Five Top Business Stationary Trends for 2018

By PRI Graphics | Digital Printing

Nov 13

With today’s global business practices comes the need to also remain current with business stationary trends. Gone are the days of settling for boring and ordinary business stationary.

While consistency in branding remains at the top of the list, to keep with the changing times you may wish to revamp your business stationary as needed. To help you stay up-to-date with business stationary trends for 2018, here are five tips to add some excitement to your stationary while remaining true to the core principles of your business.

Branding Trends

Think about how you can place your customer in the limelight of your branding. There are a lot more ways to improve business branding stationary besides adding your logo and company name. Try using your corporate colors, social networks, watermarks, and other creative ways to address the needs of your clients through your branding. Remember, your branding can also be added to the reverse side of your letterhead or business cards.

Stationary Font Trends

Gone too are the days of having to stick to traditional and ordinary fonts typical of the corporate world. Depending on your industry, your products (or services), and the brand you are trying to create, you are free to select more contemporary fonts to display your contact information. Take a look at your business contemporaries and take note of what they are doing, and what is working or not working.

Creating Contrast

Most design experts will caution you not to overdo it. Choosing too many multiple fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes can take away from your brand and your message. However, we can say that a little contrast can go a long way in creating interest and generating a lasting impression. You can emphasize your message or brand by using contrast sparingly and effectively. For instance, try using a couple variations of weight in same font, or add a second or third color to your business stationary. Finding that balance between ordinary and overkill can really be effective.

Brand Consistency in Business

While not a new trend it is important to mention brand consistency in business – on two levels. Design trends come and go and can add the right amount of color to you message (at the right time), but your message and/or your brand always needs to remain consistent. Also, regardless of what is trending at the time, updating your eye-catching design needs to be consistent across all your business stationary including offline and online letterheads, as well as envelopes, business cards, flyers, post cards, etc. You might also like our blog article on How to Make Business Post Cards Stand Out.

Minimalist Stationary Trends

Clutter is old and it’s out. Business stationary trends for 2018 (and in recent years) seem to favor clean, streamlined, minimalistic stationary designs. You can sometimes spark as much or more interest with just a simple clean design that is uncomplicated and unfettered. Plenty of white space helps achieve an impressive minimalistic design that is on trend.

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