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Helpful Tips for Great Real Estate Graphic Design

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A memorable and consistent real estate graphic design is a MUST HAVE in an industry as demanding and crowded as real estate. You need ways to set yourself apart. That is where marketing and advertising come into play. Both are essential  for an individual realtor or for your realty business as a whole in order to capture your audience and better service and your maintain clientele. Great graphic design is your visual reputation for what it is you’re selling, your message, and your overall brand.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most important real estate graphic design strategies and elements you need to be aware of when marketing and advertising to build your business and grow revenue. We will also discuss how and where to implement your design to properly pull in leads and expand the brand.

Building Brand Identity

It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent realtor or a large corporate firm, brand identity is extremely important to have established well before you branch out into marketing and advertising yourself.

Identity: The brand message that is communicated by a company logo, design scheme, characters, and other visual symbols and imagery used in internal and external messaging.

In real estate graphic design, your brand is your reputation and that is identified by consistent messaging and the overall interactions you have with your audience. The visual representation of the brand signals to your audience several potential things. Is the company trustworthy, established, knowledgeable, innovative, professional, etc. Customers value specific traits in a brand and this article speaks more about that.

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Brand Consistency

It’s about making all the elements uniform and having them look and behave the same way. Your real estate brand needs to stay consistent throughout all mediums of print, digital, and promotional use.

Staying consistent in your design schemes will begin a connection with your audience and start to develop loyalty for the brand. From color, font selection, size/spacing, and specific imagery, these elements within your graphic design help to communicate your brand’s message. It will paint a clear and professional look to your customers. Here is another article to give you 6 ideas to promote your business.

The Solution – Building out a brand standards guide for a designer to follow will maintain that consistency and help to speed up design in general. You can read more in this article on design consistency. Great real estate graphic design can take quite a bit of time to create, but when standards are put in place, it makes it that much easier to convey your messaging and branding, and keep the congruent over the long term.

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Legibility in Graphic Design

This is an informal measure for how easy it is to distinguish one letter from another or a clear distinction of the company brand or message within the entire layout. In real estate, it is important for precise design strategy in layout, font selection, and image placement, and being sure to stay within the company’s brand standards.

There is a difference between legibility vs readabilityBoth are important in how real estate agents and firms market or advertise their properties or homes. Legibility accompanied with great copy is of the higher concern.

It doesn’t matter if your signage is for residential, storefront retail, or hotel tourism, that signage needs to be easily seen and read from a distance. Distance is usually one of the major elements in real estate graphic design to always think about and make clear to your audience.

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The Importance of Details & Information

Brand messaging, contact information and product details are extremely important in the graphic design for real estate. Your goal is to sell the product and to do so, your audience needs to have a clear message with detailed information on how to purchase from you. Another important detail in the design would be ensuring this info is legible and readable from any distance and have scalability when needed.

This article showcases some statistics going over specific elements that are looked for when searching online such as:

  • 89% of potential homebuyers finding photos being a useful necessity
  • 85% requiring detailed information about the property

The same goes when it comes to print signage. The key elements that needs to pop out to the buyer are:

  • Property information
  • Great photos
  • And of course contact information for the seller 

You’ll find more helpful information on this topic in our Graphic Design FAQ post.

Still Have Real Estate Graphic Design Questions?

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