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Growth Opportunities Through Print Marketing

The Age Old Discussion of Print vs Digital

Before we dig into all the materials, products, and print marketing campaigns, let’s take a second to discuss the difference between print vs digital in the marketing world.

When marketing your business, there are the two main forms to choose from: digital and print. Both methods are proven to be successful, but the strategies do differ depending on your campaign, goals, and tactics.

There’s also a difference when it comes to designing for each medium, so be sure to check out our other blog that talks more on this: CMYK vs RGB.

Digital marketing is usually referred to tactics like social media, SEO, PPC (paid ads), and newsletters/email campaigns.

While print marketing is referring to a more tangible product such as magazines, brochures, flyers, business cards, and signage.

A successful marketing campaign will utilize both digital and print marketing campaigns in its strategy. But we are here to talk about the growth opportunities within print itself, so let’s begin.

Print is Memorable

Print marketing is used by advertisers and businesses to reach their target audiences, but just in a different, more memorable way compared to digital.

Print marketing campaigns have the upper hand when it comes down to memorability. This is mostly due to studies being conducted stating that when people end up using more than one sense when interacting with something, it becomes more memorable to them. For example, a printed brochure would trigger the senses of sight and touch.

A study was also done that states reading comprehension increases when reading from physical print rather than digital screens. See this article to read more on that.

Printed tri-fold brochure featuring schools within the EdKey education system
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Working with Your Printing Partner

Businesses everywhere utilize print marketing campaigns for a number of products and a variety of reasons.

The hotel and tourist industry produce printed brochures for potential customers to look at while visiting tourist centers state-to-state. The trucking industry will wrap their fleet in branded graphics to get a specific message out to the consumers. And the construction industry will line out their construction site fences with fence wraps and banners to represent their brand and showcase the future project rendering of the site.

These sort of print marketing campaigns showcase some of the opportunities that businesses all around the world use to grow their company. The next step in ensuring this strategy will work for you is to find that printing partner who will work and manage the needs of your business.

Partnering with a company like PRI Graphics & Signs in Phoenix to be that single-source printer has a full range of benefits such as quick project turnaround times, color accuracy, print experience and knowledge, graphic design assistance and managing, and a multitude of other value-added services for you and your team.

Check out our other blog post that will give you 6 Print Marketing Ideas to Promote your Business.

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As Phoenix printers, we can not only help you with print marketing campaigns but also graphic design and precision cutting services. We service clients state-wide as well as across the United States.

No matter how big or small your print job may be, we can help.

If you would like to learn more about printing solutions through PRI or if you have any questions, please or call us toll free at 1-877-409-8889 or send us an email.

We can also be reached locally in Phoenix at 602-393-3131.

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