Examples of Direct to Substrate printing

What is Direct to Substrate Printing?

What is Direct to Substrate Printing? Direct to substrate printing is a process that applies images directly to the substrate surface. In printing, a substrate is the base material that the image will be printed on such a plastic film, glass, paper, or other textile products as in canvas printing. Before the advent of substrate printing, […]

Desk showing examples of Suntec printed logos on letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etd.

How to Choose Paper for Printing Your Next Project

Clients often ask us how to choose paper for printing. It’s best to always keep the end use and the project purpose in mind when choosing paper type for printing.

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics offer the following tips on how to choose paper for printing and what different types of paper are available. Read more

Creating & Preparing Print Ready Files

Preparing print ready files for digital printing simply means getting your files ready for print.

The digital files must contain all the necessary specifications for optimal printing without the need for any additional adjustments or changes. If a print shop has to fix files before printing there may be an additional cost. Preparing print ready files alleviates frustration, saves time, and is much more cost effective. Read more

Latex Printing vs Solvent Printing

The Difference Between
Latex vs Solvent Printing

Let’s look at latex vs solvent printing and how they are different.

What is latex printing?

As the successor to solvent-based technology, latex printing has wider applications, offering quicker turnaround times and superior quality output.

Latex ink printing also has no lengthy curing requirements so the profit potential is greater. The colors are solid, the consistency outstanding, and latex ink printing does a spectacular job since it can be printed on an assortment of coated or uncoated substrates and media. Read more

Does Paper Affect Print Quality?

The answer to the question, “Does paper quality affect printing?” is yes. Paper does indeed affect print quality since all paper is not created equal; and that’s a good thing!

The chemistry inherent on the surface of paper has a direct affect on the paper’s printability, its gloss, and its waterproofing qualities.

If you’ve ever tried to use the specific paper recommended for most laser and inkjet printers you might have noticed a considerable difference in the color output, specifically the clarity. Read more

Understanding Printing Terms

Difference in Printing Booklets, Brochures, Flyers, Etc

In this post we’ll look at some common questions and printing terms that our Phoenix AZ printing team often gets asked about. For instance, “What’s the difference between printing booklets, brochures, flyers, and mailers?”

Yes, these are all similar promotional materials used by businesses, schools, charities, and other organizations, but there seems to be some confusion on the purpose of each and when to use each media. Read more

Professional Printer Maintenance Contracts – Benefits

How Much Money Can You Save?

Talk to us about PRI Graphics’ Printer Maintenance Contracts and On Site Printer Services for Your Office.

Many medium and large sized companies are discovering the cost saving benefits of organizing a printer maintenance service agreement for on-site printer services in their offices.

Office and equipment managers can actually gain more control over cost, reliability, and functionality of their printers by hiring an outside company to regularly maintain printing equipment. Read more

Infographic Digital Printing & Large Format Technology

The world of large format printing and digital printing has witnessed a tremendous transformation thanks to new printing technology as the printing infographic below will show. We’ve witnessed an explosion of different kinds of digital works of arts, plus large format printing that feature many other forms of unique print designs.

Inevitably, the world of packaging and marketing has also transformed a great deal over the years. With the emerging printing technology, manufacturers and advertisers can enjoy high quality results in packaging, prototyping, and package proofing, while increasing visibility and returns. Read more

How Are Booklet and Brochure Printing Different?

A common question that we often get asked here at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ is “How are booklet and brochure printing different.”

For this post, we’ll also include flyers and mailer printing.

Booklet and Brochure Printing Differences

Yes, these are similar promotional materials used by businesses, schools, charities, and other organizations, but there seems to be some confusion on the purpose of each and when to use each media. Read more

What is Digital Printing vs Offset Printing?

Often, we’re asked to explain the pros and cons of digital vs offset printing so we asked our PRI Graphics printing experts in Phoenix Arizona to explain the differences.

Digital vs Offset Printing – What is Digital Printing

With digital printing, digital files are created on a computer using publishing software, photo software, or mapping software, and are then sent to the printer (over WiFi or Cat 5 cable) where the images, maps, or photos are transferred or printed onto paper and can be mounted or laminated. Both laser printers and inkjet printers can be referred to as digital printers. Read more