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Commercial Wallpaper Printing for Offices and Retailers

Read time: 4 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: April 21st, 2023

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics & Signs will discuss commercial wallpaper printing for retail and storefront business use.

History of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has existed since the 18th century, with artisans creating scenes or patterns using woodcuts—relief blocks made of wood. Ink would be rolled over these woodcuts, and the blocks would then be pressed onto paper in repetitive patterns to produce the wallpaper. The patterned wallpaper could be either pasted onto walls or hung loosely in a tapestry style.

One notable example of this printing technique is THE TRIUMPHAL ARCH, which was completed in 1515. This artwork measured an impressive 11.7 feet by 9.6 feet and represented a significant technological achievement for its time. It consisted of 192 individually printed sheets.

During that period, the inking process only allowed for a single color on the sheets. The first edition of 700 copies was often hand-colored by staff at the palaces or town halls where the wallpaper was intended to be displayed.

Here’s another interesting article that offers a Brief History of Wallpaper.

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Commercial Wallpaper Printing

Thankfully, the process of commercial wallpaper printing has become much simpler in today’s times.

Companies like PRI Graphics in Phoenix, AZ, specialize in commercial wallpaper printing and can effortlessly assist you in creating a digital scene that perfectly represents your company, products, past accomplishments, logo, or any other graphic concept you have in mind.

Commercial wall coverings now encompass a wide range of options, including repeating patterns, photographs, vector drawings, and virtually any digitally created item.

Additionally, If you’re in need of inspiration for your commercial wallpaper printing project, you can explore various online stock photo websites to discover suitable images or browse through the extensive collection of stock wallpaper murals available. See this post for some wallpaper mural ideas.

Full wall mural showing large industrial vehicle in an open field.

Commercial Wallpaper Proofs

After providing PRI Graphics with your content, the next step in the process is the layout and proofing stage for the wallpaper. The purpose of creating wallpaper proofs is to offer you the chance to review and ensure your satisfaction with the design, color, pattern, and brightness.

From there, Once the proofs are approved, the commercial wallpaper printing process can commence. PRI Graphics utilizes water-based, eco-friendly UV ink printing, which not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also ensures longevity. In fact, these prints can last up to five times longer than traditional painted walls.

large printed wall mural graphic for coleman powersports.

Explore the following options for commercial wall coverings, each offering unique possibilities to enhance your space:

  1. Enlarged Photos: Capture vibrant photo wall murals in color or black and white, featuring personal or business-related subjects. Ensure high-resolution images for optimal enlargement.
  2. Custom Graphics: Leverage advanced printing technology to custom print any graphic onto vinyl wall coverings, allowing limitless creativity and personalization.
  3. Faux Fabrics: Replicate various fabric textures, weaves, patterns, fibers, and colors on vinyl wall coverings. This can include printed leather textures, to add a personalized touch.
  4. Stone Tile: Embrace the natural textures of the outdoors. Print wall graphics that resemble stone, granite, masonry, concrete, or marble for your commercial walls.
  5. Textured Wall Tile: Experience the artistry of surface textures with office wall coverings. Simulate colored glass tiles, metals like copper or stainless steel, and other visually tactile surfaces.
  6. Natural Wood: Digitally printed veneers on vinyl wall coverings can faithfully reproduce the appearance of various natural wood and timber styles.
  7. Stenciled Shapes: Add visual interest to blank walls with commercial wall coverings featuring unique patterns and motifs. Choose patterns, shapes, and colors that represent your industry and have them transformed into office wall murals.
  8. Vintage Wallpaper: Embrace the warm charm of vintage wallpaper designs, offering distinctive and recognizable patterns that have regained popularity in modern times.
  9. Architectural Patterns: Create captivating compositions inspired by architectural aesthetics. Utilize light, shadow, and materials to craft modern works of art or cultural symbols.
  10. Industrial Patterns: Merge contemporary and traditional elements by incorporating found objects and repurposed materials that showcase inherent beauty. This concept can inspire truly captivating commercial wall coverings.

Have More Questions About Commercial Wallpaper?

Unleash your creative vision and explore the possibilities of commercial wallpaper printing for your business. Design a vibrant mural that can breathe life and add a splash of color to any wall size within your office or commercial space.

Engage in a conversation with our PRI Graphics printing experts to discuss your specific commercial wallpaper requirements. Whether you need permanent installations to enhance your workspace or temporary wallpapers for events and special promotions, our team is here to assist you.

Lastly, If you have any further questions about commercial wallpaper printings for your office, commercial building, or special event setup, please email PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix.

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