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The Difference Between Pamphlet and Brochure

It soon becomes evident, no matter where you look online, that many people are not sure about the pamphlet and brochure difference.

There can also be many conflicting definitions to describe pamphlet vs brochure and the differences in definitions can be between different countries and even between various regions within the same country.

Perhaps the most significant difference between a pamphlet and brochure is in the “intended use” of the final printed product and not necessarily the format in which that marketing material might be presented.

Pamphlet Definition

Printed pamphlets are generally understood to be a small leaflet (or flyer) on a single subject that contains information or arguments about that particular subject. Pamphlets are usually printed on a single sheet of paper and cut or folded (scored) in various ways, depending on how the customer wishes the pamphlet to be presented.

Pamphlet Example

An example of a printed pamphlet, leaflet or flyer might be a small sheet of paper that someone hands to you on the street announcing a new band playing at a particular club or event. Or, a pamphlet could be a single sheet of paper on one specific topic that is handed out at a conference or convention. See our post on the effectiveness of Printed Mailers and Flyers.

Brochure Definition

A pamphlet vs brochure has a limited amount of space. However, printed brochures normally contain much more information, with a lot more variety in the information than in a pamphlet. Brochure printing is often specifically focussed on the products or services of a particular business.

Printed brochures can also sometimes be introduced in the form of a small booklet, which is almost like a miniature magazine. Brochures can be printed on single sheets of paper, or in the case of larger documents, printed on multiple sheets of paper that are then folded and possibly saddle stitched (stapled along the spine) to create a unique business marketing material.

The term Brochure is derived from the French brocher, which means literally “something stitched.”

Brochure Example

An example of a printed brochure might be something that has been mailed to you by a company that outlines the company’s line of products and services. A good example would be a multiple page brochure for a company that makes and installs windows and doors.

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