Advertising Benefits of Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Advertising vehicle graphics and wraps are an excellent way to promote your business, your brand, or an event. However, many people are not aware of the full benefits or ease of using car wraps.

In this article, our printing team at PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona highlight some of the unique benefits of custom vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps.

Perfect for Marketing powerful marketing and branding tools for fleet vehicles, custom vehicle graphics and wraps work for you every time one of your trucks, vans, or wrapped cars hit the road. Car wraps with bright coloured graphics draw attention, and your vehicles will stand out from your competitors every time.

Car Wraps Are Easy to Install

Decals, wraps and graphics cannot only be installed easily and quickly by a qualified person, but they can also be removed quite easily. This gives you much more flexibility when it comes to continuous marketing changes or upgrades.

Car Wraps Can Cost A Lot Less than A Paint Job

High end paint jobs are expensive and can cost up to three times as much as a custom vehicle wrap. Like many of our clients, you can consider installing vehicle graphics as an investment in your own, personal, rolling billboard. Your advertising on a full car wrap can potentially reach tens of thousands of potential customers.

Wraps Protect Your OEM Paint

You can advertise your business or brand with custom decals and wraps without having to worry about damaging your vehicle’s OEM paint job. The vinyl car wraps will protect your original paint from rocks and chips, thereby also improving your vehicle’s resale value, since vehicle graphics can easily be removed by a specialist without damaging the paint.

Car Wraps Are Removable

Launching a new local program for your business? Replacing your car wraps or vehicle graphics can be done for a fraction of what it would cost for traditional advertising (in almost any other medium). Applying new vehicle wraps will generate new interest in your business every time your re-wrapped vehicle rolls out onto the pavement.

Local Focus You Can’t Buy

Targeting a local market? Don’t underestimate the power of local branding with vehicle wraps, signs, and decals. Fleet vehicle graphics and wraps are the perfect form of advertising for business owners that live in the same area that they do business in.

No Downsides to Vehicle Graphics

There are so many good reasons to use a vehicle graphics printer to help promote your brand and products. Visit our Phoenix printers and ask us about car wraps or fence wraps to help promote your business or brand.

We can be reached locally at 602-393-3131 or by calling toll free at 1-877-409-8889. Visit our PRI Graphics printers in Phoenix, Arizona.


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5 FAQs About Fence Wrap Printing

Commonly used as construction site fence wraps, custom fence wrap printing is becoming more and more popular and serves two primary purposes:

  1. As fence wrap advertising to promote a company or event
  2. Or as a fence wrap for privacy

Vinyl fence wrap printing can be applied to fences and scaffolding, as well as to the sides of buildings, and they can be printed with full color images, company logos and your text message. And not unlike vehicle wraps, fence wraps can also act as temporary fence wraps or as more permanent installations.

For more information, see our web page on Printing Construction Site Signage.

Are you looking for fence wrap banners to promote an event, as advertising, or to temporarily disguise a construction project? Or, do you require a more permanent fence wrap for privacy purposes?

Regardless, in this post our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics will answer the top five questions we get asked most about custom fence wrap printing.

What Kind of Material Can Be Used for Fence Wrap Printing?

Custom fence wrap printing can be accomplished on a variety of materials. While vinyl fence wraps are the most common, we can also print graphics and text on Vinyl Mesh, Polymesh (polyester based materials) and Polyknit. Deciding on which material is most applicable for your situation will depend on a range of factors. Some material completely blocks the view, and other materials have micro-holes to allow for some light penetration and to account for movement on windy days.

What Can Be Printed on Fence Wrap Advertising?

Whether it’s fence mesh wraps, fence wrap banners, or vinyl fence wraps you need, you can pretty much print almost anything you want on them. From complex graphical designs to company logos, instructional text, directional signage, full-colour photographs, and project development renderings; any kind of printing is possible.

What Suggestions Do You Have for Fence Wrap Printing?

If you are unsure of what kind of fence wraps you need, don’t worry. Our Phoenix printers can show you plenty of examples for the types of projects we’ve completed and help you decide what might be the best way to approach your specific fence wrap idea. Depending on your project, we can also help you decide on if you need wind-slots, mesh fabric, opaque fabric, etc.

