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What Is Construction Project Closeout?

From the beginning of a construction project to the construction project closeout, every document revision, addition, or edit needs to be clearly documented, recorded, and archived.

As the project comes to a completion the final “as-built” construction plans, along with any warranties and specification manuals, are some of the deliverables that must be summarized in a final construction project closeout report.

All applicable activities related to the project involving any and all construction phases, as well as the formal closure will be included in the project closeout report. Read more

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4 Benefits of Document Scanning and Archiving

Why Do Document Scanning and Archiving?

Whether you need it in black and white or in color, document scanning and archiving will provide your company with four key benefits including:

  1. Saving on storage space
  2. Saving you time – better document organization and retrieval
  3. Saving you money – less overhead
  4. Immediate access to all versions (complete with all edits and highlighting)

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B&W printed construction plans

B&W CAD Printing & Document Distribution

A CAD drawing printing service might not be the first idea that comes to mind when the time comes to print and distribute blueprints and other vital information about your construction project. However, overall, a professional CAD printing service can be your most economical choice.

Whether your CAD drawing print sizes need to be 8.5” x 11” or table-sized blueprint reproductions, PRI Graphics’ CAD drawing printing service in Phoenix can offer you the speed, economy, and significant quality you are looking for. Read more

Construction safety signage attached to a chainlink fence.

Architecture and Construction Graphics Printing

Major renovations, new construction sites, and even road construction all require construction graphics and signage not only to inform but also to help keep employees and the public safe.

Construction graphics are essential for busy and sometimes even confusing construction sites. Architecture and construction signage can be printed to provide workers, visitors, delivery people, and the unsuspecting public with clear information regarding the project and how to remain safe.

Developers and project owners will also use construction graphics as sales tools, compliance statements, and as advertising and promotional pieces. Read more

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What is Document Distribution?

In construction and engineering, a document distribution system is one that organizes, manages, and circulates important documents for all parties involved.

In the life of any engineering or construction project, many revisions and updates will be made. All changes and all versions of important documents must be cataloged, stored, and accessible at all times.

Therefore, architectural and engineering firms, as well as construction companies, will often rely on their professional printers for document management and storage. Read more