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Photo Example of A-Frame Sign PrintingEnvironmental graphics, which is also now called “experiential graphic design,” is an area of graphic design that is primarily concerned with providing visual wayfinding references. PRI Graphics in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona can help you design and print a variety of graphics that fall into the category of “Environmental Graphics.” Call us at 602-393-3131 or toll free at 1-877-409-8889 to find out more.

Experiential Graphic Design may include any of the following:

Wayfinding Systems – Visual clues designed to help one navigate through an environment
Architectural Graphics – Drawings, typography, artwork and other visual presentations
Signage – Graphics, words, and symbols that offer directional or instructional information
Exhibit Design – May include large format display graphics that sell your brand or message at an exhibit
Identity Graphics – Company visuals and packaging that incorporate your logo, colors, themes, etc.
Retail and Store Design – Includes storefront and product display graphics
Mapping – Large format visual maps of an area or location
Themed Environments – Environmental graphics designed around a central theme or concept

Environmental Graphics Can Appear in Many Places:

Office Buildings
Business Parks
Mixed Use Centers
Government Facilities
Student Centers
Trade Shows
Visitor Centers
Theaters and Cinemas
Bus and Rail Stations
Wellness Centers

Theme Parks
Golf Courses
Cruise Ships
Parking Facilities
Advertising Systems
Hotels and Resorts
Convention and Conference Centers

Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
Hospitals and Clinics
Schools & Campuses
Museums and Exhibitions
Zoos and Aquariums
Arenas and Stadiums
Spas and Fitness Centers
Grocery & Convenience Stores
Storefronts and Showrooms
Lifestyle and Shopping Centers
Plus Many More!

Environmental graphics printing is used for many different reasons. Some businesses prefer to use them to present concepts they may be working on, while others like to use Experiential Graphic Design to enhance an area to draw more attention to that spot. If you have ever visited a display at a museum that has larger-than-life display graphics behind their prized exhibits, you have “experienced” environmental graphics.

Architectural Graphics & Signage

Many architects like to use environmental graphics printing to display concept plans of their future building projects or to show detailed information about projects they have completed in the past. Printing architectural concepts in a highly visual and very engaging display presentation is an effective way to communicate with your target audience.

Retail & Store Graphic Design

Retail stores love to use environmental graphics to enhance their storefront and their product selling areas. Large environmental graphics that “reach out” to your clients always help to boost sales, improve your brand, and give your store a more dramatic and engaging look and feel.

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