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Christmas Printing Guide

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Printing Ideas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and the world of print is about to be hit with a snowplow of requests. It’s that time of year when everyone from families to businesses are needing greeting cards, gifts, and specialty printing. Getting that head start is key to ensuring a successful Holiday season and reaching out early to your local printers will help to give you a better idea of what’s needed.

In this article, our print professionals will guide you through a typical Christmas list of printing necessities for the season. From Christmas cards and envelopes to custom calendars and etched gifts, this guide should help bring those ideas to life.

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Christmas Cards & Custom Envelopes

The staple of any holiday season: The Greeting Card. Custom-designed and thought-out Christmas cards, along with variable printed envelopes, are a must-have for families or businesses to send out yearly. With a variety of materials, folds, and finishes to choose from, it can seem overwhelming at first to figure out which is best. Working closely with your local printer, like PRI Graphics & Signs, will always be beneficial in the long run. Knowing what materials are available and the cost of some finishing options could help you to make that final decision.

Having your cards designed by a professional is also another smart option to go with. Allowing someone with graphic design skills to create your card accurately with proper font selections and overall layout will make your end product look amazing. Once the time comes to mail them out, you can also take advantage of variable data solutions from your printer. This service allows you to prepare a distribution list, on something like Excel, and then your local printer can use that information to print the addresses onto envelopes. This not only saves you time and works best in cases where a large number of cards are needing to be sent out, but also allows for themed designs and fonts to be printed on the envelopes. Ultimately, giving the final product a fun and holiday-filled theme for your friends, family, and coworkers to enjoy.

Take a moment to learn more about Variable Data Printing and how it can benefit your next project.

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Custom Calendars, Bookmarks, and Notebooks

It’s always nice receiving small, personalized gifts from friends, family, and coworkers during the holiday season. Small pieces such as custom calendars, bookmarks, notebooks, and other stationery items are perfecting when you’re gifting in bulk.

Calendars: Not everyone is married to the digital world for planning their lives throughout each year. For most, having an actual physical, tangible calendar to jot down notes or upcoming events is great. Gifting a personalized calendar to someone will keep you on their mind daily and with fun and creative designs, keeping a smile on their face all year round.

Bookmarks & Notebooks: Custom bookmarks are always fun to gift to those bookworms of the family or office. Options in creative designing and even custom cutting are a few ways to turn something as simple as a bookmark into a memorable gift. Personalized notebooks can easily become a fan favorite during the holidays. When your local printer can offer custom sizing, branding, and binding options, it allows you to provide another memorable and useful gift for the year.

Other stationery items that can be fully customizable are notepads, business card holders, and other promotional items like pens, lanyards, and tumblers. Visit our Promotional Site to learn more.

Samples of plexiglass etched with Christmas sayings and images.

Specialty Christmas Printing & Cutting

Your local commercial printer should have access to both small-format printing and large-format graphics with the equipment in-house. Having these machines will open even more options when it comes to holiday gift-giving. Canvas-wrapped art prints are a great gift to give. Whether it’s a family portrait or maybe a beautiful landscape picture of your latest vacation. The versatility is endless with custom sizing, design or photo ideas, and layout options on your walls.

Another popular option is custom-etched acrylic gifts done by using industrial-grade laser equipment. These items come in a wide range of sizes and can produce products such as tree ornaments with a family name etched into them, or something larger like a family picture etching that can then be edge-lit. Etching, or engraving, can also be done on tumbler cups, gift boxes, cutting boards, and more. Having access to laser cutting not only gives you options in etching and engraving but cutting also. For example, when cutting acrylic materials with a laser, it automatically will create a polished edge giving the final piece a much nicer finish.

Laser Engraving & Design – Cookie Tray

A perfect gift and idea for the kids to welcome Santa and his Reindeer on Christmas night. A custom designed laser engraved cookie and milk tray.

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Final Thoughts on Your Christmas Printing

When the holidays are right around the corner, be sure to have your printing needs in order and contact your local commercial printer early. PRI Graphics & Signs is one of those commercial printers that can do it all. From small format printing like greeting cards and notebooks to larger format graphics such as canvas prints and laser etching.

Contact our print professionals by calling toll-free at 1-877-409-8889 or locally at 602-393-3131. You can also Email Us directly for more information or visit our website to see all the products and services available.

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