B&W CAD Printing & Document Distribution

B&W CAD printing might not be the first idea that comes to mind when the time comes to print and distribute vital information about your construction project, but CAD printing can be your most economical choice overall.

Whether your CAD drawing print sizes need to be 8.5” x 11” or table-sized reproductions, a professional CAD drawing printing service can offer you the speed, economy, and significant quality you are looking for.

Finding a CAD Printing Service

As your finalized construction drawings are completed someone must be tasked with printing dozens of different B&W CAD drawing documents based on the project (and the distribution of requests for proposals) to hundreds of contractors in numerous cities and possibly even different states.

These contractors need to study your schematics in substantial detail and prepare proposals related to specific portions of the development which apply to them.

Your next step will be to find a CAD printing service with a whole fleet of printing devices that can complete all of your black and white CAD printing requirements not only within a reasonable timeframe, but also successfully distribute your B&W CAD drawings to every contractor interested in bidding on the project.

PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ can print any B&W CAD drawing to scale and deliver exact reproductions on time, and on budget, to wherever your project details need to be sent. You can reach PRI Graphics by email.  

Printing Supporting Documents

Aside from the B&W CAD drawings, you need, there will probably also be other supporting documents that will need to be printed including:

  • Specification books
  • Training manuals
  • Environmental inspection reports

In fact, there can be host of other documents necessary to adequately inform every participant in the process; from lawyers and surveyors to the state land department, and even surrounding communities potentially impacted by the development.

And don’t forget the multiple copies of B&W CAD drawings you will need to distribute to the various branches of the city and state when it comes time to apply for permits so that the project runs smoothly from conception to completion.

Phoenix Printing Company

Whether you need simple CAD layout in black and white for the contractors (so they can submit them to the city or other government agencies for permit purposes), or mylar drawing displays required by city councils to present and discuss with the public, PRI Graphics has the CAD printing service to handle it all.

PRI Graphics is capable of producing almost any type document with consistency and accuracy and can distribute and deliver your printed documents to all the key parties involved.

Contact the experienced printing professionals at PRI Graphics today and put your mind at ease about printing documents large and small, including B&W CAD drawings.

You can reach PRI Graphics locally in Phoenix, at 602-393-3131

Or call toll-free at 877-409-8889.

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