Do You Offer In-House Design?

If you already have your graphic design in hand, that’s great. But if you need help, PRI Graphics also has a full service in-house graphics design department. Along with custom fence wrap printing we can also help you design and create exactly what you need for your fence wrap advertising. If you are a retailer, ask us about retail store graphics design.

Can My Fence Wrap Be Double Sided?

While double sided fence wraps are not as common, we can certainly print what you need on both sides of the material. Our fence wraps are digitally printed so there are virtually no restrictions; when it comes to colors or design, your banner can be as simple or as complex as you need.

Still Have Questions?

For more information and advice on custom fence wrap printing in Arizona, give our Phoenix printers a call at any time, toll free at 877-409-8889.

See examples on Pinterest.


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Color Presentation Printing

Why Presentation Printing in Color Is Better

If you are attempting to use printed material to attract new customers or to inform existing and potential customers of your products, services, or events, color presentation printing is well worth considering.

Presentations printed in color tend to receive much better attention and response than if printed in traditional black and white.

If you are concerned about potential customers remembering the name of your business, or the service, product, or event you are promoting, keep in mind that color presentation printing can:

  • Elevate your customer motivation by up to 80%
  • Increase brand recognition by approximately the same amount
  • Heighten target audience attention span and recall by as much as 82%

Moreover, if you are using a mailer to reach a new potential customer base, statistics show that 55% of people pick up full-color mailers.

How Is This Type of Printing Used?

Almost any promotional material that can be printed can also be printed in full color including:

  • Presentation board printing
  • Presentation folder printing
  • Presentation booklet printing
  • Presentation binder printing
  • Presentation poster printing
  • Presentation kit printing

As Phoenix printers, our printing experts at PRI Graphics can help you choose the best materials and layout for your potential clients or attendees. Whether you are planning a fundraiser, an IPO, or some other important event, you can enhance awareness by printing your presentation in color.

Colour presentation printing can be used for a whole range of other presentation products such as

  • Broadsheets
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Business Stationary
  • Catalogues
  • Counter Displays
  • Door Hangers
  • Flyers
  • Handbills
  • Handouts
  • Instructional Sheets
  • Labels
  • Lanyards
  • Leaflets
  • Mailers
  • Manuals
  • Menus
  • Packaging
  • Pamphlets
  • Postcards
  • Product Sheets
  • Rack Cards
  • Signage
  • Stand-Up Card

PRI Graphics also offers a wide range of substrates for custom color presentation printing and binding including coated paper, uncoated paper, and extensive range of card stocks.

Still Have Questions About
Color Presentation Printing?

If you are seeking high quality presentation printing and binding anywhere in Arizona, PRI Graphics in Phoenix or Mesa has the equipment and experience to print what you need.

Apart from exceptional color printing, we also offer graphic design and layout services for all of the products we print, making us your one-stop printing shop for all things color in Arizona.

Call our Phoenix printing company today toll free at 877-409-8889 or send us an email and ask us about color presentation printing services for your company or organization.

You can also reach us through our online contact form.


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Top 9 Vinyl Banner Printing Design Tips

Vinyl Banner Printing Tips

When it comes to the design, is important to focus on simplicity and contrast when vinyl banner printing.

After all, you usually only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention and to get them to read your message. If the text font is too small, the banner message will blend into the background. If there’s too much text it simply won’t get read and you’ve lost your opportunity.

PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ offers these nine custom vinyl banner design tips and considerations to think about before you print your next banner.

Tip #1 – Pick A Font Size That Is Big Enough

Think about the size and scale of your vinyl banner. How high and how far will your banner be posted? From what distance will you want people to be able to read the banner from? A general rule of thumb is 10 to 100 – 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of visibility.

And don’t forget that the faster the passing traffic is the larger the banner and font size needs to be. That is, your text font will need to be much bigger on a banner targeting freeway traffic compared to a banner targeting walkers in a park. Our Phoenix printing experts can help you pick the right size font to use on your banner to ensure that it is readable by your target audience.

