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Printing Commercial Wall Coverings

Custom printed commercial wall coverings allow you to showcase your very own message or unique artistic expression while creating a lasting impression with your customers.

Whether you are looking for creative, decorative, or contemporary interior wall coverings, PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona now offers large format, custom printed commercial wall coverings for commercial and industrial applications throughout the United States.

We offer professional wall covering digital printing services to interior designers, architects, contractors, and even hotel chains that want to print unique wall coverings for their special projects. Call us at 602-393-3131 or toll-free at 1-877-409-8889 to find out more.

PRI Graphics Wall Covering Design Process

Custom printed wall coverings are an extremely affordable way to create a lasting customer experience. The textures, patterns, and designs go a long way to create ambiance and reinforce your branding.

  • Your decorative wall covering design begins with you discussing your project with one of our in-house graphic designers. At this time you can provide your own high-resolution photograph for the custom wallpaper design we will print or you can choose from our collection of stock wallpaper murals.
  • Next, we will confirm the measurements of your space.
  • We will then provide a small printed proof of your custom wall covering design to ensure you are happy with the color, brightness, pattern, and so on.
  • Once confirmed, PRI Graphics will print your full-size wall covering using our latex ink printer.

PRI Graphics delivers wall covering printing on time and on budget! For some great design and pattern ideas, check out this posting by entitled, 30 Colorful Wallpaper Design Ideas.

Why Decorate with Printed Wall Coverings?

Besides being extremely durable and virtually maintenance free, custom wall covering printing allows you to realize your creative vision, regardless of the color or the demands of the design.

Commercial wall coverings can also last up to five times as long as painted walls and provide excellent long-term value for your business and your clients.

At PRI Graphics, we use eco-friendly latex ink that is water-based, does not fade, and offers a very high level of quality.

Sample Wall Coverings by PRI Graphics

Hotel room bed with printed commercial wall covering above.

Wall covering to create custom headboard at Marriott Hotel.

Acrylic Commercial Wall Covering Printed

Acrylic wall covering at Outbound Engineers.

Marriott Hotel Lobby Printed Commercial Wall Covering

Custom 10×14 foot wall covering in lobby of Marriott Hotel.

Ask Us About Wall Covering Printing in Phoenix

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