Commercial color printing printing a project.

Pre-Press Printing Tips

Setup Pre-Press Printing Tips There are several pre-press printing tips to be aware of that are critical for ensuring that the final product meets the desired standards for quality and accuracy. Pre-press printing refers to the preparation and setup of a printing job before it is actually printed.

Several full color examples of different printed brochures.

Brochure Design and Printing – How To Guide

Tips on How to Design & Set Up Brochures for Print As a professional print shop, our print experts here at PRI Graphics can provide excellent help whenever you need brochure design and printing. Tri-fold brochures are a great way to present information about your business, product, or service in a compact and easy-to-read format. […]

Photo of an event with a large crowd near a stage.

Event Printing Graphics for Visually Engaging and Impactful Events

Creating Experiences Your Attendees Won’t Forget The use of event print graphics in the events industry is a powerful tool for creating a visually engaging and impactful experience for attendees. From trade show booths and conference materials to banners and signs, event print graphics play a crucial role in branding, marketing, and overall event design. […]

Split image illustrating Digital vs Lithographic printing.

Lithography Printing vs Digital Printing

Lithography Printing vs Digital Printing We asked our Phoenix print professionals here at PRI Graphics & Signs to discuss lithography vs digital printing. Over the past few decades, digital printing has emerged as a popular alternative to lithography. Even though there has been a significant shift in recent years toward digital printing, there are some […]