Tip #2 – Choose Your Words Wisely

With vinyl banners, you have just a couple seconds to get your message across, if that. If the text can’t be read and understood in just a second or two you’ve lost the person’s attention. A general rule for using text on a banner is 3 by 5. In other words, simplicity is key – go for clarity and abide by the rules. There should 15 words or less on the banner:

  • Three lines of text with five words per line
  • Or five lines of text with three words per line

Tip #3 – Maximize Impact With Contrasting Colors

In order to make your vinyl banner clear and distinguishable in just a few seconds, pick color combinations that have maximum impact and are easy on the eyes, such as Black on White, or White on Blue.

Tip #4 – Think About The Banner’s New Backdrop

Knowing the background color of where your banner will be posted – such as a forest background, a brick wall, or a temporary fence – will help you pick out contrasting colors and graphics for your banner that will stand out. A thick white or black border around the edge of the banner may be needed to differentiate it from a busy backdrop. Remember, vinyl banner printing that stands out is much more likely to get noticed than one that blends in.

Tip #5 – Consider Double Sided/Double Exposure

Will people see the backside of your banner as well? If so, you may want to ask for double-sided vinyl banner printing so that your message is visible to traffic moving in both directions.

Tip #6 – Measure Mounting Location Size

Be sure to measure the area where you plan to hang the banner to make sure there is enough space, especially if you are ordering custom vinyl banner printing services for a special event like a community race or a reunion. There is nothing worse than going to hang up your banner and realizing that it is way too big, or on the other hand, looks way too small in such a large space.

Tip #7 – Size Up The Competition

If you are hanging your vinyl banner in an area with a lot of other signage around it you will need to figure out how to make your banner stand out above the rest. For example, you may need to make your banner bigger or your color more vibrant. It may be worth it to visit the location beforehand to see what the dominant colors are of the other signage so that you can choose the best contrasting colors.

Tip #8 – For Outside Use Utilize Wind Slits

If you are planning to use your custom vinyl banner outside it is important to get a weave or mesh banner that will allow the wind to flow through the banner. Strong winds can cause hanging issues and may even damage the banner. Mesh vinyl banner material is commonly used for large signs and for banners on fencing around special events.

Tip #9 – Options for Hanging Your Vinyl Banner

Consider the finishing options for your vinyl banner such as pole pockets and sewn-in ropes. This will make it easier to hang or mount your new banner properly. Reinforced grommets around the edge of the banner offer a flexible way to hang up a banner and can be utilized in multiple locations.

Still Have Questions about Vinyl Banner Printing?

Our vinyl banner printing experts at PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona can help you with other unique banner design and printing considerations including:

  • VINYL BANNER WEIGHT– Do you need a standard 13oz banner or does your application call for a heavier duty 23oz weight?
  • BANNER LIFESPAN – What is the best printing option for the duration you plan to use the banner? Is the banner for a single weekend event or do you plan to use it for an annual event or all season long?
  • BANNER GROMETS – Have you allowed room for the little-reinforced holes (grommets) around the edge of your banner so that they don’t interfere with your banner text or custom design?

Check out vinyl banners on Wikipedia for more information.

PRI Graphics offers large mesh and vinyl banner printing services throughout the Greater Phoenix area. We can custom design and print banners and canvas posters for all manner of applications including:

Sports Events                    Grand Openings

Music Events                     Construction Projects

Retail Advertising             Trade Shows

And so much more!

Learn More About Vinyl Banner Printing

To learn more, please visit our Vinyl and Mesh Banner page or speak with our Arizona printers directly by calling Toll Free 877-409-8889.


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Commercial Wallpaper Printing for Offices and Retailers

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics will discuss commercial wallpaper printing for retail and business use.

History of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around since the 18th century.

Artisans would develop a scene or pattern to be used and then carve woodcuts; relief blocks made of wood. Ink would then be rolled over the woodcuts, and these blocks would be pressed onto paper in repeated patterns to make the wallpaper. The patterned wallpaper would then be pasted to the wall, or hung loosely in tapestry style.

One of the earliest and largest known pictures printed in this manner was THE TRIUMPHAL ARCH, completed in 1515. Stretching 11.7 feet by 9.6 feet, it was a massive undertaking for the technology of the time, incorporating 192 individually printed sheets.

