What Are My Vinyl Graphic Printing Options?

Image Showing Storefront Window GraphicsThere are plenty of vinyl graphic printing options for most businesses. In this post we’ll cover several types of large format vinyl graphic materials to help you achieve the perfect look on whatever surface you plan to adhere your vinyl wrap to!

Our large format printing experts here at PRI Graphics offer the following breakdown of your most popular vinyl graphic printing options.

Reflective Vinyl Graphics Printing

Reflective vinyl graphics are designed to be visible at night when the reflective vinyl graphic is illuminated by light. A similar type of property is used on road signs that are visible when headlights shine on them.

Opaque Vinyl Graphics Printing

Opaque vinyl graphics do not allow light to pass through. Printing opaque vinyl graphics is ideal for covering up old graphics or for temporarily covering an old sign.

Printing on Matte and Gloss Vinyl

A matted vinyl graphic appears flat while a printed gloss vinyl graphic is shiny. A matte vinyl graphic is better than gloss for indoors as interior lighting can create “hotspots” on a glossy graphic design and make it hard to read, or to discern the colors or pattern areas where the light hits. Large format gloss vinyl graphics typically have a more vibrant color in the print and look great when used as vehicle wraps.

Brushed Aluminum Vinyl Graphics Products

Brushed aluminum vinyl graphics are designed to give dimensional stability and durability, and looks like aluminum.

Clear Vinyl Graphics Design

Printed, large format clear vinyl graphics are most commonly used on glass or to make the vinyl graphic look like it was painted on the surface. The clear background is distraction-free and doesn’t take away from your brand or message.

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