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Benefits of Laminated Printing

Laminated printing is a great option for art prints, photos, posters, and wall graphics. In fact, you can print and laminate practically anything including signage. Why Laminate Your Graphics? There are several reasons why you should consider laminated printing.

Creating & Preparing Print Ready Files

Preparing print ready files for digital printing simply means getting your files ready for print. The digital files must contain all the necessary specifications for optimal printing without the need for any additional adjustments or changes. If a print shop has to fix files before printing there may be an additional cost. Preparing print ready files alleviates […]

5 Tips for Effective Brand Packaging & Labeling

Great brand packaging and labeling can be used to present your customers with an eye-catching, functional, and informative introduction to your products. They can also elicit a call to action from your customers. Most branding designs today are at their core very basic, visually stimulating, and typographically attentive to current design trends.

Custom Printing Ideas for Marketing Your Summer Event

Does your business need some custom printing ideas for marketing and promoting your summer event? Although we live in a digital world where digital marketing has overtaken more traditional forms of promotion, don’t underestimate the power of custom printed materials. Custom printing can help you get the word out and help you build better relationships with […]

Advertising Benefits of Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Advertising vehicle graphics and wraps are an excellent way to promote your business, your brand, or an event. However, many people are not aware of the full benefits or ease of using car wraps. In this article, our printing team at PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona highlight some of the unique benefits of custom vinyl […]

What Is Construction Project Closeout?

From the beginning of a construction project to the construction project closeout, every document revision, addition, or edit needs to be clearly documented, recorded, and archived. As the project comes to a completion the final “as-built” construction plans, along with any warranties and specification manuals, are some of the deliverables that must be summarized in a […]

4 Benefits of Document Scanning and Archiving

Why Do Document Scanning and Archiving? Whether you need it in black and white or in color, document scanning and archiving will provide your company with four key benefits including: Saving on storage space Saving you time – better document organization and retrieval Saving you money – less overhead Immediate access to all versions (complete […]

5 FAQs About Fence Wrap Printing

Commonly used as construction site fence wraps, custom fence wrap printing is becoming more and more popular and serves two primary purposes: As fence wrap advertising to promote a company or event Or as a fence wrap for privacy Vinyl fence wrap printing can be applied to fences and scaffolding, as well as to the […]

Color Presentation Printing

Why Presentation Printing in Color Is Better If you are attempting to use printed material to attract new customers or to inform existing and potential customers of your products, services, or events, color presentation printing is well worth considering.

Latex Printing vs Solvent Printing

Latex vs Solvent Printing Differences In this post, our printing experts at PRI Graphics & Signs will look at latex vs solvent printing and how they are different. What is latex printing? As the successor to solvent-based technology, latex printing has wider applications, offering quick turnaround times and superior quality output. Latex ink printing also […]