The inking process at the time only provided 1 color on the sheets. The first edition of 700 copies was often hand colored by staff at the palaces (or town halls) where the wallpaper was to be hung.

Here’s another interesting article that offers a Brief History of Wallpaper.

Commercial Wallpaper Printing

Fortunately, commercial wallpaper printing is a much easier process today.

Commercial wallpaper printers like PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ, can now easily help you create a digital scene that exemplifies your company, your products, your past achievements, your logo, or practically any graphic idea you can think of.

Commercial wall coverings can also include repeating patterns, photographs, vector drawings, or almost any other item that can be created digitally.

If you are stumped for commercial wallpaper printing ideas, consider browsing some of the online stock photo websites and find an image (or images) that are suitable for your project. Or, choose one of the many stock wallpaper murals. See this post for some wallpaper mural ideas.

Commercial Wallpaper Proofs

Once you’ve provided PRI Graphics with the content, the layout and proofing is next. Wallpaper proofs are created to provide you with an opportunity to ensure your satisfaction with the design, color, pattern, and brightness.

Once approved, your commercial wallpaper printing can then be completed using water-based, eco-friendly UV ink printing that lasts up to five times longer than painted walls.

Have More Questions About Commercial Wallpaper?

Set your creative juices free and consider a commercial wallpaper printing for your business and design a mural that will bring some life and color to almost any wall size within your office or commercial business.

Talk to our PRI Graphics printing experts to discuss your commercial wallpaper needs including permanent and temporary wallpaper installations (ideal for events and special promotions).

If you have any further questions about commercial wallpaper printings for your office, commercial building, or special event setup, call our Arizona printers Toll Free at 877-409-8889 or email PRI Graphics in Phoenix.

Trade Show Graphics Ideas

Let Your Trade Show Booth
Do the Marketing for You

For many businesses, trade shows and trade show graphics are necessities. It’s also true that at every trade show event, you and your coordinators are probably looking at the other venders to see what they are doing, in the hopes of finding more great trade show booth ideas that attract visitors.

In this blog article by PRI Graphics, we’ll look at some creative trade show graphics ideas so you have options for making a great first impression at your next trade show including:

  • Table Covers
  • Banners
  • Display Stands
  • Signs

Make a Visual Impact & Great First Impression

Trade show booths with visual impact create a buzz, drawing in trade show attendees. While many attendees come to the trade show with a list of booths they wish to visit, they will still make their way around the trade show floor in search of products and services that will enhance their own businesses.

You can capture their attention with the help of great trade show graphics. While bright graphics and incredible photos will always demand the attention of attendees, here are some other great trade show graphics ideas you might want to consider.

Trade Show Table Covers

Your trade show cover doesn’t necessarily have to be a crisp white tablecloth. With today’s technology, printing trade show table covers is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your brand or message. Your trade show table cover can even be printed to match your business stationery and display your logo, products, or services. Table covers are positioned at a very effective height for people to easily view as they walk through a trade show.

Trade Show Display Stands and Backdrops

Display stands and backdrops are available in a variety of styles with everything from tabletop displays and wall panels (that are Velcro-receptive), to portable truss systems and pop up displays. If you’ve already invested in a display stand system keep in mind that you can still have new trade show banners, stretch fabrics, and vinyl graphics custom printed to add new life to your existing display stands. PRI Graphics in Phoenix, AZ, can help you with custom trade show graphics ideas for your display stands!

Trade Show Banners

Today, it’s possible for your local printer to help you create some pretty amazing trade show display banners and retractable banners that are sure to impress your booth visitors. Retractable banner stands can be printed affordably and are easy to transport, easy to set up and take down, and will even save you time and money when compared to printing and setting up other types of display stands and backdrops. In fact, retractable banners are easily interchangeable so you can present an impressive display that meets the requirements of each specific trade show you attend.

Trade Show Signs

There are lots of wonderful possibilities when it comes printing trade show exhibit signs. Whether you need custom printed hanging signs, booth backdrop signs, backlit signs, tabletop display signs, pop up signs, retractable signs, or even removable trade show floor signs, your local printing company can help you explore many great trade show sign graphics ideas to help you effectively get your message and brand across.


PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona has years of knowledge and experience and we’d love to share our trade show graphics ideas with you. Talk with our Phoenix graphic designers and printers well in advance of your trade shows so we can help you create a series of great trade show graphics and signs that are not only complimentary for your business, but will create a lasting first impression on your potential customers and potential business partners at trade shows.

This Event Manager blog offers more great trade show booth ideas.

To find out more about how PRI Graphics can help, contact us toll free at 1-877-409-8889 or use our online contact form.


More Articles About Large Format Printing:

The Art of Large Format Printing by PRI Graphics

Large format printing isn’t possible using professional small format printers similar to the desktop models that are found in many offices.

Although most jobs can be done with flatbed digital printing, others that demand larger formats with superior printing quality will require the services of professional printing companies like PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona.

PRI Graphics utilizes wide format printers that can print in color or black and white. Both offer superior product and print quality.

We are also able to print onto various types of unique printing materials that extend beyond paper, such as vinyl, metal, glass, fabric, canvas, wood, and many other unique materials.

When you need to print larger surfaces or materials, this type of printing is the most common option that yields affordable, professional, high quality results.

What Is Large Format Printing?

These services are utilized when we need to apply ink to a large surface area, such as a banner, a window graphic, or blueprints.

  • WIDE FORMAT PRINTING – prints on materials that range in size from 18 – 100 inches.
  • SUPER WIDE or GRAND FORMAT PRINTING – prints on materials that extend beyond 100 inches.

Some of these printing machines operate in a fashion similar to desktop-style inkjet printers but on a much larger scale. Other large format printers use different techniques to achieve professional results on different types of surfaces and substrates.

See our post on How Flatbed Printing Works.

What Large Format Printing Can Be Used For

PRI Graphics offers specialized printing services for clients throughout Arizona. This type of specialized printing has many applications for both personal and professional use. Here are some examples of the Different Types of Printing possible:

Generally speaking, printing is done on paper and cardboard materials but other printing materials may include foam board, PVC piping, metal, canvas, fabric, and other material types used for dramatic effect.

What are the Different Types of Wide Format Printing?

With so many different ways that larger prints can be utilized in professional and private environments, there are numerous printing types and ink types that are used to achieve the desired results.

Quality printing is usually achieved through aqueous ink transfer or non-water-based ink transfer processes:

1. Aqueous Ink Transfer Printing – Fade Resistant UV Ink

With aqueous ink transfer processes, dye or UV ink may be used to achieve beautiful results. UV ink is designed so that it will not fade when exposed to UV light, so it may be more suitable for use in outdoor applications. All aqueous printing projects must generally be coated so that the material holds onto the ink.

2. Non-Water-Based Ink Transfer Printing – Durable Results

Non-water-based ink transfer processes generally yield more durable results, but that can be odorous because they use solvents. Typically, solvents are used when non-paper products must be printed on. For example, glass and ceramics, metal, and wood are common materials used during this large format printing processes.

Our team of professional printers at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ can help you to determine which type of printing services can be most beneficial for your current needs. We employ a wide range of techniques for oversized printing to meet the unique needs of our clients, with quick turnaround times.

For more information on large format printing please contact us online, or call our Phoenix print shop Toll Free at 1-877-409-8889 to speak directly with our printing experts.


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Top Store Design Printing Trends to Consider

Thanks to the ever expanding Internet and new printing technology, storefront graphics like bannerswall graphics and window graphics are no longer just being compared to your competitors in the same mall, but to other retailers and close competitors online and across the globe.

Fortunately, this brings you many advantages as you can borrow, rearrange, and expand upon great printing ideas that you see emerging in other cities and countries, long before other local retailers that share the same location with you.

Here are four emerging printing trends that our print experts at PRI Graphics have noticed in terms of creating a commanding storefront presence and how you can use digital printing and large format printing to build your company branding and improve your bottom line.

Trend 1: Match Your Storefront Graphics to Your Online Presence

These days, the products, merchandise, and services that you offer (as a business or non-profit organization) can be seen virtually anywhere as people click through their tablet computer or cell phone to see what is available on your website. In fact, many customers will likely look at your website not only for the products or services you offer, but also for directions or store hours even before they visit you in person.

