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Rock Your Next Trade Show Booth with Custom Display Graphics

Read time: 5 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: May 3rd, 2023

Level Up Your Trade Show Game with Innovative Display Graphics

Are you prepping for your next trade show appearance? Would you like to amplify the impact of your booth and draw in a higher number of attendees? Our Phoenix-based company, PRI Graphics, is here to support your trade show efforts with striking custom booth graphics, standees, and banners.

In this article, we’ll offer valuable insights from our PRI Graphics print specialists on designing effective display graphics. Prepare to construct the most captivating trade show booth that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor!

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Creating Eye-Catching Trade Show Exhibits

We specialize in personalized design and event printing solutions to help your trade show displays stand out. Our aim is to turn your booth into a visitor magnet, and we do this by designing visually compelling booth display panels that are irresistible to attendees. It’s time to turn up the heat and allow your trade show booth to diligently market your business, products, or services

Design Your Booth with a Commanding Trade Show Banner

Utilize large backgrounds as they’re ideal for trade show displays. Contemplate custom printing a canvas or vinyl backdrop banner adorned with your logo and/or a powerful branding message. Much like retractable banners, these large banners not only personalize your booth but also utilize large empty spaces effectively. They’re likely to be the most conspicuous and attention-grabbing element from afar.

If you’re a new company or a first-time exhibitor at the trade show, attendees might not recognize your brand. Therefore, consider adding an element to your trade show banners that clearly communicates your mission and the reasons attendees should engage with your booth.

Leverage the Convenience of Retractable Trade Show Banners

Banish the notion of settling for a mundane blue or black backdrop for your trade show booth. Instead, opt for retractable banners that brand your booth uniquely and leave a lasting impression. Retractable banners offer the convenience of being compact and extremely easy to set up, making them a must-have for any trade show display.

Three-Dimensional Standee Graphics – A Key to Unforgettable Displays

Humans are instinctively attracted to faces. A life-size cutout standee can successfully lure visitors to your booth. We, at PRI Graphics, can assist you in designing a standee that adds a unique three-dimensional effect to your display booth – an element that very few exhibitors utilize. Standees can truly make your booth a cut above the rest!

Brochures and Pamphlets: Silent Yet Persuasive Marketers

Once you successfully entice someone to your booth, ensure they have something to remember you by. Offering informative brochures or pamphlets that they can take home after discussing potential collaborations can be an excellent strategy. Consider integrating a QR code into your printed materials which attendees can scan to directly access your website, video, or contact information.

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Capitalize on Branded Trade Show Table Covers

Say no to the monotonous white table throws provided by the venue. PRI Graphics offers printed trade show table covers in a variety of colors that will reinforce your branding with custom logo printing.

A Plentiful Supply of Business Cards is Non-Negotiable

Ensure every team member at your booth has a sufficient supply of business cards. After engaging with attendees, it’s essential to leave them with your contact information for future communication. There’s no excuse for running out of business cards at a trade show, given the rapid turnaround times and minimal costs of printing today.

Delight Visitors with Unique Promotional Handouts

Research indicates that trade show attendees are more likely to visit booths offering promotional items. Make your booth irresistible with engaging giveaways, such as candies, drinks, unique printed promotional products like USB sticks, coupons for future purchases, or even small Starbucks gift cards. The idea is to make your promotional items distinctive and desirable, compelling visitors to engage with your booth.

Moreover, nothing beats a friendly, smiling face at the booth. Be approachable, warm, and adept at breaking the ice with attendees who may be a tad hesitant to engage. When in doubt, just smile!

Factors that Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Trade Show Booth

Apart from the design and display elements, various environmental factors influence the success of your trade show booth:

  • Lighting – Consider additional lights to accentuate your banners or signs.
  • Sight – Pay attention to what attendees see when they glance at your booth. Ensure your signs aren’t positioned too high, too low, or too small.
  • Height – Your signs should be visible from a distance to attract more attendees.
  • Technology – Consider adding interactive elements like video displays or even a WiFi or charging station to your booth.
  • Sound – Ensure the noise level at your booth allows for clear conversations. Strategic placement of retractable banners and other items can help manage noise between booths.

Feel free to explore our Trade Show Graphics Video to get a glimpse of our work on trade show displays across North America.

Reach Out to PRI Graphics

To learn more about our trade show displays and custom printing services, contact our Arizona-based team directly and toll-free at 1-877-409-8889. We’re eager to assist you in designing an entirely new set of graphics for your trade show displays or upgrading the booth you already have.

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