines of a mall or a strip. The key to succeeding in this increasingly competitive environment […]

Branding graphic with brand-related key phrases.

Benefits of Branding with Interior Graphics & Décor

Building the Brand with Interior Graphics Understanding the tremendous number of benefits of branding with interior graphics can help set your business apart from the rest. Your company image should be a top priority when it comes to running your business. With interior print graphics utilized in your workplace, you can start to set yourself […]

Three retractable banners for Dermagraft

Commercial Printing and How the Healthcare Industry Utilizes It

Healthcare printing is absolutely an essential service required in the healthcare industry for both medical and dental businesses. Though the U.S. government has encouraged healthcare providers to go more digital, still about 90% of healthcare providers are reliant on physical printing for handouts, mailing bills, and other invoices and charts.

Toro Stadium Color Signage

Print Marketing in Education

The demand for educational printing at the university, high school, and grade school levels has always been high. From sports signage and activities needing to hang banners around their fields or providing game-day pamphlets to hand out to their students and fans. School facilities also need to brand their locker rooms or wrap their hallways […]