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Revitalizing Your Summer Event Marketing with Cutting-edge Custom Printing Strategies

Read time: 5 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: June 14th, 2023

As you plan to market and promote your upcoming summer event, are you considering integrating some innovative custom printing strategies? While digital marketing has become the norm in this digital age, the efficacy of tailored printed materials remains substantial, especially when combined with online strategies.

Despite the surge in digital marketing, many businesses overlook the impact of traditional promotional methods. Your website or social media channels are valuable tools, but an integrated approach combining them with traditional marketing can help you maximize your outreach.

Contrary to common belief, print advertising continues to command substantial influence on consumer behavior, and custom marketing materials can provide an invaluable touchpoint. The under-utilized nature of custom printing can give you a competitive edge, helping your event to stand out amidst the crowded digital space.

For businesses planning a summer event, our team of seasoned printing professionals at PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix, Arizona, is here to guide you. We’re presenting a host of custom printing ideas to complement your online marketing efforts.

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Expanding Reach with Custom Printed Brochures

Numerous summer events necessitate comprehensive information or visual aids for effective communication and compelling calls to action. Custom printed brochures serve as a tangible promotional tool that your audience can engage with at their convenience.

Position printed brochures at strategic locations that your target audience frequents. They can also be mailed directly or distributed during the event to keep attendees informed about the event’s agenda. For design inspiration, you might want to visit our blog post on Creative Brochure Design Ideas.

Custom-printed brochures often become keepsakes for attendees and suppliers, ensuring that your promotional material continues to market your brand long after the event concludes.

Bifold brochure mockup for Cannon Beach resort.

Personalize Outreach with Custom Printed Postcards

Successful businesses understand the individuality of each customer, offering diverse channels for engagement and communication.

When reaching out to a business, the contemporary consumer expects a variety of options, such as phone calls, emails, online forms, and social media platforms. Custom-printed postcards enable you to share vital details about your event while conveying your availability through all contact channels. Postcards are an effective, visually appealing alternative to standard mailers.

Custom-printed postcards can foster a sense of inclusion among your audience, particularly when personalized for each recipient.

Two flyers: You Had Me At TO GO and 12 & Under Kids Meal pricing

Capture Memories with Custom Vinyl Banners

As you brainstorm printing ideas, consider the ubiquitous trend of selfies. A custom vinyl banner can serve dual purposes – advertising your event and providing an appealing backdrop for attendees’ photos.

These banners, updated annually for recurring events, can be used both indoors and outdoors, given their weatherproof nature. To learn more about creating engaging banners, check our blog post on Vinyl Banner Printing Tips.

Enhance the Experience with Environmental Wall Graphics Printing

Despite often being underutilized, environmental graphics play a significant role in any event’s success.

This genre encompasses more than just way-finding systems, extending to on-site signage, custom exhibit designs, themed graphics, mapping, and identity graphics. We even offer custom precision cutting services to help you truly personalize your environmental graphics. They help attendees navigate the venue while adding visual appeal and reinforcing your brand identity.

Looking for More Custom Printing Marketing Ideas?

Our team is ready to assist if you’re seeking further advice on custom event printing or need more marketing ideas. We are adept at boosting our clients’ promotional efforts through integrated strategies.

Reach our PRI Graphics Phoenix team at 602-393-3131 or email us. For those outside Phoenix, we are available toll-free at 1-877-409-8889.

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