With the wonders of modern graphics and printing technology, it is easy to connect your online and off-line stores with similar colors, branding, and graphics to enhance the overall impression that you wish to present. How you design your store and furnish your space is central to everything that you communicate directly to your customers.

Whether your customers are visiting online, or visiting in person at your brick and mortar store, your goal is to make their shopping experience as cohesive, easy, and as pleasant as possible.

Trend 2: Storefront Graphics Design Ideas that Target Customer Needs

Your customer should determine your storefront design. By way of mixing your storefront banners, window graphics, vinyl graphics, and wall graphics, you are planning to appeal directly to your customers.

Thanks to today’s affordable printing technology, and all the options available through PRI Graphics, your Phoenix AZ printers, many retail store owners are choosing to replace their images and graphics presentations more regularly. The trend is to utilize more unique storefront design ideas incorporating individual parts that are compatible with your overall brand, future presentation, and products and services. This way, you can mix and match, renovate, and remodel your storefront in a short timescale with as little effort as possible.

Trend 3: Don’t Stray from Brand Recognition

Remember that although modern printing technologies and opportunities to quickly change your storefront appearance are easy, your branding and logos need to remain congruent and constant. Your customers need to easily recognize you – think, for instance, of the McDonald’s ‘M’ or the Coca-Cola logo. How can your storefront appearance evolve while your brand recognition stays the same, without confusing customers?

Any changes to your storefront graphics must be consistent with your brand and yet fresh and exciting, making the most of store design trends that are popular around the world – and from your competitors.

Trend 4: Power Shift from Retailer to Customer

Unless you are in a very niche market, your customers have increasing online shopping options that shifts the power away from you (the retailer) over towards the customer. In this way the retail store is no longer thought of as a collection point for products, but a full service of persuasion and enticement, service, and communication.

Ask Us About Store Design Trends and Printing

Stay ahead of the competition and talk through and discuss your storefront graphics design ideas with PRI Graphics’ graphic designers located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our designers and printers understand what new ideas and facilities are available, and may even present a design that you had never thought of.

By being in sync with your graphics designer, you will be ready to act quickly, to pull customers from outside to inside your store, or entice them online and within in a short space of time.

PRI Graphics’ environmental graphics and wayfinding signs can appeal to both the intellectual and emotional side of your target audience.

For more information or for more storefront design ideas, please contact PRI Graphics by calling toll free (MST) at 1-877-409-8889 or complete our online contact form.

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What is UV Ink Curing in Printing?

You may have heard that Phoenix printers PRI Graphics now has UV curable ink printers…but what is UV ink printing and what does it mean for your next large format print job?

Ultra violet curing (UV curing) is a green technology that uses a photomechanical process to instantly dry ink after printing. This means that you can print on virtually any type of non absorbing material including glass, wood, metal, vinyl materials, and more. With UV curable ink, the ink isn’t absorbed by the material so there’s no smudging and no need for additional costly coatings.

Another great thing about UV cured inks is that they are weather-resistant and are not prone to fading. There are no solvents, no evaporation and it’s a low temperature process.

Basically, the exposure to UV energy triggers a chemical reaction and causes the ink to instantly harden and is a much better alternative to solvent-based ink products. UV ink is not only used by local print shops like us but also in all kinds of industries including automotive, electronics, telecommunications, and more.

UV Curable Ink Printing Advantages

The top UV ink benefits to consider include:

  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Better chemical and solvent resistance
  • Superior bonding
  • Eco-friendly – no emissions
  • Improved gloss
  • Superior outdoor durability

Durable UV curable ink dries or cures instantaneously and is already dry when it comes out of the printer. This makes it ideal for printing on outdoor banners including mesh banners. For more information, see our article on mesh banners vs. vinyl banners.

Your Trusted Large Format Printers in Arizona

PRI Graphics uses UV curable ink for all our large format vinyl graphics as an eco-friendly and superior print product for all our customers throughout Phoenix, Arizona. From wall graphics to product decals to school logos, you too can benefit from our long lasting durable print graphics for even the most demanding applications.

For more information, please visit our Vinyl Graphics page or speak with our Arizona printers directly by calling Toll-Free 1-877-409-8889 or send us an email.

