Printed vehicle wrap for GR:D Bike Share

Benefits of Laminated Printing

Laminated printing is a great option for art prints, photos, posters, and wall graphics. In fact, you can print and laminate practically anything including signage.

Why Laminate Your Graphics?

There are several reasons why you should consider laminated printing.

  1. The greatest advantage for choosing to print and laminate your project is the protection it provides to your investment. Whether you are sourcing posters for promoting your business or improving your store with hanging signs or interior signage and graphics, you can be sure that your prints will be enhanced, protected, and preserved.
  2. Laminating prints also adds a level of professionalism for important documents like reports, presentations, certificates, etc. You can also choose between flexible or stiff laminating for the final product.

Laminated Wall Graphics for Suntec Concrete

What Is A Laminated Print?

With printing and laminating services, a protective film is applied to your graphics. The laminate film can be applied to the front of the graphic, or both sides if desired.

Laminated printing offers several key benefits:

Durability& Longevity –The protective laminate seal adds durability and prolongs the life of the print, reducing tears and scratches. Your graphics will be much easier to clean or dust with a laminated surface.

UV Protection –Your prints will retain their color and contrast longer with the UV protection provided by lamination. This added layer of defense helps reduce fading caused by the sun.

Minimizes Damage –Laminated printing protects the graphics from damage caused by environmental conditions as well. The protective lamination seal guards your prints against heat, moisture, dirt, and dust.

Laminated Trailer Graphics for Backyard Taco Food Truck

Glossy or Matte Finish – Laminating your signage and graphics adds an elevated appearance and provides additional design options for your graphic. You may consider a glossy or matte finish to make your laminated graphics stand out and capture attention. In either case, a print professional will be able to help you visualize the finalized product after lamination. Types of Printing that Can Be Laminated

At PRI Graphics & Signs, we print and laminate all types of products for our clients including, among others:

Laminated Art Prints Laminated Signs
Laminated Posters Laminated Wall Graphics
Laminated Canvas Prints Laminated Photo Prints
Laminated Menus Laminated Brochures
Laminated Booklets And much more!

Printing and Laminating at PRI Graphics & Signs

Laminated printing will not only preserve your work and help you get more mileage out of your printed materials, but it also helps you look more professional and polished.

PRI Graphics& Signs (Perkinson Reprographics) in Phoenix AZ offers professional printing and laminating services to businesses across Arizona. No printing and laminating job is too large or too small.

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