How Are Illuminated Backlit Display Signs Made?

Illuminated backlit signs for businesses are large format color graphics illuminated from behind by a light source (mostly by LED lights today). Backlit sign graphics have many indoor applications such as in malls, tradeshows, kiosks, and airport displays. However, backlit display signs also have many outdoor applications as well, such as for building signage, bus stops, and even billboards.

With today’s modern technology, printing illuminated backlit signs on many different types of substrates is now possible. Backlit sign printing is also more affordable now and the end products are much more durable, so the demand for custom backlit signs has grown rapidly.

Custom LED backlit signs stand out considerably better than they once did when fluorescent signage was first introduced. This makes them an easy choice for business owners who want to raise the level of awareness for their business.

Using interior and exterior backlit signs can improve the credibility of your business by showing your customers that you are serious about promoting your business and are willing to make the investment necessary to ensure your continued success.

Benefits of Illuminated Backlit Signs

There are many other ways that backlight signs can be of benefit to business owners and organizations.

  • They can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Applicable to product promotions
  • Highly visible at night
  • Easy to read from a distance
  • Have vibrant colors that attract attention
  • Used for short or long term displays
  • Repeatedly promotes your message
  • Excellent promotional investment

Backlit Signage Printing

Large backlit signs are vivid and durable when printed on translucent backlit film using high-resolution latex ink printing specifically designed for backlit applications. This method of printing produces very bright signage. They are full of depth and have more detail and clarity than other printing methods or ink choices.

Depending on the application, illuminated backlit signs can also be printed using Silicone Edge Graphics, which are stretched around a borderless frame once printed. This enhances the appearance of the graphic, suggesting that the graphic is floating without the constraints of a border.

10 Backlit Sign Ideas

Here are 10 unique ideas for how to incorporate backlit signage into your business objectives.

  1. Illuminated Menus
  2. Storefront Signs
  3. Bus Shelters
  4. Billboards
  5. Parking Signs
  6. Product Publicity
  7. Construction Signs
  8. Directional Signs
  9. Safety Signs
  10. Open/Closed Signs

Ask Us About Custom Backlit Sign Printing

Have a custom backlit sign application in mind?

PRI Graphics would love to help you realize your creative project goals! We can create custom backlit signs in almost any dimension on a variety of substrates suitable to your specific needs. Custom printed backlit signage is excellent for promoting your next event, tradeshow appearance, or product announcement.

Or, if you are interested in giving your existing business signage a serious facelift, replace the panel on which your current signage is displayed and install a more brilliantly colored, more cost effective, longer lasting, LED backlit sign version.

Whatever your decision, PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ can help you customize a signage solution that will enhance your business and provide a stronger promotional presence to your customers.

Your Trusted Digital Printers in Arizona

PRI Graphics offers custom, large format backlit sign printing and we work closely with businesses across the state and country to create custom printed sign solutions.

We offer high quality UV stable ink printing for all outdoor backlit signs, which help reduce the effects of sun exposure and present your message in the best possible light.

For more information on backlit signs, and any other signage needs you may have, please call our Phoenix printing company Toll Free at 877-409-8889 and talk to our Arizona printing experts.

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