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Creative Design & Postcard Printing Services

Whether marketing, announcing a move, or simply keeping in touch, postcard printing that is professionally designed provide a beautiful, fast, and cost-effective way to get your message out there.

Choose your printed postcard size, from the standard 4.25 x 6 to a large 6 x 11 that stands out above the rest yet mails out at the same postage rate. Your custom printed postcards will be valuable in the eyes of your customers because of our ability to add variable content – each piece will look like it’s been created especially for each customer with targeted, personally relevant data.

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Postcard Printing Options

Like printed brochures and leaflet and flyer printing, postcard printing has been a longstanding marketing tool for businesses and politicians. Postcards can be custom designed for your business or campaign, and can be individualized when mailed, to become “personal” to the recipient.

PRI Graphics is a Mesa and Phoenix printing company with all the equipment and digital printing technology necessary for any business (or politician) to implement a highly successful postcard mailing campaign.

Available in multiple sizes, printed postcards range from the standard 4.25” x 6” to 6” x 11” in size, all of which can mail at the same postage rate. Custom sizes often help your postcards stand apart from other pieces of mail. Postcard printing using specialty papers and colors will also help this form of marketing get noticed in stack of mail.

PRI Graphics offers postcard printing on a variety of mediums and in many different styles. The type of card that you have printed should be complimentary to the purpose of the postcard. For example, a printed postcard announcing a new product or service by your company may want to be a bit bolder in color and size, than an appointment reminder postcard. The graphic design specialists at PRI Graphics can help you design the right postcard and choose the right stock for specific purposes.

Postcard Design and Distribution Help

Postcard printing and distribution remains a very economical marketing choice for Arizona businesses. Moving through the mail quickly, custom postcards can increase awareness about your business or campaign in an efficient manner.

Phoenix businesses and politicians that are considering postcard printing should first determine their target audience. This will help establish how many postcards to be printed, and possibly how often you may need postcard printing in the future.

Many businesses also use postcard printing campaigns as a way to drive customers into their storefronts. These businesses provide a discount that can only be obtained if the postcard is brought into the store. This is a great way to increase business and track the effectiveness of your postcard marketing.

Custom printed postcards that match your branding, business stationery, or even business cards, have many marketing benefits. PRI Graphics can help you design and print the right postcards for your business or political campaigns needs, and prepare them properly for mailing.

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