Flatbed digital printer printing in color

What is Flatbed Digital Printing?

In the realm of printing, the capacity to produce large-format prints on a diverse array of substrates has significantly revolutionized the industry. At the heart of this revolution is flatbed digital printing. A technology that we at PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona, are proud to offer to our clients.

Print operator looking at recently printed posters.

A Guide to Commercial Printing – Tips, Advantages, Benefits

In this post, our Phoenix printers cover some very important commercial printing tips that you need to know that can benefit your business. Print marketing materials are still a crucial component of corporate promotion and communication in today’s digital age. Commercial printing is a specialized printing service that creates high-quality advertising products, signage, branded graphics, and other printed […]

Commercial color printing printing a project.

Pre-Press Printing Tips

Setup Pre-Press Printing Tips There are several pre-press printing tips to be aware of that are critical for ensuring that the final product meets the desired standards for quality and accuracy. Pre-press printing refers to the preparation and setup of a printing job before it is actually printed.

Split image illustrating Digital vs Lithographic printing.

Lithography Printing vs Digital Printing

Lithography Printing vs Digital Printing We asked our Phoenix print professionals here at PRI Graphics & Signs to discuss lithography vs digital printing. Over the past few decades, digital printing has emerged as a popular alternative to lithography. Even though there has been a significant shift in recent years toward digital printing, there are some […]

Person assembling a variable data printing project.

What Is Variable Data Printing?

Many companies need and utilize variable printing to help conduct their businesses successfully, but what exactly is variable data printing and how does it work? In this blog post, our Phoenix printing experts at PRI Graphics will take a closer look at variable information printing (as it is also known) including how it works and how you […]

Older industrial looking printing equipment.

Print Industry Acronyms and Terms to Know

Why Understanding Print Terminology is Important The print industry terms can come across like its own language at times. Just like any other, it has it own set of acronyms and verbiage that helps in the communication and understanding of one another. Its terminology and acronyms are sometimes specific to print itself, but at other […]

Stylize robot painting in vividly bright colors

The Rise of AI Art and Etsy Printing Solutions

*All artwork seen in this post was created using the MidJourney AI art generator. What is AI Art and How is it Being Utilized? The big question everyone’s always asking, what is AI artwork? AI art refers to artwork generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. AI is a field of computer science that focuses […]

Round printed wall-mounted signage for Dumpling restaurant.

Weatherproof Signage and Proper Installation

Best Use for Weatherproof Signage Determining which weatherproof signage is best to use for your next advertising campaign or sales event can be difficult to decide. You must ask yourself, is this sign only needed for a week or two? Or will this sign need to be displayed for weeks, months, or even up to […]

Graphic to illustrate Raster vs Vector images.

Raster vs Vector Graphics: How They Both Have Purpose in Print

The Digital Battle That Can Be Difficult to Understand In the digital world of design and print, knowing the difference between raster vs vector graphics is a must. If you don’t have a full comprehension of the two, don’t worry, you’re not alone It’s the type of verbiage that most people aren’t too familiar with […]

Graphic showing RGB as an Additive color and CMYK as a Subtractive color

CMYK vs RGB and What Is Best for Printing

RBG Colors – Red, Green & Blue These primary colors are best for digital work. Generally used for computer monitors, digital cameras, smart phones, scanners, TV screens, etc. RGB color mixing is an “ADDITIVE PROCESS.“ The digital world starts from blackness and adds varying intensities of red, green and blue light. To then create the […]