Color CAD

Professional AutoCAD Printing in Color

For many years, color CAD printing of drawings has been available with inkjet printers but at a cost that was prohibitive for running large color CAD print projects. With today’s design technology, more and more construction and presentation support materials are being designed in color and distributed to the consultants, owners, and construction teams in electronic form. Until now, costs have been too high to produce color CAD prints.

In 2013, PRI Graphcis in Phoenix AZ acquired the proper printing equipment to print color CAD drawings and at a competitive price compared to traditional B&W CAD printing. Now you can capture all the details, and even include color legends, pictures, and other pertinent information that reads so much better in color. Additionally, color CAD printing uses a toner on paper product and does not bleed or smear when wet, making it ideal for printing construction drawings.

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Color CAD Prints Convey More Detail

Even though monochrome (B&W) prints are commonly used for CAD printing, the ability to add color to these prints has always been a significant benefit. The contrast of colors, even if it is only in line form, helps people see the project more clearly. Architects and designers have known that color in their CAD drawings helps them to convey their ideas more easily.

Color CAD Printing Equipment

PRI Graphics understands the importance of being able to add color to your CAD printing without the price being cost-restrictive. Our CAD and reprographics printing equipment is state-of-the-art and will not only produce high quality color CAD prints, but will accomplish this task in a very cost-efficient manner. Having the color CAD prints in physical form, instead of a digital format, also allows those who are working on the project to interact with the designs in a more hands-on manner.

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