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Wall Mural Printing for Home or Office

With wall mural printing you can print the mural you need to bring your walls to life.

Whether you want a printed wall covering for an office space or a wallpaper mural for a room in your home, PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ can print it for you. With large format wall mural printing, it is now possible to print large-scale, personalized wallpaper murals for practically any application. That’s right. You don’t have to print wallpaper murals just for walls. They can also be custom printed and applied to windows, doors, and virtually any large surface area.

In this post, our Phoenix printing experts at PRI Graphics will look at how you can use wall mural printing for home use or office use, and for either short term or long term display.

Wallpaper Murals Printed on Different Paper Types

Today’s large format printing technology allows you to print luxurious textured finishes, graphic images, or floor-to-ceiling photo murals on many different types of paper. With wall mural printing, virtually anything can be made-to-measure and printed to any scale that you require. You can choose from heavyweight paper-backed vinyl to high-quality medium weight paper for homes and public spaces, or good quality yet economical lightweight paper.

Depending on your needs, you can have wallpaper murals printed so that they are:

  • Personalized with photos, illustrations, artworks, or vintage images
  • Permanent installations
  • Temporary/Removable (adhesive vinyl allows for re-positioning)
  • DIY easy installation (or professionally installed)

Today’s wall mural printing allows you take any high-quality photo or art medium and digitally scan the image or graphic so it can be printed to the scale you require, so you can capture the look and feel you are after.

Print Wallpaper Murals for All Types of Applications


Wallpaper mural art can be found in many offices, as well as boardrooms and reception areas across many different types of business sectors. Most often the wall mural printing is related to the business practice. However, wallpaper murals can also be printed with high-quality photo images or artwork. Custom printed wallpaper murals can be used for branding, as lobby murals, or mounted in restaurants or sports venues; the choices are endless.


At home, you can print wallpaper murals for virtually any room. Your wall mural printing can be personalized and applied in basements, man-caves, exercise rooms, kid’s rooms, living rooms, games rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, nurseries, hallways, and even large garage wall spaces.

Eco-Friendly UV Inks

Most wallpaper murals are now printed using eco-friendly UV cured inks that won’t fade, is washable, and is free of solvents. Now you can make a statement with a high-end personalized wall mural printing of your own unique design!

About PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ

Along with our Phoenix Arizona printing facility, PRI Graphics also operates a sister location in AZ. Whether you need professional CAD printing, digital printing, or large format graphics printing services such as wall mural printing, we can help. For more wall mural ideas, check out Wall Mural Printing on Pinterest.

For more information about our Phoenix printing company, please send us an email or call us at 602-393-3131, or toll-free at 1-877-409-8889. Our in-house graphic design department will be able to answer any of your questions or you can contact us using our online form.


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