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Wallpaper Murals Printing – 6 Unique Ideas for 2016

Hotel owners and managers…just imagine, dramatic floor to ceiling wallpaper murals printing that wow your hotel guests as they spend time relaxing in your spa, cheering on your hometown’s sports team, or enjoying a good night’s rest at your luxury hotel.

At most printing companies, like PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona, standard, in-stock wallpaper mural options may include everything from cityscapes around the world, to a variety of nature scenes and abstract modern patterns.

Today however, with modern state-of-the-art large format and digital printing technologies, you can now print high quality, custom designed wallpaper murals, produced just as you want it, in whatever size you need!

At PRI Graphics, for instance, you can work with their graphics design team to create your own custom photo wallpaper murals that can be used to create ambiance, stir up excitement, and even reinforce your brand in ways you may have not even considered. The options are endless.

Here are six unique mural applications that hopefully will get your ideas flowing and show you how to use custom wallpaper murals to enhance your commercial, service industry, or retail space in 2016.

#1 – Lobby Wallpaper Murals Printing

First impressions are everything. Welcome guests into your grand lobby with a wallpaper lobby mural that will take their breath away. Large printed wallpaper murals are perfect for lobbies that are two or more stories tall, as the sizing is completely customizable. All of PRI Graphic’s commercial wall coverings are made to measure.

#2 – Restaurant Wallpaper Murals

Serving French cuisine? Take your guests to Paris with a printed wallpaper mural of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, or the French Riviera. If butter chicken and samosas are on your menu consider a wallpaper mural of the Taj Mahal. There are endless options for landmark and cityscape wallpaper murals to compliment your cuisine or you can opt for custom wallpaper murals that will enhance the entire dining experience. Mural wallpaper for a restaurant dining room is ideal because it is both durable and easy to clean, if needed.

#3 – Sports Wall Murals

Support your local football, hockey, or soccer team with customized sports wall murals featuring the team’s colors or mascot. Placing sports wall murals in locker rooms, sports bars, club seats, and even the lobbies of local arenas are great for showing your team spirit and boosting the enthusiasm of the crowd or patrons.

#4 – Hotel Wall Murals

Print custom hotel wall murals and take each guest to a faraway exotic location such as New Castle, Liverpool, Perth, Scotland, or Italy. Hotel wall murals are much more durable than paint and an economical way to protect and liven up the walls in guest hotel rooms. Plus wallpaper murals are such an easy way to add décor and impact to your hotel space.  Ask us about our hotel printing services.

#5 – Conference Room Murals

Impress your clients and vendors as you discuss important business matters in your conference room that features a floor to ceiling mural of a cityscape, map, custom design, or even your logo. Conference room murals are ideal for spacious meeting rooms that may not have large windows.

#6 – Salon and Spa Room Wall Murals

Calming spa murals that feature scenes of rainforests, palm trees, stones, waterfalls, and even rainbows, are ideal for places like spas and beauty salons that promote serenity and relaxation. Repetitive wallpaper patterns and soothing textures can go a long way in helping your guests unwind and de-stress. You can even print custom designed spa room wall murals to enhance natural lighting, which can lift spirits. Printed wallpaper murals that feature blue, grey, and green tones also create tranquility.

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Are you interested in installing large wallpaper wall art murals this coming year? If so, made to measure wallpaper murals can be custom designed and printed at PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona.

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