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May 24

What is Flatbed Digital Printing?

By PRI Graphics | Large Format

Staff operating a flatbed digital printer at PRI Graphics

What is flatbed digital printing is just one of the many questions about flatbed printing that we get here at PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona. Large format flatbed digital printing is simply the use of an inkjet printer to print on a variety of substrates of different sizes and materials that are not normally associated […]

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May 23

Types of Construction Sign Printing

By PRI Graphics | Large Format

Construction fence graphic for Personal Protection Equipment by PRI Graphics

Construction company signs. We’ve all seen them, the detour signs, the flag person signs, the fence wraps, and the temporary under construction signs that we come across whenever we approach a construction site. Along with construction company signs, in this blog, our PRI Graphics sign printing experts discuss all the different types of custom construction […]

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Jan 18

Top 10 Trends for 2019 Commercial Wall Coverings

By PRI Graphics | Large Format , Wallpaper Murals and Printing

Printed wall covering for Stantec by PRI Graphics

There’s a continuing trend towards the use of designer commercial wall coverings, murals, and commercial wall graphics in office and business settings. This continues to be fueled by the growing flexibility, functionality, and variety of wall coverings that have flooded the market. When it comes to style, color combinations, and unique designs for commercial wall […]

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Mar 09

Architecture and Construction Graphics Printing

By PRI Graphics | CAD Printing , Large Format

Major renovations, new construction sites, and even road construction all require construction graphics and signage not only to inform but also to help keep employees and the public safe. Construction graphics are essential for busy and sometimes even confusing construction sites. Architecture and construction signage can be printed to provide workers, visitors, delivery people, and the […]

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