Scanning & Archiving

Document Scanning and Archiving Services

PRI Graphics in Mesa and Phoenix Arizona utilizes small and large format color scanners to capture all your documents in an electronic format. We can scan in Color or Black & White as required.  PRI will help you choose the right quality or resolution to have an efficient storage and archive of your documents.

Call our Phoenix printing company at 602-393-3131 or toll free at 1-877-409-8889 to find out more about our scanning and archiving services.

Along with CAD printing, we offer the following as a part of our printing, scanning, and archiving process:

  • Marked up documents scanned
  • Capture color highlighting, changes, and any other changes made to original documents
  • Scan small format books to wide format graphics in full color
  • Name, index, and organize files in folders, etc. as directed
  • Post to ftp, burn CD or DVD, or any other electronic transfer protocols

Document Storage That Saves You Money

All businesses are required to keep tax documents on file for at least seven years. Attorneys and doctors are required to store records on closed cases for a significantly longer period of time. These files could add up to hundreds of thousands of documents that need to be stored.

Storage space can be costly, and if the office is storing the documents in-house, they are losing a lot of valuable real estate space for paper files. Both scenarios cost companies money that could be used for better purposes.

PRI Graphics has the ability to bulk scan documents and create easy to read and retrieve files. By converting all of these old files to electronic digital files and storing them on discs, businesses can eliminate costly storage units and lost work space in their offices.

PRI Graphics can scan at different resolutions and in both monochrome and color CAD printing, ensuring that every type of document saved can easily be converted to a digital file. PRI Graphics will set up files exactly as the business wants to ensure easy access to the information at a later date.

Ask us about our project closeout printing as well as presentation support services.

Ask About Our Document Scanning & Archiving Services

To learn more about our professional document scanning and archiving services at PRI Graphics, or for more information about the services we offer through our Phoenix printing company, please drop in and visit us at any time.

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