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Types of Construction Sign Printing

Construction company signs. We’ve all seen them, the detour signs, the flag person signs, the fence wraps, and the temporary under construction signs that we come across whenever we approach a construction site.

Along with construction company signs, in this blog, our PRI Graphics sign printing experts discuss all the different types of custom construction sign printing that is possible. We’ll look at everything from oversized project concept drawings to construction banner signs, safety signs, and even illuminated backlit display signs.

What Are Construction Company Signs Used For?

Construction site signage, like wayfinding and directional signs, assist site visitors who might need to know where the office is located or where to turn to make a delivery.

An equipment operator might need to know the overhead clearance height allowable for his apparatus in a particular section of the project. Or they may need to know whether a road into or out of the construction site handles two-way or only one-way traffic.

Workers use construction site signage to locate equipment storage, first aid stations, washrooms, and even where they should punch-in or punch-out for work.

All construction company signs are created to help keep people safe and provide employees, contractors, and the general public with the necessary information and directions to safely move in and around the construction zone.

Types of Construction Site Signage

Below are just a few of the many examples of construction company signs that our Phoenix AZ printing company has created for numerous construction sites throughout the state:

Construction Company Signs                       Wayfinding & Directional Signs

Yield & Detour Signs                                        Construction Banner Signs & Fence Wraps

Project Concept Drawings                             Warning and Flag Person Signs

Bumpy Road & Detour Signs                        Electrical Warning Signs

Safety & Danger Signs                                     Hazard & Toxic Warning Signs

Emergency Signage                                         Equipment Lockout Signs

Environmental Signs                                        Heavy Load Signs

Video Surveillance Signs                                Wall Covering Signs

Ask Us About Printing Construction Site Signage

No matter the size or type of construction project you are involved in, custom construction site signage is essential to keeping everyone safe, and creating a more efficient place of work.

If you require custom construction sign printing for your project, including construction site graphics and sign printing, PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona has the printing equipment, experience, and knowledge to deliver everything you need.

PRI Graphics recognizes the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), which is now a worldwide standard for signage. The GHS brings another layer of security and safety to construction site signage. We can help you make your construction worksite safe and compliant with the latest GHS regulations.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about custom construction site sign printing, send us an email or call our PRI Graphics printing experts locally at 1-602-393-3131 or toll-free at 1-877-409-8889.

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