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B&W CAD Printing & Document Distribution

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Leveraging a CAD drawing printing service may not be an immediate consideration when it comes to printing and disseminating crucial details about your construction project. However, employing the services of a professional CAD printing service may be the most cost-effective and efficient decision overall. It can also help streamline your important document distribution process.

Regardless of the size of your CAD drawing prints, whether they are standard 8.5” x 11” or large-scale blueprint reproductions, PRI Graphics’ CAD drawing printing service in Phoenix is the ideal solution, providing speed, cost-efficiency, and superior quality to match your needs.

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Full-Service CAD Printing & Delivery

As your finalized construction drawings and engineering prints are ready, the next challenge is to efficiently print a range of distinct black-and-white CAD drawing documents based on the project and the distribution of requests for proposals. These documents are often required by several contractors, possibly scattered across various cities and even states.

These contractors need to scrutinize your blueprints and schematics in minute detail, to prepare proposals concerning specific aspects of the development that pertain to their expertise.

In such scenarios, a CAD drawing printing service equipped with an extensive suite of printing devices becomes indispensable. They must be capable of fulfilling all your blueprint and monochrome CAD printing needs within a practical timeframe. Additionally, they should be proficient in distributing your CAD drawings to every contractor interested in bidding on the project.

PRI Graphics & Signs, located in Phoenix, AZ, can print any black and white CAD drawing to scale, delivering precise reproductions on schedule, within budget, and to wherever your project details need to be sent. To learn more, connect with us via email or reach us toll-free at 1-877-409-8889.

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Printing Supporting Documents

Apart from the essential black and white CAD drawings, your project will likely require the printing of a plethora of supporting documents. These may include:

  • Technical specification books
  • Training manuals
  • Environmental impact assessment reports

You can find additional information on this subject on the Architectural Reprography Wiki page.

These key documents are indispensable for providing comprehensive information to all participants. From legal professionals and land surveyors to state land departments and even neighboring communities that might be affected by the development, all may be included. Ask us about our document scanning and archiving services.

Moreover, remember that you’ll need to distribute multiple copies of your CAD drawings to various city and state departments when applying for permits. PRI Graphics ensures that your printing projects run seamlessly from inception to completion.

We also offer the unique service of white ink printing on dark paper.

Phoenix CAD Drawing Printing Service

Whether you require basic black and white CAD layouts for contractors (for permit applications to city or government agencies), or mylar drawing displays mandated by city councils for public presentation and discussion, PRI Graphics has the comprehensive CAD drawing printing service to cater to all your needs.

We are adept at producing a wide array of printing types, including blueprint and CAD drawing, with consistency and precision. Moreover, we can distribute and deliver your printed materials to all key stakeholders involved.

Contact our experienced printing professionals at PRI Graphics today and alleviate your worries about printing documents of all sizes, including blueprints and black and white CAD drawings.

You can connect with PRI Graphics locally in Phoenix, at 602-393-3131

We can also be reached by calling toll-free at 1-877-409-8889.

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