Printed vinyl graphics covering a wall.

Incorporate Vinyl Graphics Printing into Your Marketing

Have you considered custom vinyl printing as a way to get more graphics and life into your branding and marketing efforts?

Our graphics design specialists at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ have put together these unique ideas on how you can use custom vinyl graphics printing and cutting to make your company and your message stand out.

Vinyl Window Graphics Printing

With custom window graphics printing, you can create unique window decals in all shapes and sizes. Printing “see through vinyl” for windows is a great marketing idea since it still allows you to still see out the window. Or, for complete privacy, you can choose to print solid custom vinyl graphics. If your storefront or office is on the street level, window graphics essentially create eye level billboards that can catch the attention of those just passing by. If your office is on the second floor or higher, you can use printed window graphics to draw attention to your location and let customers know they are at the right building before going up the elevator or staircase. At PRI Graphics, we offer both permanent and temporary window graphics printing.

Floor Graphics Printing

Large format printed vinyl floor graphics can be used as a cool marketing tool or for wayfinding, where printed vinyl footsteps or arrows help lead customers to your promotional display or checkout. You can also use vinyl floor graphics to inform customers of special discounts and sales. If your customers come in with little children you can create a kid-friendly zone with hopscotch vinyl floor graphics or a car mat that will keep the kids delightfully entertained. Floor graphics can be functional, fun, and creative; just let your imagination run.

Wall Covering Printing

Vinyl wall graphics can be permanent or temporary and used to make announcements, promote new products, display logos, or add excitement to your retail or business space. The best thing about printed wall graphics is that they are easy to change. You can rotate through for special events or seasonal promotions. Read more about the Advantages and Benefits of Wall Coverings.

Professional Fleet Graphics

Enhance just one vehicle or your company’s entire fleet with full professional vehicle wraps. Vehicle graphics can also be individually cut and used to make your company more visible wherever you are – including on the road! Fleet graphics also clearly identify your vehicles for when you make deliveries to customers or perform job site inspections. Learn more about vehicle graphics at PRI and check out our other blog post on the benefits of vehicle graphics and wraps.

Custom Vinyl Graphics for Uniforms and Equipment

Do your employees wear special equipment like hardhats or carry tools to a job site in a hard storage container? Do they wear uniforms or use a ladder or some other piece of equipment? Tools, equipment, and even uniforms provide an opportunity to advertise your brand, logo, or message. Why not print and cut vinyl graphics and decals for employee uniforms and equipment? For branding purposes, it’s good to promote your logo and message wherever you can.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics operates two printing facilities, one in Phoenix and another, Arizona. We offer in-house graphic design, professional printing services, and precision digital cutting for all types of large format printed materials.  From backlit graphics and window graphics to banners, wall coverings, and vehicle wraps, we can help you with all your printing needs. No printing project is too big or too small.

When it comes to custom vinyl graphics printing, we work on all sizes of projects – no matter how big or small! You can choose from a variety of vinyl materials suitable for your application including reflective vinyl and static cling vinyl.

Please call us in Phoenix at 1-602-393-3131 for more information on large format custom vinyl graphics printing.

Our toll-free number is 1-877-409-8889 or send us an email. We will be happy to assist you.

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