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Large Format Backlit Graphics Printing

PRI Graphics in Phoenix and Mesa Arizona does backlit graphics printing to help you produce large format color graphic images that are “backlit,” or lit up from behind. The “lighted” printed graphic commands attention with extra color depth and vibrancy.

We use high-resolution inkjet printing to print your large format backlit graphics on translucent backlit film with UV stable inks. Call us in Phoenix at 602-393-3131 or toll free at  877-409-8889 to learn more.

Large format backlit graphics printing offers an impressive way of displaying your advertising or creating signage for your stores. Backlit displays are most commonly found in airport displays, shopping malls, and in trade show applications plus other areas where many people move through each day. These backlit signs and displays are also becoming very popular in retail outlets that want to draw attention to a special item or area of the store.

Ideal for Kiosks

Kiosks, with their limited display areas, find that backlit graphics printing is perfect for their businesses, creating display graphics that catch the attention of potential passing customers. Large format backlit graphics are also very popular as tradeshow displays because the lighted aspect of the display makes it very eye-catching and inviting.

PRI Graphics in Phoenix can help you create a detailed and colorful large format backlit displays. Using only the finest translucent material and UV stable inks, your branding and advertising material will have a professional appearance that is stunning, vivid, and vibrant with color.

Indoor Display Backlit Graphics Printing

Indoor backlit graphics have been very popular for many years as a successful advertising method. Newer technologies have allowed businesses to fully utilize this type of advertising by using more intricate printing methods that allow for very fine detail and clarity.

Because of these advances, more businesses are opting to use large format backlit displays for tradeshows or for advertising in indoor public places.

Outdoor Display Backlit Graphics Printing

When creating large format backlit graphics Phoenix businesses are not limited to just indoor graphic displays. Large format outdoor graphics printing has become increasingly popular because the lighted displays are easy to see at night.

PRI Graphics uses high quality UV stable inks for printing outdoor backlit graphics, which helps prevent fading due to sun exposure, a common problem in lower quality inks and printing materials.

Ask Us About Backlit Graphics Printing

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