Example of vehicle wrap on a van for Norris Air

Branding with Vehicle Wraps, Signs & Decals

Boost Your Brand Identity with Innovative Vehicle Wraps, Signs, and Decals You might have observed several businesses, possibly even your direct competitors, leveraging the power of vehicle wraps and custom car decals as a part of their branding strategy. If you’re considering this dynamic form of advertising for your company vehicles (or even your personal […]

Printed signage for a mall kiosk.

What Are the Different Types of Printing?

Exploring the Diverse World of Printing: An In-Depth Look at Modern Printing Techniques In an increasingly digitized world, the art and science of printing continue to evolve, adapting to the latest advancements in technology while retaining traditional techniques. Phoenix-based PRI Graphics & Signs, a leading provider in this space, brings to its clientele an extensive […]

Man putting finishing touches on a large format printing project

The Art of Large Format Printing

Mastering the Art of Large Format Printing: An Up-to-Date Perspective Large format printing, contrary to common belief, can’t be accomplished with professional small format printers like the desktop versions commonly found in office settings. Although flatbed digital printing can fulfill many printing demands, certain requirements such as larger formats and superior printing quality necessitate the […]

Example of illuminated backlit display sign

How Are Illuminated Backlit Display Signs Made?

The Making of Backlit Signs: The Luminary Art Form Revolutionizing Business Advertising Do you ever wonder how businesses create vibrant, eye-catching signs that stay illuminated day and night? The magic is all in the technique of making backlit signs, an art form rapidly gaining traction in the world of business promotion. Backlit signs, predominantly large […]

Example of the 3 layers of mounted prints: Mount, Print, and Lamination

Mounted Prints – Photos, Posters, Art, Signage, Etc.

Understanding the Application of Mounted Prints When one enters a corporate office or commercial space, it’s common to find oneself surrounded by large format mounted prints. These aren’t just visually appealing elements; they are an integral part of promotional strategies for various events, such as trade shows. In this article, we delve into the evolution […]

Trade show standees with full color banners

Types of Construction Sign Printing

Whenever we pass a construction site, we invariably encounter an array of construction company signs. From detour alerts and flag person indicators to temporary fence wraps and ‘under construction’ announcements, these signs play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and efficiency on a construction site. In this article, our seasoned professionals at PRI Graphics & […]

Construction safety signage attached to a chainlink fence.

Architecture and Construction Graphics Printing

In a world where construction is an ever-evolving field, construction graphics and signage remain a constant necessity. Serving not just as navigational aids, but also as essential safety measures and marketing tools. They guide workers, visitors, and the public through often bustling and complex construction sites, making sure everyone is well-informed and safe. Furthermore, these […]

Welcome to Masters advertising banner

Top 9 Vinyl Banner Printing Design Tips

Leveraging the power of design, simplicity, and contrast can greatly optimize the effectiveness of vinyl banner printing. Capturing attention within those fleeting moments when a potential viewer glances at your banner is critical. A font that’s too small can result in your message blending into the background, while excessive text could deter readers due to […]

Marketing banner for summer events.

Custom Printing Ideas for Marketing Your Summer Event

As you plan to market and promote your upcoming summer event, are you considering integrating some innovative custom printing strategies? While digital marketing has become the norm in this digital age, the efficacy of tailored printed materials remains substantial, especially when combined with online strategies. Despite the surge in digital marketing, many businesses overlook the […]

Sample of a printed Wedding Invitation

What is White Ink Printing?

Harnessing the Power of Digital White Ink Printing: A Leap into Tomorrow’s Technology Did you know that recent advancements in digital white ink printing technology now allow us to create vivid designs on dark paper and materials? Until a short time ago, printing with white ink remained a challenge. Most inks used in offset printing […]