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The Art of Large Format Printing by PRI Graphics

Large format printing isn’t possible using professional small format printers similar to the desktop models that are found in many offices. Although most jobs can be done with flatbed digital printing, others that demand larger formats with superior printing quality will require the services of professional printing companies like PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona. PRI […]

7 Professional Design Tips for Printing Business Cards

  You only have one chance so be sure to print effective business cards that make a great first impression. Why not improve your chances of making a memorable impression time and again by maximizing the use of a stylish and savvy looking business card? At PRI Graphics, our business card printing experts have put together […]

Custom Vinyl Wall Coverings – Benefits

Thanks to modern printing technology and options for decorative vinyl wall coverings, gone are the days of bland and sterile offices and retail spaces. Most of our PRI Graphics’ customers recognize the aesthetic appeal of vinyl wall coverings. However, few are aware of all of the other advantages and benefits of using decorative wall coverings […]

What Are My Vinyl Graphic Printing Options?

There are plenty of vinyl graphic printing options for most businesses. In this post we’ll cover several types of large format vinyl graphic materials to help you achieve the perfect look on whatever surface you plan to adhere your vinyl wrap to! Our large format printing experts here at PRI Graphics offer the following breakdown […]

6 Ways to Promote Your Business with Vinyl Graphics

Custom business vinyl graphics are a surprisingly affordable way to establish your brand and speak to customers while using highly visible surfaces like the windows, doors, and vehicles of your business. Not only are custom business vinyl graphics more affordable than paint, they offer several other great benefits for your business. Vinyl graphics: Are fully […]

Swimming Pool Safety Signs – What You Need to Know

With summer fast approaching we thought it best to update our blog on printable pool safety signs. Pool Safety Signs Are A Requirement When the installation of a swimming pool or spa is likely to involve members of the public, whether it is for residential, commercial, or hotel guest use, Arizona law requires you to […]

Top Store Design Printing Trends to Consider

Thanks to the ever expanding Internet and new printing technology, storefront graphics like banners, wall graphics and window graphics are no longer just being compared to your competitors in the same mall, but to other retailers and close competitors online and across the globe. Fortunately, this brings you many advantages as you can borrow, rearrange, and expand upon great printing […]

How Are Booklet and Brochure Printing Different?

A common question that we often get asked here at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ is “How are booklet and brochure printing different.” For this post, we’ll also include flyers and mailer printing. Booklet and Brochure Printing Differences Yes, these are similar promotional materials used by businesses, schools, charities, and other organizations, but there seems […]

What is Digital Printing vs Offset Printing?

Often, we’re asked to explain the pros and cons of digital vs offset printing so we asked our PRI Graphics printing experts in Phoenix Arizona to explain the differences. Digital vs Offset Printing – What is Digital Printing With digital printing, digital files are created on a computer using publishing software, photo software, or mapping […]

Types of Printing Products

Most often, when customers discuss the types of printing products they need, they are thinking more in terms of end products such as printing brochures, flyers, books, stationary, packaging, catalogs, etc. As your printer, we also need to know other specifics like: What are you trying to communicate? Who is your audience? Will this print […]