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Types of Printing Products

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Printing Product Questions to Ask

When we ask clients about the types of printing products they want to be printed, most will be thinking of the end product. They say they want a banner or brochure or pamphlets or flyers.

However, as commercial printers, to give you what you truly need, we need to dig a little deeper. We want to understand:

  1. Who is your target market  – what audience is your printing intended for?
  2. What is your message – what do you want to say to your audience?
  3. Will this be a limited printing or something that is ongoing or repeated?
  4. What is the purpose of this printing – information, educational, promotional, etc.?

In this post, our printing experts will take a closer look at the purpose behind the types of printing products you need.

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We first need to understand the intent of the communication and how your printing project will be utilized, which generally falls within three main categories:

1.       Print-on-Demand Products

2.       Variable Printing Products

3.       Inventory Print Products

One Time Print-on-Demand Products

Our Phoenix printers often print different types of printing products that are one time, one-offs. This on-demand type of print job is where we can print directly from the client’s file. Nothing needs to be changed or customized. The project can be printed quickly and promptly shipped to the customer.

This covers a good amount of the products that a typical commercial printer will handle. From small format items that we mentioned above such as brochures and flyers to larger format products such as canvas prints and posters, and signage.

Print-on-demand online can also be seen as promotional items like custom shirts, mugs, and pens. In this case, you will likely need to order in bulk. Minimum quantities start in the hundreds and they can go up from there.

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A person checking the color on a recent print job.

Variable Printing Products

Customization is common with this type of printing and may involve subsequent printings based on information updates. Since digital printing is the primary medium, the templates can be varied as needed to accommodate different fields of information.

Variable data printing, as it is also known, can be anything from personalization, like name and phone number changes, to changing product variables. Variables may include different descriptions, images, graphics, specifications, colors, etc. Variable printing products may be items like packaging, catalogs, advertising, direct mail promotional items, etc.

Find out more on this topic in our variable printing blog post.

Inventory Print Products

For many of our clients, the types of printing products they need will require repeat orders. These sometimes also include inventory counting, which must be updated with each order. As inventory levels drop, the client simply reorders with updated information (if required), and we print the quantity they need at that time.

Our Phoenix printers can print all types of inventory products. We can help whether you need forms and reporting or presentation products, newsletters, flyers, banners, brochures, signage and posters.

It’s a wide range of products, but ones that will create consistency within a company or simply be a version to be utilized during that quarter or season. Versions will usually be marked in the file name or printed on the final product. Doing this ensures quality control and indicates to the printer, and the company, that the correct file was used.

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