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Short & Long Term Wall Graphic Printing Installations

Large format wall graphics printing can help you get your message out there in exterior spaces as well as create exciting interior environments using a variety of wall graphic materials. Typically, large format wall graphics printing is applied directly to the wall surface. Various substrates are available to accommodate adhering to the various surface textures of the walls. Adhesive options allow for:

  • Permanent wall graphics installations
  • Short-term wall graphics installations
  • Or quick install and removal (or re-positioning) of large wall graphics

Our roll-to-roll latex ink printers do an excellent job of reproducing your large format wall graphic images on the various flexible substrates that are available. Call us at 602-393-3131 or toll free at 1-877-409-8889 to find out more.

Various Materials to Meet Your Printing Requirements

Commercial Grade Wallpaper for permanent wall graphic installations

Photo-Tex Material for semi-permanent or temporary installations

Gloss or Matte Vinyl for permanent or temporary installations

Gloss, Matte and Luster Laminates available for added protection and durability

Use Large Format Wall Graphics Printing to:

  • Decorate Interior and Exterior Walls
  • Make Special Announcements
  • Promote New Products and Services
  • Display Panoramic Wall Scenes
  • Display Giant Logos
  • Create Exciting Environments

Why Decorate with Printed Wall Graphics

Wall graphics printing has changed the way that businesses decorate their facilities.

In the past, it was very common for businesses to have a very bland, almost sterile appearance. It was common belief that the décor should be something that does not leave an impression so that the customers will be more inclined to remember the product or service being offered.

Today, businesses are trying to create an “experience” for their customers.

Companies are using large format wall graphics printing to enhance the exteriors of their business (to create curb appeal), and utilizing interior environmental wall graphics to make their stores and offices unique and exciting. Large format wall graphics printing is allowing Phoenix area businesses to stand out and be unique from other similar local businesses.

Since many of the materials and adhesives used on these large format graphics printing are semi-permanent, businesses do not have to worry about keeping the same appearance for extended periods of time.

You can easily change these large format wall graphics with the seasons or for special events. This easy transformation can help keep your business appearance fresh and new. Just this simple act can leave a lasting impression on your clients that your business is very successful because your trend-setting décor is updated whenever needed.

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