Latex Ink

Latex Ink Printing Services – Wide Format

Ask us about latex ink printing when you need to go WIDE with your large format color graphics printing. Our HP Latex Ink Printers can do the job…with big quality!

Wide Format Latex Ink Printers Print On:

  • Vinyl Banner Material
  • Mesh Vinyl for Fence Wraps
  • Heavy Poster Paper
  • Custom Wallpaper Substrates
  • Opaque Vinyl with Adhesive
  • Repositionable Photo-Tex Material
  • Backlit Translucent Vinyl
  • Perforated “See-Thru” Vinyl

PRI Graphics’ roll-to-roll HP latex ink printers produce great color quality.  The latex ink printing is heat-cured and provides a long lasting, durable finish. Ask us about combining large format printing with our precision digital printing and cutting services.

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Latex Ink Is A Better Quality Ink

Latex ink printing has been a recent phenomenal breakthrough in the printing industry. Latex ink:

  • Is more versatile to use
  • Produces better quality printing
  • And is more eco-friendly – since it is a water-based product

It is important to understand that not all large format printing is done using this quality of ink. Some printing companies are still using the older ink jet technology to create large format prints. The quality difference is obvious, and anyone looking for latex ink printing in Phoenix should verify that latex ink is actually being used.

Ask Us About Latex Ink Printing in Phoenix

Investing in large graphics printing is a great way to promote your business and large format display pieces can be used in many different ways. It is essential to make sure that all your wide format printing is of the highest quality so that your business always looks professional. You can achieve this professionalism with latex ink printing.

To learn more about our Phoenix latex ink printing company or to order large format latex ink printing, visit PRI Graphics in Mesa or Phoenix Arizona or:

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