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Warehouse Graphics Printing & Signage

Warehouse Print Graphics & Signage for Distribution Centers One area that is often overlooked in the final steps of warehousing and distribution center construction is the importance of warehouse graphics printing and signage printing. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for warehousing and distribution centers in the United States. […]

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A Guide to Commercial Printing – Tips, Advantages, Benefits

In this post, our Phoenix printers cover some very important commercial printing tips that you need to know that can benefit your business. Print marketing materials are still a crucial component of corporate promotion and communication in today’s digital age. Commercial printing is a specialized printing service that creates high-quality advertising products, signage, branded graphics, and other printed […]

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Pre-Press Printing Tips

Setup Pre-Press Printing Tips There are several pre-press printing tips to be aware of that are critical for ensuring that the final product meets the desired standards for quality and accuracy. Pre-press printing refers to the preparation and setup of a printing job before it is actually printed.

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Creating & Preparing Print Ready Files

Preparing print ready files for digital printing simply means getting your files ready for print.

The digital files must contain all the necessary specifications for optimal printing without the need for any additional adjustments or changes. If a print shop has to fix files before printing there may be an additional cost. Preparing print ready files alleviates frustration, saves time, and is much more cost effective. Read more

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4 Benefits of Document Scanning and Archiving

Why Do Document Scanning and Archiving?

Whether you need it in black and white or in color, document scanning and archiving will provide your company with four key benefits including:

  1. Saving on storage space
  2. Saving you time – better document organization and retrieval
  3. Saving you money – less overhead
  4. Immediate access to all versions (complete with all edits and highlighting)

Read more

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Benefits of Document Scanning and Storage Services

Document scanning and storage services can be of great benefit to businesses in numerous ways.

Archiving for taxation purposes is one important reason. It is a requirement that all tax-related business documents are stored for seven years. Law offices and doctors’ offices are required to store business documents for even longer.

All of these hard copy documents can take up a considerable amount of space. And, if needed at some point in the future, they can be extremely difficult to sort through and reference. Read more