Rock Your Next Trade Show Booth with Custom Display Graphics

If you need trade show displays or help with creating stand-out booth graphics, standees, or show banners, PRI Graphics in Phoenix or can help you get ready for your next big trade show.

Trade Show Displays that Get Noticed

We offer custom design and printing services for trade show displays. We can help you with exceptional trade show booth display panels that will capture attendees’ attention and draw them in. Make sure your trade show booth is working harder than ever to promote your business, products, and/or services.

In this post, our PRI Graphics print specialists will offer some display graphics tips and tricks for creating custom display graphics that you can use to start putting together the best trade show booth ever!

Claim Your Space With An Oversized Trade Show Banner Design

A large background is the ideal location for trade show displays. Consider custom printing a canvas or vinyl backdrop banner with your logo and/or branding message. Like the retractable banners, these will help customize your booth and fill in the big empty spaces. Most likely, it will also be the most visible and noticeable sign from a distance. Remember, if you are a fairly new company or a new player at the trade show, attendees may not recognize your logo or brand. Add something to your trade show banners to help attendees know what you’re about and why they should stop at your booth.

Invest In An Easy Setup Trade Show Retractable Banner

Don’t settle for a boring blue or black backdrop in your trade show booth. Make the most of your real estate by adding retractable banners that brand your booth with a lasting impression. Retractable banners are easy to pack along (as they roll down into the base) and are very quick and easy to set up.

Cut Out Standee Graphics – Trade Show Displays that Stand Out

People are naturally drawn to faces so why not use a life size cut out standee to attract their gaze and pull them into your trade show booth. PRI Graphics can help you design a cut out standee that will offer a unique three-dimensional aspect to your display booth, something that very few other display booths will probably have. Ask our Phoenix printers and designers for these and other great trade show booth ideas that will showcase your business and brand. Incorporate a cut out standee in your next trade show booth.

Set Out Take-Home Brochures and Pamphlets

Once someone stops at your booth they will likely feel most comfortable browsing any brochures or pamphlets you have set out. After discussing how you could potentially meet their needs, it’s a good idea to give them a pamphlet or brochure to take home so that they can remember what you offer. Consider adding a QR code to your printed trade show hand outs that the attendee can scan with their smartphone and automatically go to your website, video, or contact information, etc.

Consider Branded Trade Show Table Covers

There’s no need to use the plain white table throw provided by the venue. Talk to PRI Graphics about printed trade show table covers in a variety of available colors, and further reinforce your branding with custom logo printing.

Make Sure You Are Stocked Up On Business Cards

Be sure to be well stocked with business cards for every person working your trade show booth. After speaking with attendees, it’s always good to give them your contact information so they can get in touch with you again. There is no good reason to run out of business cards at a trade show when turn around times and costs of printing are so minimal today.

Don’t Forget Your SWAG…Add A Smile with Your Promotional Hand Outs

Studies show that trade show attendees are more likely to stop at display booths when they are handing out promotional items. Add something extra to entice people to stop by – whether it’s candy, a drink, a small printed promotional product like a USB stick, a coupon for their next purchase, or even a small gift card for Starbucks. Make sure your printed promotional items are different than everyone else’s and will be useful enough for the person to make a point to come to your display booth and want one.

A friendly smiling face accompanying the display booth is also a must. Be approachable and personable. Know how to break the ice with people who may be a little hesitant to stop. When all else fails, simply smile!

Additional Factors that Influence Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show displays are essential, but there are other environmental factors you may want to consider that will affect the success of your trade show booth including:

  • LIGHTING – Do you need extra lights to showcase your trade show banners or signs?
  • SIGHT – What will attendees see when they look at your booth? Are your signs too high, too low, or too small?
  • HEIGHT – Are the signs at your booth visible from further away?
  • TECHNOLOGY – Do you want to make your display booth interactive, with videos playing or even a WiFi or charging station?
  • SOUND – Can you have a conversation or is it too noisy? Retractable banners and other items can help break up the noise between display booths.

Keep the creative juices flowing and check out our Trade Show Graphics Video to see just a small sample of our graphics and trade show displays in use at trade shows across North America!

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