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Apr 21
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History of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around since the 18th century.

Artisans would develop a scene or pattern to be used and then carve woodcuts, relief blocks made of wood. Ink would then be rolled over the woodcuts, and these blocks would be pressed onto paper in repeated patterns to make the wallpaper. The patterned wallpaper would then be pasted to the wall, or hung loosely in tapestry style.

One of the earliest and largest known pictures printed in this manner was The Triumphal Arch, completed in 1515. Stretching 11.7 feet by 9.6 feet it was a massive undertaking for the technology of the time, incorporating 192 individually printed sheets.

The inking process at the time only provided 1 color on the sheets. The first edition of 700 copies was often hand colored by staff at the palaces (or town halls) where the wallpaper was to be hung.

Commercial Wall Coverings

Fortunately, developing commercial wallpaper is a much easier process today.

Commercial wallpaper printers like PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ, can now easily help you create a digital scene that exemplifies your company, your products, your past achievements, your logo, or practically any graphic idea you can think of.

Commercial wall coverings can also include repeating patterns, photographs, vector drawings, or almost any other item that can be created digitally.

If you are stumped for commercial wallpaper ideas, consider browsing some of the online stock photo websites and find an image (or images) that are suitable for your project. Or, choose one of the many stock wallpaper murals.

Commercial Wallpaper Proofs

Once you’ve provided PRI Graphics with the content, the layout and proofing is next. Wallpaper proofs are created to provide you with an opportunity to ensure your satisfaction with the design, color, pattern, and brightness.

Once approved, your commercial wall coverings can then be completed using water-based, eco-friendly UV ink printing that lasts up to five times longer than painted walls.

Have More Questions About Commercial Wallpaper?

Set your creative juices free and consider a commercial wallpaper mural for your business that will bring some life and color to almost any size of office or commercial wall.

Talk to our PRI Graphics printing to discuss your commercial wallpaper needs including permanent and temporary wallpaper installations (ideal for events and special promotions).

If you have any further questions about commercial wall coverings for your office, commercial building, or special event setup, call our Arizona printers Toll Free at 877-409-8889 or email PRI Graphics.

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