Project Closeout

Print Construction Project Closeout Documents

There are literally hundreds and sometimes even thousands of construction documents that are created, managed, printed and distributed as a construction project progresses through each phase including:

  • Early Conceptual Design Phase
  • Submittal Phase
  • Construction Document Printing Phase
  • Document Distribution Phase
  • Construction Project Closeout Phase

PRI Graphics has sophisticated CAD printing equipment plus software and accounting systems that can help keep track of all of those documents, document revisions, final drawings and document distribution through every phase of your project.

As your construction project progresses, our printing software tracks each revision and documents them in an organized file structure for accountability and order, and if necessary, reprinting.

At any point during the process, we can tell exactly what construction documents are the current sets of plans and which of those documents have been revised or amended throughout the evolution of the construction project.

As we accumulate and manage all of these construction documents, we are in essence creating a paper trail of everything that happens throughout the life of the construction project, which will eventually lead to construction project closeout and termination. At this point we can print the construction project closeout documents you need to finalize everything.

What is Included in the Project Closeout Process?

As the construction for your project nears completion, our construction closeout services are included as part of our complete construction project management package, with all the pertinent construction project documentation provided, including;

  • Final as-built construction plans
  • Specification manuals
  • Warranties
  • And all other documentation related to the project

This includes all documentation that the contractor or design team would like to keep in their files, or would like to give to the owners of the construction project.

These project closeout termination documents are invaluable to the parties involved because it literally documents the entire process of design, construction and completion.

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