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Infographic Digital Printing & Large Format Technology

The world of large format printing and digital printing has witnessed a tremendous transformation thanks to new printing technology as the printing infographic below will show. We’ve witnessed an explosion of different kinds of digital works of arts, plus large format printing that feature many other forms of unique print designs.

Inevitably, the world of packaging and marketing has also transformed a great deal over the years. With the emerging printing technology, manufacturers and advertisers can enjoy high quality results in packaging, prototyping, and package proofing, while increasing visibility and returns.

Wide format and digital prints involve printing materials of different sizes and nature. Wide (or large format) printing can range in size from 24 inches and above and mounted on different substrates. Digital printing can be done on materials of up to 12 X 18 inches and laminated. The printing infographic below summarizes the following information.

Types of Large Format Printing

As shown in the printing infographic below, PRI Graphics offers great results for different types of large format printing, which can include:

  • Vinyl stickers printing using latex or flatbed printers on different applications (such as window graphics)
  • Floor and Wall Graphics/Murals (be sure to read our article about the Benefits of Wall Coverings)
  • Text decals
  • Vehicle/fleet graphics and vehicle wraps (be sure read our article about the Advertising Benefits of Vehicle Graphics)
  • Point-of-purchase display graphics

Large format prints are normally printed, cut, etched, and frosted. Other types of wide format printing include environmental graphics, which are sets of printed materials designed for information design, and way-finding brand communication.

Large format printing creates an environment through design, built on different applications such as retail store interiors, galleries, exhibitions, streets and museums among other environments. We also offer wall graphics catering to those who need text or graphic designs applied directly to the wall, for enhanced interior or exterior designs. Wall graphics can be used for marketing or decoration with high quality results.

Tradeshow organizers will find our tradeshow graphics to be ideal as they can be used on applications such as banners, way finding signage, and booth designs.

Types of Digital Printing

Digital printing services at PRI Graphics include the production of hi-resolution and uniquely colored digital designs from different design formats including PSD, ID, and AI, among others. Digital printing can be used on printing materials with dimensions of 12 by 18 inches, giving high quality results with a resolution of 1200 by 1200 dpi.

At PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona, we use digital printing to produce many different types of printing products (as outlined in the printing infographic below), including:

  • Specification manuals
  • Brochures
  • Post cards
  • Business cards
  • Booklets
  • And more

Digital printing is relatively inexpensive and utilizes high quality inkjet printers. It can also be done on materials with 350gsm stock weight.

At PRI Graphics, both large format graphics printing and digital printing trends offer the possibility of producing high quality packaging and labels at high speeds, while incurring minimal costs for shops and printing firms.

The outcome is that product developers can increase their returns as they capture the attention of targeted consumers with photorealistic quality packaging materials, printed in vibrant colors and full of impressive effects.

Different brands of digital and large format printers are used for different kinds of printing applications and include Hi-Res inkjet printers, Latex ink printers, and Flatbed printers.

If you still have questions about the different printing technologies available, please contact our printing experts at 1-877-409-8889

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