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Does the Type of Paper Affect Print Quality?

Read time: 5 minutes  |  Author: PRI Graphics  |  Posted: July 2nd, 2022

Does paper affect print quality? The answer is a resounding yes!

The type of paper you choose to print on plays a significant role in determining the final quality of the printed material.

Not all paper is created equal, and this variety is beneficial as it allows for tailored printing experiences. The paper’s inherent chemical properties influence the printability of the paper, along with factors such as its glossiness and resistance to water.

If you’ve ever experimented with using the specific paper suggested for laser and inkjet printers, you might have noticed a substantial change. Whether it happened to be in the color print output, especially in terms of sharpness and vibrancy.

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Lower Quality Paper

When it comes to low-grade paper, you might find the ink creeping out from the text or photograph being printed. This forms patterns that resemble spider webs. These webs are a clear sign that the paper you’re using is unsuitable for your printer. While there are papers that are universal and can be printed on using any printer, such as an offset, digital laser or high-resolution inkjet printer, the resulting quality might not meet the required standards for a particular project or target audience.

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Bond Paper

Bond paper, known for its high cotton fiber content, is well-suited for monochrome laser printers. However, printing on paper with specific textures like ribbed, linen, eggshell, or tweed might result in unsatisfactory results. Colors may seem dull or washed out if the printer ink diffuses into the fibers. This creates a final product that might not meet professional standards for your intended audience.

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The Influence of Paper Quality on Printing

Our seasoned printing professionals at PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona, strongly suggest that you communicate directly to your commercial printing company for advice. This kind of input enables your printer to recommend the best quality paper for your project. They can also suggest the ideal printing equipment for your specific paper requirements and guide you on How to Create Print Ready Files.

Remember, local and commercial printing companies are not just interested in upselling you. In the print industry, customer satisfaction is paramount, and repeat clients make up a large portion of the customer base. Therefore, it’s in your printing company’s best interest to provide the highest quality product for your needs, at the most reasonable price. This applies whether you need to print on paper, canvas, or any other type of material.

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