Indoor private club pool with signage on the columns.

Swimming Pool Safety Signs – What You Need to Know

Read time: 4 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: June 1st, 2023

Enhancing Pool Safety with Adequate Signage: What’s Changed and What You Should Know

As the sweltering days of summer roll in, it’s timely to focus our attention on swimming pool safety signs. It’s crucial to not only ensure our swimming pools are fun, refreshing escapes from the heat, but also safe and secure environments. Not unlike construction signage, pool safety if paramount, especially in light of the ever-evolving regulations and rising insurance trends.

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The Importance of Pool Safety Signage

In an era where swimming pools and spas are increasingly becoming part and parcel of residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, the role of pool safety signs cannot be overstated. Arizona law, mandates the installation of a variety of pool safety signs when a swimming pool or spa is accessible to the public.

Furthermore, these signs are critical to increasing awareness about potential dangers and rules that might impact individuals while using the pool. They play a significant role in mitigating liability claims against pool owners. Also, more of a benefit as a crucial consideration in an age of heightened litigation awareness. It’s also important to make sure you have weatherproof signage.

How to Implement Pool Safety Signs

When embarking on the journey of organizing your pool safety signage, it always good to keep in mind of the following. A good starting point is engaging with a trusted local sign printing company such as PRI Graphics in Phoenix. Their team of experienced graphic designers and project managers can provide insights into Arizona’s rules and regulations. Doing so will ensure your signs are not just compliant, but effective too.

One of PRI Graphics’ specialties is printing large format signs and site graphics. Meaning, we are well-equipped to guide you on the necessary materials to ensure your pool safety signs meet Arizona’s state laws and can withstand the test of time.

Indoor swimming pool with safety signage on the columns.

The Necessity of Safety Signs

In the US alone, there are around 7 million hot tubs and 9 million public and residential swimming pools. Additionally, these staggering numbers highlight the urgent need for standards, rules, and regulations.

Mandatory Signs as per Arizona State Law

Here are some essential pool safety signs required by Arizona state law for all public, commercial, and residential pools:

  • No Diving Sign: For pools less than 5 feet deep that do not meet the Arizona administration code – a no diving sign featuring an internationally recognizable symbol is mandatory.
  • Danger Chlorine Sign: Chlorine is a common component in swimming pools. In response, a ‘danger’ sign indicating the potential risks associated with chlorine gas is essential. This sign must be placed on the chlorine room’s door with letters that are 3 inches or larger.
  • Swimming Pool Rules Sign: This sign must be posted within 50 feet of the pool and in a highly visible area. It includes directives like using the toilet and shower before swimming. Also, warnings against swimming with a cold, open wounds, or contagious conditions.
  • Swim at Your Own Risk Sign: This sign is especially relevant for non-commercial pools without a lifeguard on duty. It informs users to swim at their own risk and stresses the necessity of adult supervision for children using the pool.

Additionally, pool owners may also consider other signs like Pool Safety Equipment Sign and Pool Safety CPR Sign to enhance safety levels.

Leverage the Expertise of PRI Graphics

Above all, let our Phoenix sign experts at PRI Graphics assist you in designing and printing custom pool safety signs that not only meet but exceed municipal, county, and state regulations.

We also offer solutions for weatherproof signage and experiential signage, ensuring your pool safety measures remain visible and effective, come rain or shine.

Contact PRI Graphics in Phoenix at 1-877-409-8889 for further information on printing pool safety signs. You can also reach out to us online or by email.

We are ready and eager to help you take the next step in ensuring your pool is a safe haven for all its users.

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