Types of Printing Products

Most often, when customers discuss the types of printing products they need, they are thinking more in terms of end products such as printing brochures, flyers, books, stationary, packaging, catalogs, etc.

As your printer, we also need to know other specifics like:

What are you trying to communicate?

Who is your audience?

Will this print project be an educational product, a promotional product, or something else?

Will it be a one-time print project or repeat printing?

In this post, our Phoenix printing experts will take a closer look at the purpose behind the types of printing products you need. We first need to understand the intent of the communication and how your printing project will be utilized, which generally falls within three main categories:

  1. Print on Demand Products

  2. Variable Printing Products

  3. Inventory Print Products

Print on Demand Products

These types of printing products are generally one-time static print jobs. The customer supplies our Phoenix printers with a completed file, which needs no customization or changes and can be immediately printed and shipped.

Variable Printing Products

Customization is common with this type of printing and may involve subsequent printings based on information updates. Since digital printing is the primary medium, the templates can be varied as needed, to accommodate different fields of information. Variable data printing,  as it is also known, can be anything from personalization, like name and phone number changes, to changing product variables like different descriptions, images, graphics,  specifications, colors, etc. Variable printing products may include items like packaging, catalogs, advertising, direct mail promotional items, etc.

Find out more on this topic on our variable printing blog post.

Inventory Print Products

For many of our clients, the types of printing products they need will require repeat ordering. These sometime also include inventory counting, which must be updated with each order. As inventory levels drop, the client simply reorders with updated information (if required), and we print the quantity they need at that time. These types of printing products may include invoicing, forms, newsletters, brochures, flyers, reports, presentation materials, banners, posters, signage, etc.

Tell Us About Your Printing Needs

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