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Are Custom Printed Mailers and Flyers Still Effective?

According to a recent Direct Mail Stats article by the website extendyourreach.com, direct mail and custom printed mailers continue to make a comeback.

This is true in spite of the fact that the research group Radicati Group Inc. announced that “the number of worldwide email users is predicted to reach more than 2.9 billion by the end of 2019!”

In fact, when you market with custom printed mailers and flyers and send them by post to prospective clients, you are more likely to experience a significantly better response than if you had sent them an email.

Why Custom Printed Mailers are Still Effective

Over 70% of people remain curious about what is in their physical mailbox, and 80% of them remember creative direct mail pieces that they have read in the previous four weeks. Print mailers and flyers are also kept and shared more regularly with other people. It is these kinds of benefits of custom printed mailers that make them the perfect medium to attract and retain customers.

Did you know that 171 billion pieces of physical mail are processed by the U.S. Postal service yearly according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute? Print mail is thriving, and the U.S. Postal Service estimates that 98% of Americans check their physical mail daily. Printed direct mail promotional products have proven they can and will get attention, and bring results.

Custom Printed Mailers Outperform Email

Everyone’s email inbox is overloaded. Moreover, all of the phishing attempts and other online scams sent by email makes recipients reluctant to open an unknown email or attachment from any business or person they are not familiar with. Essentially, you have just a subject line in which to catch the recipient’s attention. Most unsolicited email remains unread.

In 2016, direct print mailers defied the odds:

  • Anything can be attached to mailers and flyers, and alarm bells DO NOT go off in the consumer’s mind
  • Trust in printed marketing mailers is much higher than trust in email
  • Custom printed mailers are opened, read, remembered, and even shared in confidence by potential customers

Printed Business Mailers Are Better Targeted

Email has no hope when competing with custom print mailers. Unsolicited email that arrives at a recipient’s address is not trusted and won’t be introduced into the home, or eventually share a space on the kitchen or dining room table where they can be easily seen by everyone. Custom printed mailers and flyers can and will be shared.

Printed business mailers circumvent the barriers that Internet-distributed email promotions face, and often will incite those who receive them to share with family and friends.

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