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How Are Booklet and Brochure Printing Different?

A common question that we often get asked here at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ is “How are booklet and brochure printing different.” For this post, we’ll also include flyers and mailer printing. Booklet and Brochure Printing Differences Yes, these are similar promotional materials used by businesses, schools, charities, and other organizations, but there seems […]

What is Digital Printing vs Offset Printing?

Often, we’re asked to explain the pros and cons of digital vs offset printing so we asked our PRI Graphics printing experts in Phoenix Arizona to explain the differences. Digital vs Offset Printing – What is Digital Printing With digital printing, digital files are created on a computer using publishing software, photo software, or mapping […]

Types of Printing Products

Most often, when customers discuss the types of printing products they need, they are thinking more in terms of end products such as printing brochures, flyers, books, stationary, packaging, catalogs, etc. As your printer, we also need to know other specifics like: What are you trying to communicate? Who is your audience? Will this print […]

Brochure Design and Printing Tips

Looking for brochure design ideas to freshen up and improve on your next brochure printing or are you designing a brochure for the very first time? PRI Graphics is a local Phoenix Arizona printer with a satellite printing shop. Our in-house graphic designers have come up with 7 winning creative brochure design ideas that we’d […]

What is UV Ink Curing in Printing?

You may have heard that Phoenix printers PRI Graphics now has UV curable ink printers…but what is UV ink printing and what does it mean for your next large format print job? Ultra violet curing (UV curing) is a green technology that uses a photomechanical process to instantly dry ink after printing. This means that […]

5 Tips for Annual Report Printing

Use your annual report printing to impress your stockholders and potential investors at you next Annual General Meeting. Our Arizona printing experts have put together these five key design considerations to take your anual report printing plus product specifications, manuals and other printed reports to the next level. These include: Binding options Fold out sheet options […]

Benefits of Document Scanning and Storage Services

Document scanning and storage services can be of great benefit to businesses in numerous ways. Archiving for taxation taxation purposes is one important reason. It is a requirement that all tax-related business documents are stored for seven years. Law offices and doctors’ offices are required to store business documents for even longer. All of these […]

What is Flatbed Digital Printing?

What is flatbed digital printing is just one of the many questions about flatbed printing that we get here at PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona. Large format flatbed digital printing is simply the use of an inkjet printer to print on a variety of substrates of different sizes and materials that are not normally associated […]

How Are Illuminated Backlit Display Signs Made?

Do you know how backlit signs are made? Backlit signs for businesses are large format color graphics illuminated from behind by a light source (mostly by LED lights today). Backlit sign graphics have many indoor applications such as in malls, tradeshows, kiosks, and airport displays. However, how backlit signs are made allows them to also […]