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How to Give a Great Presentation Using Visuals

Presentation Visuals Help Make your Central Theme Memorable

One of the key elements in how to give a great presentation and making it memorable is telling a good story using effective presentation visuals.

Everyone loves a good story. However, the second key point to remember for a great presentation is to inspire the audience to take action.

Along with knowing your audience, using repetition, and being relatable, most experts agree that it is imperative to use effective presentation visuals to convey your story. Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners?

Including highly effective presentation visuals like graphs, charts, and printed graphics (or images) will help make your central message more memorable and relatable.

In this post, our Phoenix printers will offer a few other helpful tips on how to give a great presentation. We will also show you how to use highly effective presentation visuals and other digital printing to get your audience to take action.

Aural Recall, Visual Recall & Audience Engagement

Audience members will recall about 25% of any vocal presentation, whereas presentation visuals can increase listener engagement by as much as 94%. You can also use black and white or full-color presentation graphics to structure your presentation and build on your ideas.

Here’s how to make a great presentation using highly effective presentation visuals and other printed graphics:

  • Determine one key idea, theme, or central message that you want to convey
  • Build your presentation around this one key point and focus on the audience’s needs
  • Break up the message into subsequent smaller points and arrange them into an organized structure so that each section builds on the one before it
  • Frame your arrangement into a story with appropriate visual clues that inspire and are memorable
  • Finish with a presentation visual that supports your call-to-action – show the audience what you want them to do next

Throughout our day we will absorb 90% of the information we gather through our eyes. When giving a presentation, try and keep written text to the very minimum necessary.

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Using Characters To Tell Your Story

Products, objects, and statistics may be essential to your presentation but by themselves, they can be boring. However, behind every point you are trying to make in a presentation is a person whose goal, vision, or action had something to do with it.

Use real characters to back up the points you are trying to make.

For instance, if you are introducing a new product then someone must have done the market research. If sales are up, then your customers and employees had something to do with it. If you have a new service or program, then someone had to develop it. If you are referring to a segment of the population or market (demographic), then choose an individual (character) to represent that segment.

Stories always involve characters. Structure your presentation around the people involved. Develop the characters of your story and you’ll discover one of the best techniques you can use to make your presentation more memorable. Using characters to tell a story is a technique employed by some of the best speakers and politicians. It will work for you too!

Stories Have Timelines

Giving your story a timeline will also make it memorable. You can engage your audience by showing them where things were at, where they are now, and where you see things going. Timelines pull your story forward. They also need to be relatable, so expressing how you feel about it (or how your central characters feel about it) can help make it real.

Stories Involve Conflict and Change

Stories have a beginning, middle, and an end. Somewhere along the way, there’s a conflict that leads to a shift or change. Something happens to your central characters – a want or need is finally met. It’s this change that every audience waits for and finds rewarding. And usually, the change is the most memorable part of the story.

Once you define the need (what needs to be overcome) you can discuss the obstacles and the change necessary to meet these challenges. Challenges create tension, which audiences find intriguing. Your audience will feel rewarded when the challenges are resolved. People anticipate and expect a successful outcome and they become emotionally invested when you can deliver it to them.

Show Your Story As You Tell It

Remember that 65% of the population are visual learners. Seeing is believing and an effective presentation visual will create an emotional reaction. Use presentation visuals like printed graphics and images to you show your audience what your key points look like. Visual clues can also be used as metaphors to help an audience visualize and get a mental picture of what you are trying to convey.

End Your Story With A Call To Action

Every presentation has a fundamental message. Once you have successfully conveyed that message what do you want your audience to do?

The beginning and end of a presentation are what people remember most. But just making a memorable final statement isn’t enough. If your presentation is successful, you will have left your audience wanting more.

Be sure to give them the means to find out more. End your presentation with one final highly effective presentation visual that includes a call-to-action so that your audience can take the next step. This is also something to consider when creating Retail Store Graphics.

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The American Association for the Advancement of Science offers some additional great pointers in their communication toolkit entitled, Using Visuals in Presentations.