Clear acrylic menu printed using white ink and color.

What is White Ink Printing?

Read time: 4 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: June 5th, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Digital White Ink Printing: A Leap into Tomorrow’s Technology

Did you know that recent advancements in digital white ink printing technology now allow us to create vivid designs on dark paper and materials?

Until a short time ago, printing with white ink remained a challenge. Most inks used in offset printing were translucent, and such inks couldn’t create sharp, visible designs on dark materials. Although opaque inks did provide an alternative, they often required multiple applications, leading to increased costs, longer turnaround times, and exhaustive printer cleanup to prevent color contamination.

The traditional workaround to achieve white text was reverse printing, where white letters were created by printing a dark background, leaving the letters ink-free.

However, the rapid evolution of digital small-format printing has changed this narrative. Thanks to technological progress, white ink printing services are now widely accessible, delivering high-quality results without breaking the bank. This includes the wide-format printing solutions as well.

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Demystifying White Ink Printing

White ink printing on black or dark paper primarily utilizes two techniques:

  • Spot Ink: Here, specific elements are highlighted by printing on dark paper.
  • Flood Background: In this method, the entire background, including clear areas, is uniformly printed in white ink.

Embracing the Benefits of Digital White Ink Printing

Digital white printing comes with a plethora of advantages that include:

  • A creative departure from traditional colored ink printing.
  • A more extensive selection of paper choices, including dark shades like black and navy blue.
  • Cost-effective solutions owing to the advancements in digital printing technologies.
  • Ideal for short run printing projects, eliminating the need for bulk orders.
Custom clear acrylic sign shaped as a baseball jersey and printed using white ink.

Unlock Your Creativity with White Printing

At PRI, we believe in exploring the limitless possibilities of printing across both small-format and wide-format printing. Here are some creative applications that can transform your visual communication:

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