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Trade Show Graphics Ideas

Let Your Trade Show Booth
Do the Marketing for You

For many businesses, trade shows and trade show graphics are necessities. It’s also true that at every trade show event, you and your coordinators are probably looking at the other venders to see what they are doing, in the hopes of finding more great trade show booth ideas that attract visitors.

In this blog article by PRI Graphics, we’ll look at some creative trade show graphics ideas so you have options for making a great first impression at your next trade show including:

  • Table Covers
  • Banners
  • Display Stands
  • Signs

Make a Visual Impact & Great First Impression

Trade show booths with visual impact create a buzz, drawing in trade show attendees. While many attendees come to the trade show with a list of booths they wish to visit, they will still make their way around the trade show floor in search of products and services that will enhance their own businesses.

You can capture their attention with the help of great trade show graphics. While bright graphics and incredible photos will always demand the attention of attendees, here are some other great trade show graphics ideas you might want to consider.

Trade Show Table Covers

Your trade show cover doesn’t necessarily have to be a crisp white tablecloth. With today’s technology, printing trade show table covers is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your brand or message. Your trade show table cover can even be printed to match your business stationery and display your logo, products, or services. Table covers are positioned at a very effective height for people to easily view as they walk through a trade show.

Trade Show Display Stands and Backdrops

Display stands and backdrops are available in a variety of styles with everything from tabletop displays and wall panels (that are Velcro-receptive), to portable truss systems and pop up displays. If you’ve already invested in a display stand system keep in mind that you can still have new trade show banners, stretch fabrics, and vinyl graphics custom printed to add new life to your existing display stands. PRI Graphics in Phoenix, AZ, can help you with custom trade show graphics ideas for your display stands!

Trade Show Banners

Today, it’s possible for your local printer to help you create some pretty amazing trade show display banners and retractable banners that are sure to impress your booth visitors. Retractable banner stands can be printed affordably and are easy to transport, easy to set up and take down, and will even save you time and money when compared to printing and setting up other types of display stands and backdrops. In fact, retractable banners are easily interchangeable so you can present an impressive display that meets the requirements of each specific trade show you attend.

Trade Show Signs

There are lots of wonderful possibilities when it comes printing trade show exhibit signs. Whether you need custom printed hanging signs, booth backdrop signs, backlit signs, tabletop display signs, pop up signs, retractable signs, or even removable trade show floor signs, your local printing company can help you explore many great trade show sign graphics ideas to help you effectively get your message and brand across.


PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona has years of knowledge and experience and we’d love to share our trade show graphics ideas with you. Talk with our Phoenix graphic designers and printers well in advance of your trade shows so we can help you create a series of great trade show graphics and signs that are not only complimentary for your business, but will create a lasting first impression on your potential customers and potential business partners at trade shows.

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