Print Graphics for Restaurants & Hotels – 5 Critical Reasons

Restaurant Graphics & Hotel Graphics Printing Hotel and restaurant graphics are critical tools for hotels and restaurants looking to create a memorable experience for guests and customers. Graphics printing offers a unique opportunity to not only promote brand awareness and increase sales but also to improve customer satisfaction and reinforce the connection between the brand […]

Woman at a desk with a Christmas present

Christmas Printing Guide

Printing Ideas for the Holiday Season The holiday season is upon us, and the world of print is about to be hit with a snowplow of requests. It’s that time of year when everyone from families to businesses are needing greeting cards, gifts, and specialty printing. Getting that head start is key to ensuring a […]

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Types of Printing Products

Printing Product Questions to Ask When we ask clients about the types of printing products they want to be printed, most will be thinking of the end product and say they want a banner or brochure or pamphlets or flyers. However, as commercial printers, to give you what you truly need, we need to dig […]

Branding graphic with brand-related key phrases.

Benefits of Branding with Interior Graphics & Décor

Building the Brand with Interior Graphics Understanding the tremendous number of benefits of branding with interior graphics can help set your business apart from the rest. Your company image should be a top priority when it comes to running your business. With interior print graphics utilized in your workplace, you can start to set yourself […]

Crowed trade show floor.

Top 10 Must-Haves for Your Next Trade Show

The Print Essentials for Trade Shows and Expos No matter the size or location of the event, these top 10 must-haves are important to keep in mind for that next trade show or expo. Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or a large corporation, print displays and signage will help you stand out from […]

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Mesh Banners vs Vinyl Banners

Different Banner Types and What’s Best for Your Project Most people are familiar with vinyl banners but when it comes to mesh vs vinyl banners, they may not know which is better for their needs. Along with retractable banner printing, PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix also specializes in the printing of mesh banners and vinyl banners. In […]

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How Wholesale Printing Helps to Grow Your Business

Who Wholesale Printing Works Best For Let’s talk about how wholesale printing helps to grow your business. Every business is always looking for that advantage or “step ahead” moment or idea that will widen that gap between themselves and their competitors. For resellers, this can easily be done by pairing print graphics solutions with their […]

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Commercial Printing and How the Healthcare Industry Utilizes It

Healthcare Printing – How the Industry Handles Managed Print Services Healthcare printing is absolutely an essential service required in the healthcare industry for both medical and dental businesses. Though the U.S. government has encouraged healthcare providers to go more digital, still about 90% of healthcare providers are reliant on physical printing for handouts, mailing bills, […]

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Hotel & Tourism is Back… and Print is Needed

Hotel & Tourism Printing Read Time: 3 minutes Hotel & tourism printing is back and in a big, necessary way. Amid the 2020 pandemic and with Covid-19 placing a halt on travel and tourism for the unforeseeable future, the hospitality industry has been rocked to its core over these last two years. From restaurants to […]

Examples of Direct to Substrate printing

What is Direct to Substrate Printing?

What is Direct to Substrate Printing? Direct to substrate printing is a process that applies images directly to the substrate surface. In printing, a substrate is the base material that the image will be printed on such a plastic film, glass, paper, or other textile products as in canvas printing. Before the advent of substrate printing, […]