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Healthcare Printing Managed Print Services

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Healthcare printing is absolutely an essential service required in the healthcare industry for both medical and dental businesses. Though the U.S. government has encouraged healthcare providers to go more digital, still about 90% of healthcare providers are reliant on physical printing for handouts, mailing bills, and other invoices and charts.

You can read more about the new healthcare laws recently passed that correspond to providing paperless medical records.

A significant amount of print in healthcare can be seen mostly in small format. Healthcare printing like invoices, intake forms, estimates, and various correspondence with patients.

On the other side of the coin, PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix offers a wide range of commercial printing services. These wide/large format printing services are essential not only for the healthcare industry, but also for education and the hotel & hospitality industries.

To learn more about these services, including anything from posters, banners, wayfinding signs, and office placards to other various signs and graphics, give us a call at 1-877-409-8889.

Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding Signage

Large aspects of the healthcare sector rely on healthcare printing for branding and directional signage for their business or facility.

Environmental graphics allows for creative, meaningful, and inspiring graphics and messaging to decorate the surrounding areas, rooms, and lobbies. These graphics can also represent the brand of the company and its overall mission. A great example would be the children’s hospitals around the United States.

Each facility is branded and designed to showcase a message of warmth, encouragement, and inspiration. With products such as vinyl wall and floor graphics to dimensional letters and signs. Each specific print product influences the onlooker’s mood and overall emotion with happiness and comfort.

Wayfinding signage is another must-have for print in healthcare facilities. This ensures that proper navigation can be easily read and understood throughout the premises. Wayfinding signage is typically seen as blade signs or hanging signs throughout the hospital or clinic. Though, sometimes be seen as floor graphics, wall vinyl graphics, or even ceiling tile printing.

Printed ceiling tile for the healthcare industry hospitals
Printed wayfinding sign for the healthcare industry hospitals
Printed interior graphics for the healthcare industry hospitals
clear acrylic printed sign for Current Physical Therapy on wall with standoffs

Healthcare Printing in the Small Format Variety

We’ve spoken about how professionals in healthcare utilize small format printing for billing, charting, and other administrative paperwork. Another facet of small format printing that can be done through a commercial printer is producing products like business stationery, business cards, postcards and mailers, brochures, flyers, and booklets.

A huge and important part of healthcare marketing is educating the patients and their families. No matter the clinic, dental practice, or hospital that you visit, the lobby and front desk will always have a station filled with brochures.

Brochures come in a variety of different materials, finishes, and folds. These options usually aren’t as important as the text within the pamphlet, but they do provide a range of choices when needing health brochures printed.

printed tri-fold brochure with medical and hospital information

Wraps and Graphics for the Fleet

Print graphics for the company fleet, car, or van helps to promote the brand and the message. Also, indicates the purpose of the vehicle to others on the road.

We all know what to do when we hear an ambulance siren on the road… we pull to the side and let it pass. Now imagine seeing an ambulance pass with no branding, no color graphics, and no indication of what the vehicle is at all. Confusion would come quick.

The importance of print graphics for vehicles like ambulances and other medical transportation usually comes down to the state or district policies and requirements.

Popular marketing tactics in healthcare printing come in the form of branding your vehicles with healthcare, dental, or clinic vinyl graphics (or sometimes magnetic decals). These print products allow for tremendous amounts of brand awareness for the healthcare company.

Along with branding, key contact information or services can also be displayed on the healthcare vehicles. This helps to educate your audience on who you are and what you do, expanding that reach in your market.

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medical ambulance with branded graphics packed outside of building

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