What is Direct to Substrate Printing?

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Dec 07

In printing, a substrate is the base material that the image will be printed on such a plastic film, glass, paper, canvas or other textile products.

Direct to substrate printing is a process that applies images directly to the substrate surface. Before the advent of substrate printing, the desired effect was achieved by printing labels or vinyl decals that were then applied to a substrate.

PRI Graphics in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona offers exceptional, large format flatbed printing services. In this post, our Phoenix printers will explore how advancements in substrate printing technology and equipment have rapidly evolved making substrate printing more affordable and practical.

Process of Direct to Substrate Printing

Direct to substrate printing is done using a large flatbed UV substrate printer capable of applying ink containing acrylic monomers that can then be bonded together to almost any flat substrate. Once the monomers are applied, the substrate is passed through a strong UV light for curing. The curing process polymerizes (binds together) the monomers, which form the desired image and adheres the impression to the substrate material.

Options for Direct to Substrate Printing

The substrate printing process can be used to print directly onto durable, long-lasting surfaces such as foam core, aluminum/metal, Masonite, MDF and MDO Plywood.

More flexible materials can be printed on as well including Flexible PVC, Corrugated boxes, Magnetics and Metallics, DiBond/E-Panel, Styrene, Plexiglass, Ultra Board (in Black or White), and PVC-Sinatra.

What Direct to Substrate Printing Does for You

Direct to substrate printing provides you with a substantial range of alternate choices to fit the specific needs of your project or business. Whether it’s indoor promotional announcements or stunning outdoor signage you need, direct to substrate printing provides weather resistance, durability, flexibility, and reusability.

About PRI Graphics In Phoenix & Mesa AZ

PRI Graphics is a family run, Arizona printing company. Our in-house professionals include a graphics design team as well as printing experts who are highly trained direct to substrate printing specialists. We can provide you with professional advice and exceptional printing materials, no matter what the size of your project or budget.

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