Large UV flatbed printer printing a project.

UV Flatbed Printing – How Does it Work?

You may have done some flatbed printing before or simply wondered how does a UV flatbed printing machine work?

We get asked many times about how a UV flatbed printing machine can print such enormously large graphics on a variety of surfaces (substrates) smooth or rough — without having the ink bleed or run off of the surface?

Flatbed Printer Ink

A UV flatbed printer works very similarly to an inkjet printer you might have in your office. The main difference for a UV flatbed printer is:

  • The type of ink used – usually UV ink
  • And how the ink is applied to the substrate — the surface being printed upon

Your office inkjet printer applies ink that embeds itself into the paper on which you are printing. UV flatbed printing devices apply UV ink to a substrate and the ink must be cured (dried quickly) to create a permanent image.

UV Ink Curing Process

When a printing project goes through the flatbed printer, the UV ink is applied, and almost immediately the ink is subjected to ultra-violet light (or some other light source depending on the make and model of printer). This light instantly cures or dries the ink to the substrate surface.

Because the UV ink has very little time to spread out or bleed into the substrate, UV flatbed printing produces amazingly accurate color details with very little if any image loss.

The UV ink hardens to a very strong finish, and is resistant to fading and weathering, depending on the surface being printed upon. This flatbed printing process is also more environmentally friendly than some other printing methods.

Flexibility of a UV Flatbed Printing

The flatbed printer machine is capable of printing on a variety of unique substances, both smooth and rough, including foam board, wood, aluminum, acrylic, coroplast, and a host of other different types of substrates. See our blog article entitled Direct to Substrate Printing for more information on substrates.

The head of a flatbed printer can raise or lower and allow for printing on very thin surfaces, such as promotional pieces for trade shows, or most often, on thick surfaces, such as office doors.

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